Teaching Selene to be Independent

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Start them Young

I truly believe in teaching kids independence – doing things on their own – at a young age. While we have help at home, I don’t want the kids to feel like their yayas are at their beck and call. Getting water, fixing their school stuff, cleaning up after their mess – these I’ve taught Selene ever since she was just 2 years old. At 5, she’s trained to do the above-mentioned (although sometimes, her laziness kicks in so it’s a constant mom struggle to remind her). I’ve also taught her more advanced things like setting the table, hand-washing clothes, washing dishes and vacuuming (all with supervision of course). It’s not something she’s required to do regularly but I like that she knows how to do it.
Why? It’s because I see how growing up with yayas and maids doing everything for you results to. At 20, I had no idea how to use a washing machine (how to do laundry basically). I was dependent on our maids from fixing my room, making my bed, doing all the house chores down to organizing my closet that I feel ashamed to admit. I don’t want my kids to grow up having everything done for them as well. That’s why as early as now, I train Selene (and even Tristan who’s only 2) to avoid asking her yaya or our helper to do something she herself can do.
Looking back, one of the first things I taught her to do on her own is to make her own milk.

Making their own milk

When I was younger, I dreaded having to drink milk because it was something my mom constantly nagged us about. Hah! I was not at all a regular milk drinker and many years after, I feel the effects. I have scoliosis, my bones are weak and even my teeth, ugh. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know it’s been one of my biggest insecurities. I wish I had been a more diligent milk drinker!
I’m super thankful Selene is my complete opposite. She is a voracious milk drinker! I don’t even need to remind her – sometimes, she’s the one to remind me pa. I always make her milk for her but now that she’s 5 years old – I want to teach her little by little how to be more independent. I truly believe we should teach younger kids how to do simple things on their own as early as possible. While they’re at the age where they still have fun feeling like an adult, it’s the perfect time.

“It’s more fun when I make my own!”

Also, it’s a great hack for kids who are more hesitant to drink milk regularly. Teaching them how to make their own makes them feel excited and responsible that they’ll actually want to drink it and do it on the regular. You can also try playing games while drinking milk. If you can see one of the board games up there in the photo – Speed Cups – it’s a great kids’ game to play while incorporating milk drinking. Whoever wins has to drink milk from their glasses and the first to finish up… wins! Oh diba? Win-win!
How about you, mommas? Are your kids avid milk drinkers? What’s your tip to make them drink regularly? Or how often do they drink? I’m curious!
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  1. Arselyn Intoy
    October 4, 2018 / 1:01 pm

    Cutie Selene! Dami ko tawa sa posted video mo sa YT. 🤣 I agree with you momsh, dapat talaga tinitiruan na ang mga kids maging independent at an early age. Kahit yung mga simple things lang kasi isang way din yun para ma build ang confidence nila.
    Sa ngayon, di pa si Zophie nagdi-drink ng milk sa glass, breastfeed pa din. Ayaw pa mag-wean 😅😅 kaya goodluck sa akin hehehehehe!

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