A Styling Workshop with a Celebrity Stylist

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The Fashion Dream

When I was in my senior year of college — studying oh-so-exciting Management — I interned for a top fashion magazine. I only had 2 subjects in a 2-day week so I took in an internship even if I didn’t need to. I mean, I could have spent all that free time experiencing senioritis.
But I was interested in all the aspects of magazine production, but more so on the creative and fash-uhn side of it. The killer styling, the glam editorials, the Devil Wears Prada dream. I was under the helm of two savvy, no-nonsense, extra stylish Fashion Editorial Assistants who now have gone on to soaring careers in fashion and business. It was during my short and sweet stint in that magazine where I realized how “un-glamorous” it all is. Taping down shoe heels and soles so they won’t be scratched or else you’d be the one shelling out the bank-breaking cost of the shoe.
And it definitely made me realize that fashion styling is no joke. It’s either you have the eye or that innate sense of style or you don’t. Putting outfits together that look…. well….. ‘put together‘ suddenly seemed overwhelming after this stint. I couldn’t go through another Zara or Topshop and not see all the possible combinations of tops and trousers and go crazy thinking, “this does not go well together.. or does it?“, “never mind, I’m not shopping today.. or ever” (which my wallet thanked me for). I followed a few stylists and their work even after leaving the fashion world and set off on the corporate world so I would be inspired to stay ‘fashuhn‘ even when I had to wear ‘business cash-ual‘. One of them was Sidney Yap.
During this event with Perla, he shared a few style tips that were worth re-learning. How to break the black-brown color combo dilemma (spoiler: you can wear them together). How even in this day and age, he refuses to mix metals (note: silver and gold jewelry, just pick one). Learning your body type and how to WERQ IT. Gone are the days you would just want to achieve the “hourglass figure”. Nowadays, if you have big hips, no need to hide them or conceal them with A-Line skirts – flaunt them, baby!
The styling workshop was intimate and was held in Harlan & Holden Cafe in Rockwell.
With these gorgeous mommas – Marilen Montenegro, Nikki Tiu and Sheena Gonzalez.
Sidney shares the importance of taking care of your beloved clothes as well, by washing them with the utmost care – and with a natural, hypoallergenic soap.
My gorgeous seatmate, Regine Angeles, who just looks flawless in any angle! Ako naman tutok na tutok sa lesson! LOL

Styling Whites

Seems so mundane, right? White on white – how can you go wrong? It’s just putting whites together! Well, we were all astounded to see how ‘styling’ comes into play. Sidney was able to put together 5 different white-on-white outfits but giving them different personalities. In my head, I already know my friends whose style would match each of the 5 combinations.

My Biggest Discovery

Since the workshop was hosted by Perla, we were also introduced to the laundry soap bar that’s 100% Filipino and the only one I was introduced to that is all-natural with no synthetic ingredients. It contains 50% coconut oil that contains lauric acid which is an excellent natural cleaning agent as it attracts and traps oil and dirt making it easy to wash off from clothes. Lauric Acid also has antibacterial properties so it battles bacteria along the way.
Afraid of getting dry skin from washing? Guys, Perla is even used for the face and body (not kidding, it has a whole cult following for this just search #PerlaForMyPimples online) as it contains glycerin which is a naturally-occurring humectant and often seen in face moisturizers. That’s how gentle it is. Now I understand why quite a few people vouch for it as their personal bar soap!
It’s also bleach-free and hypoallergenic that’s why I know some moms who use it exclusively for their babies’ clothes as it’s dermatologist-recommended especially for those with sensitive skin. For those who are interested to use it for their washing machine, you can actually ‘grate’ the laundry soap for machine use (you can use half a bar for around 2kgs of load).
Have you guys ever tried and used Perla? I want to hear your thoughts!
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  1. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy
    August 23, 2018 / 11:04 am

    Ganda ng top mo! Love it! Perla user din kami, yang ang gamit ko na bar soap sa mga damit ni Zophie since birth up to now. Nung college ako, ginagamit ko yan pansabon sa face ko.hehehe! Grabe kasi pimples ko nung college, dahil sa kakapuyat! Ayan lang yung ginagamit ko and okay naman sya.malambot pa nga sa face eh. Tas one time, sa aesthetics class ko nung college, gumawa kami ng pangdisplay sa house gamit ang perla. Nag-ukit ukit kami ng design tas nilagyan ng top coat para di lumambot at matunaw sa init. Diba, ang dami nya gamit! 😂 may event ata yan sila sa SM north sa weekend, kasama yung friend ko sa rarampa with Toni G. 😄

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