The Most Luxurious Moisturizer I’ve Used

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Friends, I’ve never felt so compelled to kick back to beauty blogger mode and write about a skincare product as much as I’m feeling now. Honestly, I was apprehensive on sharing my experience with this because I might sound like I wanted it too much to work. FYI, this is not something I would buy on a whim as this might just be the most luxurious moisturizer that has ever grazed my face. So before this post, know that I have used this cream exclusively for a span of almost two months.
If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been churning out beauty content as much anymore. It’s because I’ve lost my beauty writing mojo (writing in general, TBH). Add to that all the mom and business stuff constantly swirling in my head that my ability to string together basic sentences seem to have taken a backseat (all the way back in the trunk). But browsing through my blog and reading my beauty entries, I realized how much I’ve truly missed doing makeup and skincare reviews. The swatching, the comparing, the trying out – the whole process is therapeutic. Sounds shallow, but for moms like me who have very little time and energy to usually do anything else than mothering, it’s empowering.
And right now, getting lost in writing is my ultimate mini-escape. I don’t find that same satisfaction in making videos – as much as I want to put my effort in it. Writing still holds a special place in my heart and it doesn’t matter to me if 1 person or 100 read my entries and whether I write about daily, mundane things, beauty reviews or a heart-pouring entry of all my feels – I will always go back to it.

The Queen of All Moisturizers

Let me breathe a little because I’m still grappling with the thought that I actually have fallen in love with such an expensive face cream. This, my friends, is the La Prairie White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire. Just the name itself could already shake and quake women’s bank accounts all over. Hah! First off, I used to think that only a few high-end skincare products truly work. I still think the same. Expensive and luxurious does not automatically mean effective. However, there are a few I’ve tried that are truly remarkable and have done my skin so much good that I keep coming back to them.
La Prairie, however, is on a whole other level. Their packaging is enough to make you wonder how in the world they were able to turn glaciers from Switzerland into mini ice scupltures housing their patented and highly-guarded cellular complex formula. My interest in this was piqued because of my mom who swore by the original White Caviar brightening moisturizer (this one is a reformulation) to fade her pigmentation. She has been diligently using Lancome skincare to fade her dark marks but nothing truly worked. It was only when she finished up a pot of the White Caviar cream that she saw a difference.
When I asked her how much the cream was then, she never answered me. Hahaha. Now I know!

White Caviar

The whole La Prairie range is about and I quote “infusing Swiss precision, scientific innovation, splendid ingredients and a subtly conceived, magical experience based on performance and elegance mystery“. Art, science, magic, mystery. Gosh diba? I don’t even know how to react when your skincare uses those words. I think, “binobola lang ba ako nito?” Even I was apprehensive. If I’m spending this amount of money, I want to know the scientific deets and ingreeds, you know? I don’t want marketing mumbo jumbo. I want science!
All I know is that it is made up of Lumidose, the brand’s patented “extraordinary molecule of light” which they have discovered after testing almost 50,000 molecules. It is claimed to be better than the currently available tyrosinase inhibitor (which is science speak for Lumidose’s claim to remove and block hyperpigmentation in the skin) available in the market. Among the La Prairie creams, this is their illuminating and brightening option.
So I kept an open mind, unbiased heart and gave this cream a chance – and it was the chance most worthy of my generosity. LOL!
The creme (not cream because y’know! jks) is housed in a white and silver giant tub with its caviar beads circling the top part reminding you the skincare is not your regular non-caviar skincare. It also has a push-button delivery that releases the perfect pea-sized amount of creme for your whole face. If you feel like you deserve it, you can do a generous and heart-breaking (FOR ME LOL!) two pumps. But for me, since super tinitipid ko ‘to, I make sure I spread the one whole pump evenly on my skin.
The first time I applied this, I immediately experienced dead skin cells flaking off even before I finished massaging it onto my whole face. That’s how frikkin’ powerful the exfoliation properties are. Just a slight tingling and a bit of warmth after application. The next day, it’s like I have primer all over my face when I glided my fingers through it. I thought, “okay, expected!“. The next few days, less flaking until it completely disappeared by Night 4 or 5, I think.
It was after the first week, Day 8 or 9, when I saw a truly brightening effect. My newly-formed marks from my zits faded faster than the usual and my old marks have lightened as well. I know this was from the cream because I’ve ceased using my other serums and oils for the first week upon using this to see its effects on its own.
The cream is quite lightweight compared to other creams of this type. I’ve tried La Mer’s cream and that one is much richer and thicker than this. It’s also easily spreadable and the consistency isn’t too oily or filmy.

No filter, no makeup, just woke up

I’ll let these unfiltered photos speak for themselves


After 2 months of using this product, that is my skin now – no makeup, no filter. My biggest key determining factor that I have brighter and even skin is definitely my undereye area. I have not used eye cream for maybe almost a year now – and if I have, it’s just 1 out of 7 days in a week – it’s just the product I skip a lot because I’m too lazy. But friends, my undereye area has significantly lightened! So surprised with this since I didn’t even expect this effect while using this. That speaks a lot for this cream. Also, I am a shade lighter than my usual foundation now – my lighter-shade foundations are super exact for my skintone now. My skin texture overall has smoothened significantly too! I can actually go out without foundation or concealer (!!!) now.
Then again, this is definitely not an impulse purchase. I would definitely recommend this but don’t starve yourself to buy it. I suggest asking for a sample from your La Prairie counters and try it for a few days to check if you don’t have any sensitivities to the formula and then decide from there. As for me, my skin loves it so I just might starve myself after all the bills have been paid to get another tub of this after I run out. LOL!
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  1. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy
    August 6, 2018 / 10:29 am

    The Queen of All Moisturizers!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 pangalan pa lang, yayamanin na!!! Worth it naman ang price kasi ang ganda ganda ng
    skin mo ngayon 😍😍😍 ang healthy tingnan and glowing!! Lalo ka bumata!

  2. Kaye
    August 8, 2018 / 11:47 am

    Where did you have your nails done?

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