One of My Skincare Secrets

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The Skincare Battle

If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you’d know my relationship views on skincare. As much as I love wearing makeup, at the end of the day, I look forward to removing it all and diving deep into my skincare routine. It’s my me-time, my self-care regimen in tandem with wine and Netflix binging when the kids are asleep at night.
A year and so ago, I had the worst breakout – not sure what triggered it but months of nonstop acne growth plagued my skin – and I mean cystic ones that kept popping up one after the other on my cheeks. I stopped wearing makeup for a while and pared down my skincare routine because I wanted to see what was triggering the acne. A week into my ‘pared down’ routine, I finally got the acne onset to stop little by little.
When I visited my derma months after to treat my marks, she told me my skin may have finally reacted to my makeup and skincare routine. You know how moms or older people would say, “Don’t wear too much makeup, it might make your skin react and break out” – I never really believed in that. But during this time, I was astounded to find out it maybe what happened to me. It wasn’t the makeup’s fault though but more of mine. I may not have properly washed off well, especially during nights when I would be too lazy to double cleanse. Eeek. Thinking about it now gives me shivers because it was actually my fault.

Baby my Skin Back

Another possibility is that my skin may have been overwhelmed with all the new skincare products I was testing and using. I’ve been dabbling with chemical exfoliants then and other powerful products (think The Ordinary) with high actives and while they all made my skin glow, continued usage of it may have made my skin dehydrated or plain overwhelmed. Granted it was my fault again – I ordered so many The Ordinary products and didn’t know how to use them simultaneously and interchange them.
So it was during this time my derma ordered me to ‘baby my skin‘ and make sure it goes back to its balanced state because right now, it was disruptred and is not in equilibrium. The product I ran to and made sure to use every morning and at night was Cetaphil.  It wasn’t my first time to use it as I’ve been using it back in college and while I was still in the corporate world (even had it in my cubicle since I always wash my face at night when I had to go overtime for work #ohthememories!).
Thanks to it’s pH level of 5.5 – it’s the perfect cleanser for my inflamed skin then. Even after I’ve overcome the acne battle, I still use it in the morning to wash my face to soothe my skin. When I have no makeup or light makeup for the day, it’s the one I use to wash my face off at night as well.

I learned.

So yes, I’ve learned about the importance of choosing products that are gentle to the skin especially during my acne breakouts. Washing with a gentle facial cleanser will slowly help get back that natural, healthy and glowing skin. And because of Cetaphil’s 5.5 pH level which cleanses without stripping the skin of more moisture, it’s the best cleanser for the job. After recovering from this skincare battle, I slowly re-introduced my skincare routine and made sure that whenever I wore makeup, I double cleansed especially when I’m wearing waterproof makeup (!!!). Most of our clogged skin issues really stem from not cleansing well at night. Imagine the makeup, pollution and irritants we encounter daily – it really makes our skin ‘bugbog‘!
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  1. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy
    August 20, 2018 / 10:11 am

    So ganda na ng skin mo ngayon, Ms. Shari! Glowing and healthy! Goodluck sa event nyo tom sa Sm Makati. Happy Monday!

  2. Vallee Gonzaga
    August 20, 2018 / 11:37 pm

    Omg feel ko wala pa nga rin sa balanced state yung skin ko! Ang hirap kasi ng temptation to try new skin care and makeup. Oops hahaha. I’m trying. 😅

  3. chelaine
    October 15, 2018 / 12:33 am

    I have oily combination skin which is prone to blackheads n clogged pores. Recently my skin is going through some inflammation n redness stage due to skin allergy from wrong products. I tried cetaphil for first time..although it leaves my skin soft..but after 1 week use..i find my skin to have more clogged pores, flesh bumpz under the skin bumps n blackheads. Could it be cetaphil has cetyl alcohol (a kind of wax) and is causing all these problems?

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