A Trip Down Cartoon Memory Lane

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Selene and Tristan with their cousin Jacob super focused on their coloring activity

We Need More Kid-Friendly Activities!

One of my challenges as a mom is to find something fun and productive for the kids to do every weekend. As a child, I grew up beside a huge park that had swing sets, see-saws and a huge field I can run freely across any day I wanted. But for my kids, all they have are toys, gadgets and one tired mom who can’t keep up with their abundant supply of energy. We have so many malls yet so few parks and kid-centered “fun hubs” that will cater to these little ones’ over-supply of imagination and creativity. There have been a few that popped up which we truly love – Kidzania and Mind Museum. Other than that, the others are just play areas where you leave your kids for an hour or two.
The choices are fewer than you’d think so where do kids hang out? In malls, playing in Timezone or roaming around Toys ‘R Us for hours. So when we get invites to fun and exciting kid events and activities such as Cartoon Network’s recent Imagination Studio, I don’t know who gets more excited – the kids or me. Ha ha ha! I was instantly taken back to my own childhood where I always waited for Powerpuff Girls, cringed at Cow & Chicken and I Am Weasel, inspired by Dexter’s Laboratory and was always nervous watching Scooby Doo! Do you remember the Cartoon Network shows you used to watch?
Imagination Studios is a place to be for letting the kids’ imagination and creativity fly!
I truly appreciate events like this that cater to kids and letting them enjoy experiences.

They Held a Notebook Design Contest

Cartoon Network truly supports and aims to foster fans’ creativity and one of these is through their ImagiNATION BUILDING Notebook Design Contest. They ran an art contest where the winning entry will be printed on notebooks donated to a selected public school. Other participants of the contest were also recognized for their talent in creative design with their works displayed in a colorful gallery in the event.
Selene and Tristan invited their cousin Kuya Jacob to come along with them that day. They’re super close – especially since Jacob is one year older than Selene lang. Tristan naman is super clingy to his Kuya Jacob since they both like playing cars and trucks!
The first booth they immersed themselves in is the Adventure Time Imagination Island coloring booth where they color their own Candy People and then they upload your creation and see them live on the screen.
Selene’s candy person masterpiece – this girl is all about rainbows. Hence her colorful piece!
The two with their artworks. Tristan enjoyed coloring too much he didn’t want to ever finish!!
Looking for their uploaded creations on the screen. That’s Jacob pointing out to his creation flashed right before them! “This is so cool!!” exclaimed the two again and again.
Told you guys Tristan didn’t want to stop. Haha! He stayed here and colored for a good amount of time.
Their second booth was the Play Doh area where they are taught how to mold “Galactic Clay Heroes”. Selene is a big fan of Play Doh so this was a fun experience for her – especially since I’ve stopped buying her! Ang hirap kasi linisin nito, friends!
Jacob making his own Galactic monsters!
Finally, Tristan agreed to leave the Coloring Island and joined Selene and Jacob in the graffiti wall. OMG DREAM COME TRUE FOR THEM! Hahaha. This is my worst nightmare at home so I’m glad they were able to live out this ‘coloring all over the walls’ experience. I did have to send out a disclaimer that this is only okay during at this time. “NO NO at home, okay guys?!” LOL!
I know, I know. Tristan is barefoot! He hates wearing shoes. Huhuhu! Don’t fret my momma friends, we washed with Safeguard after this and made him wear shoes na. Hahaha. Yes, may baon talaga kaming Safeguard sa bag!
Can you guys say WORKOUT?! Mommas, be prepared because this will be a total body workout! Hahaha. One kid runs to a booth while the other runs to the stage because they hear *TOOOT* will be coming out for a meet and greet! Thankful for our newfound yaya who made it possible for me not to go crazy.
I was so excited for this booth – where the kids can experience being a CNN reporter for a few minutes! Selene, however, was too shy to try it so I didn’t pressure her. I wanted to try though – hahaha! It was one of my childhood dreams to be a broadcaster! I wish there were something like this when I was a child so at least na-experience ko man lang how it felt!
Another booth they loved – decorating We Bare Bears boxes! Selene loves the We Bare Bears and find them so adorable so she hoarded a few of these boxes LOL.
She even made one for me with a short note on it. Huhu. So sweet this little girl. Always remembers me!!
Kuya Jacob with his game face on. Totally immersed in their artworks! Even Tristan was 100% in the zone with making his.
Can I just say I’m so happy seeing this photo? I’m a gadget-friendly mom so I let my kids watch TV and tinker with iPads but I’m really just so happy seeing them lost in the world of art the old-fashioned way. Big kid or toddler, honing their creativity through events like these where they also get to socialize with other kids is something they should be doing more of these days.

Meeting the We Bare Bears

Selene, Jacob, his mom (my ate) are big We Bare Bear fans that when they announced they were coming out for a meet and greet, my ate immediately left whichever booth we were in to line up for the Meet .& Greet. Ha ha! Talk about #fangirling the Mom way. They also brought out Ben 10 but we were too late lining up for the photo op so we missed him! Selene already had a photo moment with the Powerpuff Girls at a prior Cartoon Network event we attended so she’s happy na even if we didn’t catch them during their appearance on this day. There were a lot of Cartoon Network characters in appearance so if you missed this Imagination Studios event, make sure to stay tuned to Cartoon Network updates to catch their next one! The kids seeing their cartoon heroes up close is a surreal moment.
I’m so amazed Tristan isn’t afraid of mascots that he cries out – unlike Selene then who would run away. He just stares at them for a long time wondering in awe.. or confusion? Haha!
These two couldn’t stop staring at their photos with the We Bare Bears even after we left!
Follow Cartoon Network on Facebook to always be in the know of their next events! Hope to see you then?
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  1. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy
    July 2, 2018 / 8:20 am

    Katuwa si Tristan, parang ang behave lang nya sa event. Enjoy na enjoy sya sa pagcocolor. Zophie loves playing with colors too, kaso sometimes, sa walls, sa chairs, tables or cabinets sya nagda-draw! Mabuti na lang talaga, may washable ng color ngayon, kung wala, baka maiyak ako madalas sa pagbubura 😆😂 most of the time naman, sa paper sya nag cocolor, minsan lang talaga pag napansin nya na busy ako sa gawain, nanamantala tas sasabihin lang sa akin “tingnan mo Mama, galing ko, Hooray!” hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako o maiinis.hahhahahaa! Totoo yung sinabi mo, Ms. Shari, kamiss yung times natin dati, yung nakakalaro at takbo takbo ka sa labas, ngayon gustuhin ko man na maexperience un ni Zophie, hindi na possible sa place. Mabuti na lang meron isang malapit na park dito kaya nadadala namin sya dun pag weekends (nung hindi pa maulan). Minsan sa Kidzoona kaso #StruggleIsReal pag time na lumabas, mega lumpasay! Parang gusto dun na tumira 🤣🤣🤣 sana magkaroon din ng mga events na gaya nyan sa mga malls malapit dito sa amin.

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