Selene’s Summer Music Camp Journey

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I Shine!

It’s been a week since Selene’s Music Camp ended but we’re still waiting for her final recital together with all the other camps – Art, Dance and Engineering. It’s been a short and sweet adventure – I wish it were a bit longer and more intensive but it’s a good starter class for those who are planning to enroll their kids in full voice and instrument lessons. The Music Camp was in partnership with Ryan Cayabyab – yes, the one and only Maestro’s – music school located in Robinson’s Mall Ortigas. It ran every MWF from 10AM – 12noon.
She initially wanted to join Art Camp but changed her mind and confirmed that she wanted to go for Music instead. Every after class, she would tell me about how they massaged their faces and did jumping jacks for exercise. She especially had a fondness for her teachers, Teacher Sam and Stephen, who are talented and brilliant apart from being super patient and understanding with the kids (who sometimes got tired, restless and just want to lie on the floor LOL!).
Here’s a quick photodiary of what happened during the 2-week Promil iShine Music Camp!
Vocalizing with Teacher Stephen and Teacher Sam.
A few sessions in, they were assigned instruments they’d be playing in the recital. Selene, at first, wouldn’t tell me which one she was picked to play insisting it was a “surprise”. I found out a few hours later, she can’t keep secrets from me for long (haha), that she’s playing the “bell”.
These are their paper butterflies that they ‘take care of’ and use for one song. Not sure if this will be part of their recital piece or not. Watch out for my next post!
What I love about the iShine Music Camp is they let kids explore their interests. They don’t implement a strict “this-is-the-way-to-do-it” take on learning. Especially for the age bracket Selene is a part of where they’re still discovering their interests and leaping into their curiosities. It’s been a very fun learning adventure for them as they socialize and interact with one another as well.
Selene and a classmate goofing off after class. Apart from the musical skills she’ll take home from class, another thing I like is that she learns how to relate to her classmates and practice her social skills. That is something you can’t learn from just staying at home or keeping them distracted with gadgets this summer.
That’s why they exercise before class because even though it’s music class, they also get physical and move around the room while singing.
This was probably Selene walking up to me to say, “I’m having so much fun Mom! Can I go to Music Class everyday?” That has been her favorite Selene-ism the past few months. “I love ______. I want to eat/watch/do it everyday!

Promil Four iShine Camp

The iShine Music Camp is in partnership with Promil Four – the brand renowned for cultivating talent and harnessing their potential from an early age. Does the term “Promil Kid” sound familiar? My mom had me on Promil milk as soon as I could drink it. She also took me to ballet class when I was in Prep and Grade 1 because apparently I was already showing interest in dancing as early as I could walk. My daughter is exactly the same – she learned how to hum and sing even before she could fully speak. Plus, she learned her first few songs only a few months after she learned how to walk and dance. I still have videos of her singing “Bahay Kubo” and “Twinkle Twinkle” when she was just 1 year and 6 months.
I believe what’s key here is that I exposed her to music very early. Even when she was an infant, I would play music and sing to her (in my very croaky, husky voice) every time she sleeps or takes a nap. So much that there was a time she couldn’t sleep without a lullaby. Another key is that as a parent, I observed her cues and followed along. If she wanted to dance, I danced with her. If she wanted to sing, I sang with her. No forcing, just ‘playtime’. And from the panel conversation during the iShine launch, I realized that it was indeed the Three Ps that I also practiced with Selene to help her discover her potential – Proper Parenting, Proper Nutrition and Proper Stimulation.
This session was all about singing with ribbons!
I’m super excited for Selene to join the Grand Recital and see her perform on stage. Just last week, she started attending Art Camp so she might be joining both performances during the recital! Tomorrow is our last day of Art Camp so if you’re interested to see what happens in there, watch out for my future blog post on it.
To see more of this in action, do watch my short vlog below!
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  1. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy
    May 1, 2018 / 7:38 pm

    Excited na ako makita ang performance ni Selene sa recital! Goodluck Selene!

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