One of my Proudest Mom Moments

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That #ProudMom Feeling

It’s been a fun round of workshops for Selene this summer and one journey that has come to an end is her Promil Four iShine 6 camp adventure. It has definitely been a great experience for her as she met new friends, honed her skills and discovered her real interests during both her Art and Music classes. All that crazy morning rush – leaving the house, sometimes unshowered (LOL), taking out breakfast to-go just to reach her music classes in Ortigas and Rockwell – was worth it.
It took me back to the time my mom did the same thing for us. As a kid, my mom enrolled us in workshops too so we can be more well-rounded and not just be too focused on academics. I took ballet when I was in Kinder but never followed through (so sad! I wish I did!). When I was in Grade School, she enrolled me in “Personality Development” classes where we learned etiquette, modelling, public speaking (where I blacked out in front of everyone during my first attempt), etc. Finally, she enrolled us in hiphop class at Steps Dance Studio which was my final workshop (but I was in High School naΒ yataΒ this time).
I’m super thankful for her teachers – Coach Stephen and Sam of Music Camp and Teacher Robert of Art Camp – who guided her and made her feel comfortable to explore her imagination and bring out her hidden skills. Thank you most especially to the “tutees” or the ates and kuyas who are in charge of looking after the kids while they were in camp. Parents are not allowed in classes (I was only allowed in for a short time to take photos for documentation) and during the rehearsals, they were left the WHOLE day with the tutees who made sure they were fed, hydrated and well taken care of. So thank you Ate Jane and to all the Ates and Kuyas who took care of the kids! We salute you.
I wasn’t able to get a lot of photos of their performance because I was too much of a stage mom trying to IG video, vlog and take photos at the same time – all while holding Tristan. I left the vlogging to my sister Raiza at some point but took control again because stage Tita was busy IG video-ing the performances as well. Hahaha!
This was after their first performance for Art Camp. They wore their bird costumes which they worked on together with the tutees who helped them. They took off their costumes for the final bow.
This is the Engineering Camp where Juro, Jackie Go’s son, was a part of. They produced rocket launchers made of PVC pipes and empty soda bottles. Love that they made engineering relatable to the kids! Selene even expressed her interest after telling me “But engineering is boring!” when I talked about it when she was picking out which camp to join.
The next few photos are of Selene’s music camp performance – particularly their rendition of Regine Velasquez’ “Shine” song. I think this was stuck in her head for a month or so – during and after Music Camp. She really loved the song kaya naman give na give siya during her recital.
Their second song “Like a Rainbow” was sung with music instruments where Selene played the bell. Seen here are the older kids playing the Angklung.
The younger Music Camp kiddos with their butterfly prop that they took care of the entire camp as if it were a real butterfly. Complete with names pa!
Art camp participants with Papemelroti’s Teacher Robert who’s super talented hands-down WOW wala-ak0-masabi-ang-galing-niya. He was super hands-on with the kids. In fact, in all Art classes (except the kids ages 3-5) he was the one teaching talaga. Out of all the mentors, he and Teacher Lei of Engineering were the hands-on and all-throughout teachers. Fun fact: he illustrated Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho’s invitation map. Check out his other artwork in his IG account: @robert_alejandro.
Selene’s superstar-in-the-making classmate Genevieve whom she’s close friends with as they went to the same school during Kinder.
Music Camp kids this time! The Maestro Ryan Cayabyab who played the piano during their “Shine” performance. Teacher Stephen (in Selene’s favorite pose LOL at the left side in white behind the kids) and Teacher Sam (right behind Selene) – thank you for being so great with the kids. I witnessed firsthand their dedication and genuine love for teaching music during the workshop. So happy that Selene enjoyed and learned a lot from them!
Ate Selene reaching out a balloon for her little bro Tristan who cheered for her all the way! He was pointing out “Ate, te te!” the whole time!
Somebody’s super happy with the confetti.
That’s a wrap for Promil’s iShine 6 journey. Woot! Thank you so much to Promil Four for this wonderful experience. We wouldn’t have had this 2018 summer any other way.
Give it up for the coaches and mentors!
Such a proud momma of this one. I was nervous because it was only during the General Rehearsal (the day before this) that she went for practice. She wasn’t able to attend the individual whole-day practices for each camp. That’s why she was so lost during the General Rehearsal pa so she learned the steps to their Music Camp song and dance numbers literally the day before. So yup! I was also very anxious if she’d be able to change costumes and make it to her Music Camp performance which was after Art. #MomWorrier Haha! So I’m very thankful to Tutee Jane who took care of her and made sure she was able to change and make it to both performances.
Selene’s idol, Achi Gabbie, Jackie’s eldest and beautiful daughter. She’s so big na gosh!
The Go Jackie Go kids and one Misty Kid on the loose! Waiting patiently while their mommas were working and attending interviews.
That officially wraps up our Promil Four iShine 6 Journey and I can’t recommend it more than I already have. If you are keen on joining next year’s talent camp, stay tuned and check out for more details. I would love to hear what your kids are interested in and what signs they’re showing at their ages. Are they into drawing, painting, dancing, singing, engineering, gymnastics, logic puzzles – share them below!
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  1. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy
    May 30, 2018 / 2:06 pm

    Yung sa pinost mo na vlog ng recital ni Selene, grabe yung sa last part.. yung surprise gift nila for moms, kahit hindi naman ako yung binigyan, ramdam ko yung kurot sa puso, napa- my heart din ako at naiyak (at 2am naiyak ako πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) yung feeling na makita mo yung anak mo on stage, nakaka proud talaga! Excited na ako sa mga ganyang moments namin ni Zophie in the future. Sa ngayon, feeling ko may inclination sya with music, alam nya kung ano yung song kahit intro pa lang naririnig nya and mahilig sya kumanta (medyo magulo lang sa lyrics pero tama ang tono πŸ˜‚). Every morning, lagi sya may request na song na ipa-play sa akin. Siguro kaya nahilig sya sa music kasi since baby pa sya, lagi ko sya pinapatugtugan ng mga songs.

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