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Venus & Mars

Today, I’m taking time to write about a homegrown brand I used to hoard products of since seeing them on Multiply (OMG old school much!?) and weekend bazaars in the Metro. V&M Naturals has been in the market for quite some time now (I mean, hello? Multiply days pa ang online market non, imagine! 10 years ago?!). The brand is a brainchild of a Filipina, Jamie Faith Tan, who saw the need of Filipinos for more accessible and tested natural remedies. When she started the brand, there weren’t a lot of “natural remedy” brands in the market yet. She was one of the firsts to enter the local natural beauty scene and I’m truly impressed at how she grew her brand. I was there lining up at their Rockwell bazaar booth when they launched their Lip Detox Balm, made of emu oil, and their Lip Scrub (which I don’t think they carry anymore). I always bought 5 lip balms at that time – two for me, one for my mom and one each for my sisters. Their emu-based lip balm worked wonders on my chapped lips!
Today, they have expanded their product line to the wonders of essential oils. I have been using essential oils mostly for my diffuser which fills the room with their scents – depending on my mood and particular need for that day/night. I’ve been using lavender or chamomile oil for calming and relaxing. Peppermint oil for refreshing or invigorating, Grapefruit oil for energizing. I wasn’t really experimental with them for other uses – mainly for skincare. It was enlightening, to say the least, learning about how certain essential oils (apart from the widely known tea tree oil) and using them in tandem with your products can combat different skin problems.
Salt of the Himalayas Pure Bath SoakWe use Himalayan salt at home for cooking but didn’t know that the other widely known benefits of Himalayan salt and their crystals are the following. They produce negative ions to clean, deodorize, and purify the air and your body. They help kill bacteria, reduce allergens, and relieve respiratory infections and skin conditions as well as work to enhance immunity, ease anxiety, and improve sleep.
The brand sells Himalayan Salt Lamps that have been selling out like hotcakes because they emit light from the salt lamp, filling the room with the power of the Himalayan crystals. I’ve friends who testify that when they have migraines/headaches/overall fatigue, they just stay in their rooms with the Salt Lamps on and they feel better after half an hour or so. I’m super ecstatic to get one for myself. This Bath Soak, however, is perfect for those who can’t afford to get a lamp yet. You pour a few crystals in a tub of warm water and immerse yourself in that bath after a long, tiring day.
Essential Oils.  I chose Peppermint and Frankincense oils to take home, why? Peppermint, I have noticed, instantly energizes me and that’s what I need mostly during the day since I always feel tired and lethargic, making me unproductive. Little did I know Peppermint also helps balance, tone, and detoxify skin and promotes healthier hair. It is formulated with natural astringent, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-acne properties. Which is why it is best for soothing and relaxing sore, aching, tired muscles and cleansing scalps.
Frankincense, on the other hand, is new to me. I didn’t know that it was known as “The King of Essential Oils“. It is a balsamic aroma that offers comfort, helps relieves stress and anxiety, and naturally induces sleep. It also works to detoxify skin and reduce muscle pain as well. I actually gave this to my mom as she has trouble sleeping and sometimes goes through bouts of anxiety. She loves it. So much that she has already asked for a replacement bottle as she is halfway done with hers. For skincare, Frankincense helps diminish the appearance of dark spots, acne blemishes, and reduce signs of aging through skin tightening.
Ultra Nourishing Tonic. Ahhhh, one of my not-so-known favorites in body care – dry oils. I always forget to put on body lotion mainly because I don’t like how some don’t dry as fast and even feel tacky throughout the day. For moisturizing, I prefer dry oils or tonics. They are fast-absorbing oils that don’t feel sticky or tacky as some lotions do. V&M Naturals’ take which I instantly fell in love with is this Bergamot, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang blend. They claim that aside from moisturizing, this blend helps reduce the appearance of scars and evens out the complexion. It also promotes a relaxed and tranquil state so it’s perfect as a night body oil (or a pang-kalma in the middle of the day when something annoys or bothers you at work HAHA). It dries quickly and leaves your skin smooth and soft without the sticky feel.
I also love the brand’s new look – very minimal, sophisticated and easy to the eye. You can shop all these here.
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  1. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy
    March 13, 2018 / 12:50 pm

    Usong uso ang essentials ngayon. I am itching to buy one na and try if magwowork ke Zophie 😂 pampalalim ng tulog sa gabi 😂 para kasi syang manok matulog. And the Himalayan Salt lamp, dami ko na rin nabasa na maganda daw talaga sa house, nakaalis talaga ng negative elements.

  2. Monaliza Valencia
    March 13, 2018 / 1:54 pm

    First time to buy their products and exactly they are on grand opening at Glorietta and have a promo of buy one take one on all of their products. I bought Wrinkle Revenge for my eye care, Shoo for mosquitoes to go away and cleansing bar soaps. So far I’m loving Shoo, hindi opewpower ang smell ng Citronella, light lang at hindi sticky.

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