This is Absolute Love

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Selene has just wrapped up her first year in big school and wow, what a journey that has been. All my Kindergarten learnings will be for another post (as I’ve so many experiences where I feel I failed as a mom during those 10 months! Le sigh!). But now that it’s officially summer season for her, Selene will be joining classes which she has been dreaming of the entire year. First is ballet class. She has been self-practicing ballet dance moves via Youtube videos for quite some time now. I think I’ve mentioned on Instagram how we did a trial class before when she was only 3 – but she wasn’t quite ready yet at the time so we didn’t get past the trial class.
This time, basing from the twirls and leaps she does instead of walking whether we’re at home or outside, I think she’s ready. Aside from ballet, she’s also slated to join iShine’s Music Camp – headed by the one and only Maestro, Ryan Cayabyab. Both classes will be in the Ortigas area – which is a traffic-laden journey from where we live. If that’s not absolute love and commitment, I don’t know what is. Ha ha ha!
To keep her company throughout these summer activities, I’ll make sure to support her and encourage her to be open to challenges and possible failures – not to shy away from feeling frustrated if ever she couldn’t hit a note or keep up with the dances as these are part of the learning process. I’m actually curious to see how she’ll react to these challenges that we can hopefully positively overcome. We’ll see! Can you guys feel the the mom nerves in me?

Selene’s Must-Have

Whatever actvities she’ll be doing this summer.. one thing is for sure. She can’t leave the house without WATER. Selene is a huge water drinker. She can finish a whole bottle in an hour’s time. Whenever we’d dash out of the house, she would always always ask me, “Mom, did you bring my Absolute?” Forget everything except her water, I always tell myself. But of course with my mom brain, there’d be times I would forget. Imagine the scenario: we had just gotten in our Uber, she asks for her bottle which I don’t have but before I can explain myself, she has already transformed into a thirsty hyena asking to stop at the nearest convenience store for a bottle. That’s how much of a water-drinker this little one is – and I’m happy. Because personally, water is the farthest thing from my mind. I’d have to be reminded to drink water that I sometimes get dehydrated as I’m too busy thinking of everything else but that. Wag tularan, guys.
This summer season, it’s even more important to make sure to rehydrate often as the intense heat can easily dehydrate us. I didn’t know it then but most times I have intense headaches and am irritable was mostly due to dehydration. And imagine those effects happening to our kids – kawawa! So for the upcoming summer months, especially since she’ll be out most days for her classes – it’s a must that I pack her two-three bottles of her fave Absolute distilled water – 100% distilled water.

Water You Talking About?

Speaking of water… I used to think that all bottled water are the same – but they are not. There are different kinds of water in the market which explains why some are priced higher than others. It all boils down to how they process their water.
There are three kinds of water in the market: Mineral, Purified and Distilled. Mineral Water still includes carbonates and sulfates and is usually bottled straight from the source – you can find these in forms of sparkling or still waters. Purified Water undergoes a series of processes to remove minerals and impurities as well as to make sure water is sterile and disinfected. Distilled Water takes purified water a step further by boiling the water until it turns into vapor leaving all the other particles and substances behind. It is the purest form of water.
This is why I prefer Absolute Distilled Water above purified or mineral, especially for my kids, because I know it is the safest and purest form of water. Absolute is also certified and approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs for meeting the country’s highest and strictest bottled drinking water standards. It is also certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International, one of the world’s most trusted certification organizations and a member of the International Bottled Water Association that ensures compliance among bottled water makers around the world.
This summer season, make sure you and your kids are hydrated! I’ve also been making it a point to drink my allotted number of glasses per day to keep myself healthy and so to speak, “distilled” because I can’t afford to be sick for my kids. As moms, we’re so busy taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves – even if it’s as simple as remembering to drink water regularly throughout the day! Absolute love starts with ourselves, mommas!
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    Your child looking very so pretty. Interesting post & expecting more.

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