Mom Probz: When The Baby Starts Walking

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A New Sport

I know what you’re thinking – how can one of a baby’s most memorable milestones be a problem?! It’s actually a good problem. I mean, it’s – HOORAY! THE BABY IS WALKING! WOOOOHOO! Checking it off his milestones! Time to celebrate! Of course, baby walking is truly one of the most exciting times for any parent, no doubt. Heck, it’s one of the milestones we look forward to and wish would come sooner (by kid #2 though, we’re okay that it comes a little late LOL). What follows this precious moment though, is a not-so-shared stage in a kid’s life – which is nothing less of a whole new Olympic sport.
That face when your mom calls out your full name.
We’re not the only ones excited about their newfound skill – they are actually much more ecstatic than us. Imagine, after a year of just sitting or crawling or falling down a million times – when they start walking, they now think, “Hey I can go all over the place now! Why should I stay and behave in just one place?! Imma go up there, run that way, get that thing and find a way to tinker with it” and more.
And boy, oh boy do they walk. They walk as if they already know how to run. And we mommas now suddenly find all the ways to make them stay put – food? toys? fine, have my cellphone (sometimes!). Which is so funny since we were so bent on making them walk agad in the first place! HAHA. Oh the ironies of parenting!
One of the main challenges I faced was putting on Tristan’s diapers. It is a battlefield. After bathing him, I would psyche myself up for the war that’s coming. I would get whatever toys I can to distract him while I strap on those stick-on diaper wings. I even try to master the strapping on the diaper while he’s running skill. I fail every time.
It’s either I brace myself for the crying that ensues while I hold him on the bed against his will or I resign to a loosely worn diaper and be frustrated when his wiwi leaks a few minutes after.
The solution? Pull-up diaper pants that are easy to wear despite the Olympics marathon going on. I loove that you can even put them on while baby is running away because the only battle is getting their feet in and you can just pull up even as they run away. My MBFF (mom’s BFF) for this dilemma is Instasuot Mamypoko Pants that are 100% leak-free.
So even if he’s adamant on running and playing sans diaper, I can just run after him and put on the diapers by just pulling it up – no fussy sticker ends that will make the OC mom in you stressed from trying to even out the stickers. Plus, I’m assured that it won’t leak even if it was put on in a hurry. I’ve used this on Selene since she was 1 1/2 years and it has never failed me on its no-leakage promise since it has a triple ring support. It also has superior absorbency that allows for 10-hour dryness which is why it is my main choice for a night time diaper.
Leave it to the Japanese to perfect a diaper and make parents lives’ easier. Imagine how many times parents used to change their babies’ nappies before when this kind of technology wasn’t around yet? You won’t be able to accomplish anything from all the diaper changing! Now, everything is much easier for us and I can truly say it definitely makes child-rearing much more fun and enjoyable.
If you’re interested to try, you can buy Mamypoko pants at a super discounted price here. I 100% vouch for them – definitely made our lives a little easier and less stress free. (Disclaimer: I don’t get any commissions for any sales through the link).
*This post is in partnership with Mamypoko. We’ve been users since Selene was born so definitely all experiences and thoughts are my own.
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    I’m tom I need a diaper on me I have my legs raised up

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