The Day I Shared Some Mom Hacks Live

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We all have those bookmarked “The Coolest Life Hacks That Make Your Life Easier” videos and/or posts saved on our browsers and phones. They’re so useful, right? Except for times when you actually need them and you can’t remember the specific hack for that situation. All I remember is I didn’t know I was eating cupcakes wrong all my life, you guys. What have I been doing with my life?

Momma Hackers

For this special event, the Sanicare Hygiene Care Circle Launch, there were three hack stations manned by yours truly and two other mommas. Frances Sales manned the Kitchen station, Sarah Tirona manned the Baby station and I manned the Personal Care station. Guests went through our stations in batches before the program started to listen to our tried and tested Mom Hacks.
Frances in her kitchen. Looks so real, right? Even thought the sink was fully functioning.
I never thought my life would depend on paper towels before I had kids. It is a life essential, guys. We go through a pack of this easily. It’s the easiest clean-up solution to any mess. I would even get anxious when there’d only be 1/4 of the items left because I don’t like running out of it.
Sarah manned the baby station. Sanicare’s Baby Care is the newest range which they introduced during this afternoon.

My Station

1. I don’t touch anything in public bathrooms as much as I can. I am the ultimate germophobe when it comes to public restrooms. I don’t touch knobs, locks or toilets and I don’t even sit on toilet bowls (even if it’s a high-end hotels’ public restroom!). I would even use my clothes to open door knobs when going out. People would catch me doing it sometimes and give me strange looks, LOL. The Sanicare Handy Packs takes care of all this. It’s a small pack of tissue I can easily pocket and use after washing and then use to open door knobs so I wouldn’t have to use my clothes.
2. Since I don’t sit on toilet bowls, Sanicare’s handy Toilet Seat Covers would be great for me, too. But most importantly, it’s perfect for Selene who I carry to pee in restrooms since I don’t let her sit on toilets either. What I like most about it is it can be flushed down after use since it dissolves and doesn’t clog the toilet.
3. Reuse jars as cotton and cotton tips holders. 
4. Use magazine holders as extra tissue holders so you don’t have problem storing the tissue paper you buy in bulk in your homes. Especially useful for those who live in condos and have storage issues!
5. Paper towel minimizes frizzy hair. I didn’t know this! If you would like to minimize frizz, drain out excess water from your hair and instead of drying the ends with your regular towel, try paper towel. It will save you from heat styling to straighten out your frizzy hair.
6. Use wipes to remove excess product from your pencil makeup. It is a breeding ground for bacteria and you want to make sure not to put them in your eyes and lips! Just wipe off the excess from your last use before applying.
7. Cotton tips are your makeup mistakes BFF. I hate smudging and smearing makeup but it’s unavoidable in our tropical climate. I even bring extra cotton buds in my makeup kit to remove smudged eyeliner, mascara and lipstick on my face midday.
8. Cover your toothbrushes because even if they are far from the toilet, fecal matter still fly around the bathroom.

Don’t throw out those toilet paper rolls!

After my short talk, we did a quick DIY activity on reusing paper toilet rolls. They’re a great bonding activity to be done with your kids (to get them off those screens wink wink) and can be pretty useful around the house too. One of my favorite uses of this is to use them as cable / charger storage. Stack them upright in a shoebox, glue them on the base and use them to store your laptop chargers, cellphone chargers, etc.
Thanks to all the mommas who listened to my talk!

The Sanicare Story

I love the Sanicare story. It’s a family company that started because of the founder’s wife’s sensitive skin. He wanted to develop tissue/cotton/paper products that will hopefully help his wife’s skin sensitivities to the other products in the market. How sweet, right? Frances even quipped, “Better than the Taj Majal to me!” In this photo is the couple’s daughter and brand’s Marketing Director Lea Sio Pacis with one of her adorable kids who were also in the event.
What sets apart Sanicare is they are the pioneers of using more hygienic raw materials for their products. No harmful chemicals or bleaches that trigger flare-ups for those with sensitive skin. The company also maintain a conscious social footprint. They have forged a partnership with Haribon Foundation for tree planting activities and management of these trees in the years to come.
They also adopted a forest at the Mt. Makiling-San Cristobal Protected Landscape and have continuous efforts to help take care of the environment which extend to its raw materials as the company only deals with suppliers that have sustainable resources.
The founder, Renato Sio’s, wife who inspired him to create his own company.
They also unveiled the brand’s first ever brand ambassador, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal. She’s such a natural fit for the brand! Her enthusiasm for Sanicare is genuine as she has been using it for years – a brand her own family used before she even became a mom.
What are some mom hacks you personally use? Let me know in the comments below! Would love to add them to my Hack Arsenal! Also, I’ll be including this event in one of my vlogs soon – watch for it on my Youtube channel, guys!
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