An Early Brunch Date with Selene

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One of the toughest things I have trouble checking off in my to-do list (yes, it’s in my to-do list because I have to be reminded of it LOL) is drinking my 8 glasses of water a day. It really is a challenge for me, friends. Only when I feel the headaches and the restlessness from bordering dehydration do I bother chugging down a whole bottle of it. Thankfully, my daughter is very much the opposite – she drinks water almost every 30 minutes! I think it was ever since she stopped drinking milk from the bottle and replaced it with water (good job, Selene).
So when we were invited by Absolute to join them for a fun brunch date in a restaurant I haven’t tried, I took the liberty of tagging Selene along since we’ll be spending less time when school starts next week (clingy mom! Hashtag separation anxiety!). Sakto, the event is Absolute’s newest collaboration with Disney which Selene is crazy for. Not that I need more reason for her to enjoy drinking water, but what a clever way to get kids to drink more water, right? Let me share with you a quick photodiary of what happened in the brunch!
We were greeted by a cart filled with the mini Absolute x Disney water bottles at Happy Garden Cafe in Makati.
So funny – Selene went to the bottles and laid them down side by side. Then told me, “Mom oh, ready for photo na! Take a photo na!” Inunahan na ako mag-flatlay! Hahaha!
That’s my girl quizzing me on the characters found in the bottles. Ako pa talaga ang quiniz niya noh! Love that the new bottle size is baon-friendly too – easy for kids to stuff in their lunch boxes or school bags. Plus, it’s not so intimidating to drink for them unlike the bigger bottles.
Do you know what those green boxes are for? Find out below.
Selene found a playmate that day ‘cos Ava brought along her cutiepie son Asher (who’s the same age as Selene!)
We were to make bentos that day! YES. BENTO BOXES, GUYS. Absolutely no patience for it, to be honest. But wow, hands down to the moms who do this everyday for their kids. Labor of love talaga. Bento by Kat led the bento-making session. She’s such a pro, I am amazed.
Buti na lang Selene was with me so she can be the one to do everything, HAHAHA! Joke.
We made a MIckey Mouse bento box that day. Inunahan ko na si Selene and told her, “Oh baby girl, I can’t do this for you everyday for your baon ha.” Baka mag-expect guys, mahirap na. I don’t want to give false hope, hahaha! It looks sooo nice but it’s so tedious, I can not! *cue in mom guilt*
Our finished product! Good job, Selene – maybe you can make bento boxes for mommy instead. Haha! When I told her, we were going to eat it – sabi niya.. “WHAT?! But we used our hands to roll that!” GUYS.. ayaw niya kainin! May pagka-germophobe kasi to si ategurl since we joined the Safeguard tour last month. Phew! At least she won’t expect me to make this for her baon na! (Photo from Ava)
Our seatmates Ava and Asher. Hay nako you should see their bento box, winner! Ava is true to her name, artsy fartsy! Nahiya yung bento box namin sa kanila!
Selene and her chika buddy that day, Tita Frances. Sayang we didn’t get to see her gwapito boys that day!
Look at that cute face after Ava and I caught up with him and Selene after they ran around the whole place. Hahaha!
“Mommy can we take all the Disney princesses bottles home?!”.
Would your kid/s love this? Do you think it’ll get them to drink more water? Let me know in the comments below!
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1 Comment

  1. Monaliza Valencia
    June 21, 2017 / 9:56 am

    Hi Ms Shari, buti nga si Selene mahilig sa pag inom ng tubig. Ang kids ko bihirang uminom ng tubig after meal lang talaga. Bat Kaya ganon no? Wala kaseng lasa. Not sure kung maeenganyo kong uminom ng mas madameng tubig kids ko with the Absolute x Disney bottle nila, usually kase tinatanggal nila ung label at ginagawang wrist band o kaya naman ay dinidikit sa wall. Hehehe Ako ang mahilig uminom ng water at pinipilit kong lumagpas sa 10 glasses. Still breastfeeding pa my 2 yr old daughter eh.

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