How Tristan Keeps Fresh in This Heat

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You guys know that sweet baby smell, right? Their natural infant scent that I imagine must be how cherubs smell like. It’s my favorite. Oh how I can get lost in it! Couple it with baby’s milk breath and call me addicted. However, with the sweltering heat we’re experiencing, that baby scent I long to smell is easily replaced with the mix of sun, sweat and dirt.
What’s one tip I got from my mom friends who heard of my dilemma? Baby powder. With Selene, I used to shy away from using baby powder with Selene then because of allergies and issues that surround the use of talc. However, I’ve since learned from doctors, baby experts and even my own pediatrician that there is no scientific study that directly links talc to any illnesses and that powder use is absolutely safe. Which is why I’ve been using baby powder with Selene (since she’s always soooo pawis from running around!) and Tristan just so he can stay fresh and feel comfortable longer despite the heat.
However, for moms who would like to opt out of using talc in their powders due to allergy and sensitivities, you may want to check out the new Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder that the cutest Scarlet Snow Belo personally uses. Moms who believe their kids are sensitive to talc – those who develop rashes or allergies to it – now have the option to go for powder sans the talc ingredient.

Belo Baby Powder

So what is it made of if not talc, right? Well, Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder is made from certified natural and finely milled rice and maize. Aside from talc, it also doesn’t contain any gluten, phtalates, parabens, dyes and other common allergens.
The powder is housed in a tub with a soft powder puff included. Instantly, I’m impressed that there is a powder puff included because this makes application easier, more focused and without excess powder flying around the air. The powder itself is extremely fine-milled and feels so smooth and soft on the skin. I even tried it on my face and it blended in so easily (I actually see myself using it as well!). The scent is a warm, baby scent that’s not at all overwhelming.
I’ve been trying the powder on Tristan and Selene and the results are — good-smelling kids! Haha. But seriously, the powder has helped in a lot of ways. Especially since Selene goes to summer school and has play time, she gets super sweaty easily. The powder helps keep the sweat off longer. Sweat that can cause her cough (that can lead to pneumonia!) especially if she’s in an air-conditioned room. She even insists on bringing it with her to school so her teacher can retouch her powder when she’s about to go for playtime.
I would definitely recommend Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder for all the moms out there always looking for other alternatives for their babies in terms of baby powder. It’s hypoallergenic and even suitable for the whole family to use! Check out this cute video of Scarlet Snow that we played over and over again (Selene is a huge fan!).
Belo Baby Talc-free Powder is now available in leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide. You can also buy now here: and enjoy FREE delivery until May 31 with a minimum purchase.
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  1. Lorie Francisco
    July 21, 2017 / 8:38 pm

    All brands of Belo,is the Best and important, also for babies!.
    So,try it and good for us! GLORY be to GOD!

  2. Lorie Francisco
    July 21, 2017 / 8:38 pm

    The Best!

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