My 5 Most Used Eyeshadow Palettes at the Moment

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Eye See You

Rekindling my love affair with eyeshadows
Once upon a time, I hated wearing eyeshadows because I end up looking like I was caught playing in my mom’s vanity just piling everything on my face. And then I got better, I sported the ultra cool punched-in-the-eye lewk instead. I kept at it until I finally discovered the power of the MAC 217 blending brush coupled with “blending patience”. It was a deep, deep rabbit hole after that. I suddenly heard eyeshadow palettes calling my name through the screen from Guerlain to Tom Ford to Chanel. I couldn’t leave the house without eyeshadow even if I was just running errands.
I’ve since tamed down on the eyeshadow palette hoarding after realizing I had only two eyelids. But once in a while, I still give in to the call especially after swatching smooth, pigmented shadows that are begging to be applied on my Asian hooded lids. At the moment, these are the five palettes on rotation.

Inglot Customized Palette

The Inglot Freedom system is a paradox of choice. I’ve always wanted to try their eyeshadows but I get so overwhelmed by the number of choices that I end up not getting any. Last year, I finally got my hands on some from Mikki when she gifted me this Inglot customized palette that has the perfect combination of mattes and satins in my preferred shades of rose, plum and neutral browns. I remember when I swatched in store that the level of pigmentation varies from shade to shade. However, the shades in this Inglot palette are strongly pigmented, even the lighter shades (although not as bold as the darker ones, of course). The matte shades are smooth, easily blendable and have good color pay-off – all three quite hard to come by when it comes to matte shades.

Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eyeshadow Kit

Probably the most pigmented matte shadows I’ve ever come across. I was blown away, you guys. I normally don’t have high expectations when it comes to matte eyeshadows but Jane Iredale proved the power of their mineral powders even with their eyeshadows. Because their mineral powders (which these quads are made of) have little to no fillers and are of the highest quality, the pigment and pay-off is much bolder than others, even the faintest swipe.
The powders are so fine that the task of blending is a breeze. However, since it is mineral powder, it does kick up a lot of powder excess when picked up or swirled with a brush. What I do then is either use a flat eye brush (not the blending kind with a tapered end) and just pat off and pat on my lids. That or even just using my finger to do the patting.

Shu Uemura

Who else is sad that Shu Uemura is pulling out from the country? Huhuhu! Saying goodbye to it and Lancome (both already announced its goodbye to the country) wasn’t a surprise, though. They didn’t do much digital marketing or product launches, which is quite weird as they’re both owned by L’Oreal (who could definitely afford to do so). In a landscape where beauty products are fighting to be on everyone’s lips and faces by utilizing mobile and laptop screens first, Shu and Lancome weren’t anywhere to be found. But yes, anyway…
Shu Uemura has a ‘beauty bar’ that does customized palettes similar to the Inglot Freedom System. I find their eyeshadows to be of great quality, too. They do mattes well – like Jane Iredale in non-mineral powder form. Not as pigmented or as bold as Jane’s but smooth and pigmented on its own. I like that their palette is sleeker, tinier and easier to bring along than Inglot’s Freedom palette.
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Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Clay Palette

One of the palettes I kept on seeing being raved about by foreign bloggers and vloggers, which of course, got me curious. Curious enough that I needed to get a hold of one even after sleeping on it for two weeks! I finally got my hands on it through an online retailer in Instagram. I was choosing between this and the Matte palette, but ultimately decided to go with this Tartelette In Bloom 2 Clay Palette that has a mix of mattes and metallics. I know the shades aren’t at all unique and are extremely dupable but I wanted to try the Amazonian clay formula Tarte is so acclaimed for. My verdict? I am underwhelmed. I expected more. The mattes aren’t at all wow. Some of them are quite chalky and are semi-sheer. The shimmers are good, nothing wow. I would still use this but if you have say, the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I don’t think you need to pick this up. If you’d like to get into Tarte, I would rather pick up their foundations or their THE BOMBBBB concealer.
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Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist Palette

This is one of my all-time favorite palettes! Their mix of mattes and shimmers are all beautifully pigmented, smooth and easily blendable. I love their mix of plum and browns as well. This is actually my 3rd artist palette from them (I have two of this same one which I gave to my sister and another artist palette a friend gave me). The palette is consistent across the board – all shades have great color payoff. Most are outstanding and others just being slightly under, like the lighter ones. But all the shades are easy to work with, easy to blend and wear really well – eight hours (plus plus!) without creasing or fading even without primer. Definitely one of my hardworking palettes in my stash!
What are your favorite eyeshadow palettes? Do share below!
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  1. Katie
    April 26, 2017 / 12:58 am

    I love the Tarte palette, the mattes blend so nicely! Love all the cool-toned shades in this post x

    Beauty From Katie

  2. June 10, 2017 / 10:35 am

    Shari! Now you make me want to head to the nearest Shu Bar and make my own palette! Love your new look btw. 🙂

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