An Ultra HD Foundation You Can Wear Everyday

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HD Ready Everyday

A hardworking HD foundation that doesn’t feel like anything!
I know what you’re thinking — I must be crazy to even attempt to wear HD foundation everyday. Oh and not just high-def. Ultra high definition. I’m talking 4K-ready foundation, guys. But this foundation is a far cry from the professional grade options that feel like layers of concrete on the face clogging pores and subsequently causing skin sensitivities. Nope, none of that. This foundation, though professional-grade, is on a league of its own. Yes, I’m talking about Make Up For Ever’s HD foundation. It upgraded its “OG” formula that was loved and hoarded by many to this new thing of innovation we have now which is their Ultra HD Foundation.
While Make Up For Ever designed this new formula to address the 4K innovations in television and cinema work, it doesn’t mean that we, non-celebrity mortals, can’t use some of this magical stuff. Did you know that majority of smartphones launched in the recent years already feature cameras that use 4K technology as well? Yuh-huh. (You can shoot 4K videos with the iPhone 6S and Samsung S7, you guys).
This year, the brand took the Ultra HD range two steps further by introducing two new products to complete the Ultra HD 3-step routine to ultimate high-def coverage. 4K-ready for a selfie. We are living in the future, my friends.
blogseparatormakeup-forever-ultra-hd-4 mufe-skin-booster-serumblogsep-leftie

Step 1

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster
Make Up For Ever Skin Booster is the first ever serum developed by the brand. Wait, scratch that. It’s not just a serum. It’s a supercharged serum that promises to plump up skin by increasing its moisture by — take note — 527 percent. I don’t think I’ve a quantifiable way to back that up personally but I trust its army of moisturizing ingredients include hyaluronic acid, the argan oil extract, collagen boosters and the skin BFF vitamin E. Its texture is slightly thicker than water and may actually feel quite tacky on the skin freshly applied. But after a few minutes, it absorbs fully into the skin leaving it dry, matte and non-greasy. It’s even recommended to be left on for 15 minutes before applying the rest of your makeup so it could really seep into your skin. Also, allowing the serum to fully absorb means whatever comes next won’t be overly slick or greasy. Note, since this is a water-based serum, silicone-based primers may not work so well with this.
blogsep-rightiee make up for ever ultra HD foundation skin serum booster

Barefaced with just the Skin Booster Serum on

Oh my lord, this serum is amazing. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything so much from it given it’s a first from the brand and they’re pros on makeup and not skincare but wow. I definitely underestimated MUFE on this. While I credit my relatively okay skin to my nightly skincare regimen, the glow, smoothness and poreless-ness (WHAT PORES?) on these photos are from the Skin Booster serum. It made my skin appear waaaay smoother than it is and eliminated my bits of dry, flaky patches of skin. I usually have major redness around the sides of my nose but the serum eliminated most, if not all, of this redness! I use this as a base/primer for all my foundations now. Hooked.
makeup-forever-ultra-hd-3 make up for ever ultra HD foundation makeup-forever-ultra-hd-face-3 blogsep-rightiee

Step 2

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation
The Ultra HD Liquid Foundation aims to achieve that naturally flawless complexion — on and off camera. This revolutionary reworked foundation features uniquely-coated pigments that provide medium-to-buildable coverage with an even lighter weight than the original HD foundation. It remains undetectable under the latest, super-focused 4k cameras. The culprits? Amino acid-coated pigments that blur imperfections whilst providing translucent coverage. Hyaluronic spheres that hydrate and plump the skin, giving the feel of a silicone based formula without the disadvantages. Sericite, a fine grained mica that boosts microcirculation on the skin and adds light reflecting properties.
The foundation feels relatively thick when you first pump it out but once blended on the face, it is actually quite lightweight. This water-based foundation has this second-skin texture that, no kidding, looks just like skin but better. It covers and conceals lightly, though. Medium coverage, at best. The older formula offered more coverage but I did find it a bit cakey. But while it doesn’t have full coverage, it feels phenomenal on the skin as it’s very breathable and looks au naturale.
For those with marks, acne, pigmentation, they have the Ultra HD Concealer (which I don’t have but have tried in store) that will solve all your concealing woes. POWERFUL stuff, guys. It can conceal dark circles with just three dots. And it can fully cover and conceal acne and redness with the tiniest amount. I swear my darkest circles on the stuff.
blogsep-leftie make up for ever ultra HD foundation

It is real life Photoshop, you guys.

It wears a good 8 hours on my normal-dry skin before fading. Aside from how long it wears, I love how well it photographs which is its main selling point. This product is basically the real-life equivalent of the skin-smoothing feature in Photoshop or any beautifying apps. It makes contours appear more defined in pictures and adds a subtle radiance without looking greasy or overly dewy. In the photo above, I am wearing one full layer of the foundation. Just the foundation and the Skin Booster serum as my base products, nothing else. No concealer. I don’t even look like I’m wearing any foundation on, right? And I feel like it, too. This stuff is lightweight as lightweight could come. Definitely why I wore it comfortably for one week straight without any skin sensitivities!
makeup-forever-ultra-hd-5 blogsep-leftie

Step 3

Make Up For Ever Micro Finishing Loose Powder
The finishing touch that leaves your skin paper smooth and matte with a very subtle pearlescent radiance. The Micro Finishing Loose Powder isn’t totally new, it’s just been packaged in pressed form and has two new shades – banana and peach. I have the original translucent shade in loose format. This powder can be your best friend or your worst enemy (in flash photography as it does flash back). It’s white in form but appears translucent on the skin if applied properly. If you’re used to caking your finishing powder and even baking it, this is not the product to use. This is to be applied sparingly in a buffing motion as to smoothen out the skin and fill every nook and cranny for a flawless, matte finish. I swear, when I wear this, my skin is as smooth as bond paper. I literally can not stop touching my face and stroking it after I apply this.
blogsep-rightiee make up for ever ultra HD foundation FOTD coverage
Right photo: you’ll see a white cast on my left eye of the Micro Finishing Powder which I did not blend and buff out diligently.
Finally got the hang of doing the MUFE Ultra HD 3-step routine
This 3-step routine is the ultimate combination for a 4K-ready face. It’s been tried and tested under 4K lenses and TV screens and the results are impressive. Even the photographers I’ve worked with love the Ultra HD Foundation and are impressed by it because they have to do very minimal touch-up on their works. It is the only HD foundation I am willing to wear on a daily basis without the worry of clogging my pores or ruining my skin. The Skin Booster Serum has definitely gotten my attention, too as I am amazed at its instant hydrating, skin-plumping and radiance-boosting effects. These two are base products I would definitely repurchase as I found myself wearing them regularly. The Micro Finishing Powder, though, I’m not too keen on as I don’t like worrying about flashbacks in photos.
Have you tried anything from the Ultra HD range? Let me know your thoughts below! If you haven’t, share which product from the range you’re most keen on trying. PSA: The brand is now available for purchase ONLINE. Check their online store here.
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