How I Healthily Achieved My Dream Ash Brown Hair

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Hair coloring need not be damaging! Find out how.
I’ve been coloring my hair for more than 10 years now. WOW. Now that I’ve realized how long this love affair with hair color has been going on, I could only imagine the years of damage there. While I always prefer hair color of the ash family, there is just too much orange in our dark brown Asian hair that it’s almost impossible to achieve ash without pre-lightening it with bleachBleach, I know, the dreaded killer of strong hair. After trying it out once, I was left with badly damaged kinky hair that I refused to have any pre-lightening done after that experience. This is why much as I want to achieve my hashtag hairpeg that is light ash brown, I could never fully achieve it because I always opt out of bleach.
BUT! There is now a revolutionary product that addresses this major issue that concerns major hair color addicts like myself. Believe me when I say it’s revolutionary because this is truly life-changing, you guys! Full disclosure, this post is not in any way sponsored by the brand I’ll be sharing. I’m writing this to thank the salon, Design Studio, that introduced me to the scientific wonder. I just want to share this solution because I believe everyone should opt to use this when they go for any chemical treatments to bring their hair strength back to life.

Olaplex – the ultimate game changer

This game changer is called Olaplex. It is not your ordinary treatment where the outer part of your hair is masked with moisture to make it extra smooth, silky and fine lasting only a few days before the frizziness kicks back in again. Olaplex is different. Much different! Think of Olaplex as a turbo-charged conditioning and repairing treatment that repairs the disulfate sulfur bonds (big words but hang with me here!) within the hair structure. These disulfate bonds give our hair their elasticity and strength and are broken down by heat, colouring or other chemical treatments. Coloring your hair, for example, eats away at your hair’s protein reserves as it splits the sulfur bonds in the strands and gnaws away the hair protein. Olaplex links these bonds back together.
While most treatments are still needed to make your hair shinier and smoother on the outside, Olaplex is the holy grail, the only treatment in the world, that repairs the broken down bonds inside our hair strands. You can opt to have Olaplex as a standalone treatment to bring your hair back to life but the most wonderful thing about it too is that it can be (and should be!) mixed with any chemical treatment for simultaneous treatment, stopping any damage at the source. AMAZING, right? I can’t believe that in the history of chemical processes, this has only been discovered now. To add, Olaplex doesn’t wash out. Hair strength improves with every treatment! I vow to never go blonde or straight or curly without it.
Design Studio Salon
The sleek interiors and airy feel of the salon really makes you feel at home. Their chairs are all so comfy despite its ergonomic feel. Their plush chairs for rinsing and washing hair are so high-tech that they fully recline and can transform into a bed so there is zero discomfort!
I may or may not have fallen asleep in these Lazy boy seats while having my foot spa done before
The Hair Color Process
ash-brown-hair-salon-design-studio-2 top-hair-salon-makati-designstudio-hair-color
Chiara is a dentist by profession but educated herself on the science and technical knowledge of hair color. So she knows the ins, outs and in-betweens of everything about it. While I’ve heard about Olaplex before, it was only her who was able to explain to me what exactly it is!
Before starting, Chiara and her hairstylist will thoroughly check the hair condition and strategize on how to achieve the hair color target. They’ll be frank and tell you if it’s achievable or you’ll need more sessions. If your hair is very weak, no matter how much you’re willing to spend, they will not go through with any chemical treatments if it will further do damage to your hair. If only all hair salons were like this!
My dying, dead, needs to be treated for its dear life hair. Brassy, coppery, ugh. Just… you get what I mean.
To prove to you Chiara’s expertise on hair color, she explained to me the process of pre-lightening and how exactly to achieve my target ash hair through this color wheel.
Here is the magical~ Olaplex mixed in with bleach to start the pre-lightening process on my hair
While it may not seem like WHOA RESULTS! on this photo, the hair colored with Olaplex mixed in (left) is much stronger and less brittle, frizzy than the one colored without it (right). The results of Olaplex are internal, which means you can’t really see it outside and may still need moisturizing treatments for smoothness. But rest assured, your hair bonds inside are being repaired.
Pre-lightening with Olaplex
ash-brown-hair-salon-design-studio-24 top-makati-salon-olaplex-bleach
This is how pre-lightened hair with Olaplex looks like. This has bleach but look at how the strands appear stronger and less brittle. It even looks healthier than my “before” hair which was without bleach. Olaplex is magic, you guys. MAAAGIC.
It has to be mixed in with every bowl – hair color, bleach. When you need another bowl of hair color, you have to mix in Olaplex with it again to keep the treatment going.
ash-brown-hair-salon-makati ash-brown-hair-salon-design-studio-27
Hair peg achieved!
perfect-ash-brown-hair-peg3 perfect-ash-brown-hair-peg2
Design Studio Salon
I am so happy that I’ve finally, finally achieved this hair color I’ve been pining for for a long time now. Healthy colored hair. Wow. I never thought I’d be able to say that but yes, it is now possible! Olaplex is such a highly-sought after product that some salons are waitlisted because demand is overwhelming. Design Studio Salon orders their Olaplex straight from the US company – so rest assured their product is 100% original!
Design Studio is located at Arnaiz Metrobank Building, 908 Arnaiz Avenue in front of Greenbelt Residences. You may reach them at (02) 899 9977 for any inquiries or appointments. I’m sure they welcome walk-ins but they get pretty full on weekends (even weekdays!) so call ahead if you’re interested. Also, they have sufficient free parking in front of their salon.
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  1. March 30, 2017 / 5:01 am

    Your hair looks gorgeous! I’m basically the opposite and like a nice warm chocolate brown rather than an ashy one but ashy tones really suit you! xx

    Gemma Louise

  2. Mae
    April 24, 2017 / 5:09 pm

    How much did it cost?

  3. September 8, 2017 / 9:46 am

    Fantastic blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little
    lost on everything. Would you recommend starting with a free platform
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    are so many options out there that I’m completely overwhelmed ..
    Any ideas? Many thanks!

  4. Poula
    March 17, 2018 / 1:42 pm

    How much do u guys charge for mid length hair?

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