We Tried Hollywood’s Favorite Face Mask

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Weapon of Mask Destruction

Glamglow GravityMud Firming Treatment Mask
One of my favorite skincare treats is definitely facial masks. The instant gratification they give gets addicting. Sometimes, I even think of letting go of my skincare routine altogether and just do sheet masks every night (but I’m too much of a skincare junkie! Serums are life. LOL). You name it, I’ve tried it! Korean sheet masks like Leaders Insolution and Innisfree come in the top for my preferred sheet masks – economically-speaking. Other masks I’ve tried though are Shiseido’s Brightening and SK-II Treatment Mask. Expensive as hale to do on even a weekly basis but oh so worth it.
For wash-off masks, I’ve tried and will always recommend Origins. Ginzing Peel Off, Drink Up Intensive and Active Charcoal are my faves. But but but. This one right here – oh wow. You guys, I can’t even begin to share the excitement of finally being able to try the Mother of all Mud MasksGLAMGLOW.
Glamglow is the brand Hollywood celebrities swear by. One of their “dirty” (get it? mud?) little secrets especially for when they’re attending red carpet events and need that extra oomph. I learned from several makeup artists that dull skin can be seen right through the makeup. And not just that, some celebrities actually prefer wearing minimal makeup when going to such events and prefer their skin – their top-dollar Hollywood glow perhaps – to shine through.
And Glamglow masks are their ultimate weapon to achieve just that. Does it live up to the hype (and the price tag), though? My sister, Raiza, and I put it to the test.
glamglow-mud-mask-philippines glamglow-mud-mask-philippines-3
There is a heft to the jar! It’s quite a heavy tub.

Gravity Mud

Gravity Mud Mask is one of the newest additions to the Glamglow mask empire. This paint-on mask is housed in a hefty jar and comes with a matching mini brush (other Glamglow masks don’t come with this brush!). The texture is quite unique – it’s sticky and feels like melted marshmallow but looks like a pearlescent, futuristic version of Elmer’s glue. When applying, using the brush really helps. It’s not just a pa-cute add-on. Not only does it keep your hands clean but it also allows a more even and precise application. Since this mask is a peel-off, applying it in a really thick layer helps with easy peeling when the mask is dry. We tried to skimp on the product because we didn’t want to run out (!!) and had a hard time peeling it off.
The scent is also quite addictive. I love me my pina coladas which this mask exactly smells like. Definitely a plus that when I close my eyes, I’m instantly transported to the beach sippin’ cocktails while bedaubed with this. The mask stays on for a full 30 minutes! Definitely for those “kids-are-finally-asleep-time-to-get-my-bottle-of-wine-and-binge-watch-The-Good-Wife” nights.
Upon first application, there is a slight stinging after a few minutes. I guess this depends if your skin is used to exfoliants/peels/acids or not. While my sister and I do use exfoliants, they’re all on the mild side. We both experienced the slight stinging from this mask (which we loved because it means the exfoliants are working on our skin!). As the mask dries up, we felt a slight bit of tightening. During the 30-minute interval, we talked about how we didn’t want to expect too much from the mask as we might just be disappointed if we put all out hopes on the Glamglow hype.
These are all the active ingredients in this jampacked mask!
glamglow-mud-mask-philippines-a glamglow-mud-mask-philippines-10
It’s a pearlescent silver goo with specks of glitter embedded
glamglow-review glamglow-gravity-mud-mask-selfie-2

Believe the Hype

As we were peeling off the mask (which was quite the challenge because we didn’t apply evenly!), we were so amazed already. We were filming the whole thing and the glow of our skin in the camera screen was undeniable. It was smoother – as if we had a VSCO filter plastered on our face – and brighter. It was as if our skin was Photoshopped, only we weren’t wearing a stitch of makeup!! If there is ever an instant miracle in a bottle, for us, it would be this! My sister was experiencing a bad rage of hormones so her acne was flaring up, but after taking this mask session, her acne toned down. Both our blemishes and marks seemed to have diminished (or were blurred!) and our skin just looked really healthy, plump and flawless! Is that even possible?!
So yes, I guess you can call us believers now. We are officially Glamglow Gravity Mask converts. Can’t believe it took this long to finally experience the hype celebrities have been raving about. The only qualm is the price, which is expected from a silver mud youth elixir, right?
glamglow-mask-philippines glamglow-review-philippines
Have you tried Glamglow masks? How was your experience? We would love to hear!
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