The Most Stylish Airconditioners I’ve Seen

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Stylish Air Conditioner?

These new energy-saving options from Carrier are not eyesores!
With the blazing heatwave enveloping the city, it seems but normal to dream of locking myself at home and cranking up the air conditioner to Elsa’s kingdom levels. Sadly, Elsa didn’t need to worry about the power costs which keep us from turning this dream into a reality. This is why (excuse me if this comes out very Tita-sounding), I’ve always been on the hunt for the best air conditioner. Number one definitely is it has to be cost-effective. Imagine saving let’s say, just Php1,000 off of your electricity bill per month when you do switch to a more efficient aircon. In a year, it saves you Php12,000. That’s easily Php120,000 in 10 years.
I would want “The One” aircon to also cool easily and cover any large space with immediate effect. I would also appreciate it if it would clean itself (maybe a bit of a stretch here) or something along the lines of not being easily filtrated by dirt. I actually didn’t want Selene and Tristan to be aircon babies because sometimes, their allergies are sparked by the aircon. Lastly, it would not hurt if it looked sleek, modern, minimal or just not too industrial-looking a.k.a not a stand-out eyesore at home!
Though I’m not quite sure if that perfect air conditioner exists, I’m pretty impressed by the new models the Carrier brand has come out with in terms of modern and stylish air conditioner options. They’ve released two new series that will spruce up homes or offices in the most energy-efficient way. Style and function – who knew you could have both in an aircon? One of them even looks like a luxury lipstick given its sleek, minimal design which even swivels just like an electric fan. I couldn’t help but be windswept at its beauty during the press preview we attended in Aruga Hotel, Rockwell.
The preview launch by Carrier Philippines was held at Aruga Hotel in Rockwell.
Jenni Epperson shared her experience as Carrier’s brand ambassador. She showed us her beautifully renovated home where the new aircon styles fit in perfectly.
The New Models

Carrier X-Power 2

This is the usual floor mounted airconditioner but in a sleeker design in a much more modern design with its soft, rounded edges. It has a quick cooling performance that in just 6 minutes, air throw reaches up to 20 meters in distance. It has a high Energy Efficiency Ratio – which means it has low electricity consumption. Most importantly, the X-Power 2 has an Auto Shutter Design which prevents dirt and dust from getting inside the vents and cause buildup!
carrier-klarwind carrier-aircon-xpower-2

Carrier Klarwind

The Klarwind is one sexy air conditioner, you guys. It is shaped like a lipstick bullet and can easily be the newest “It” air conditioner in town. That’s not even the best thing yet. The beauty swivels! It has a 270-degree swivel head motion. It can definitely cool the room faster than you can say MAC’s newest collection is coming out. And of course, most importantly for a momma like me, it provides clean air with its 3-step filter system which has anti-bacterial, electrostatic and carbon filters that act like no other aircon. It acts as a purifier aside from being an air conditioner that dust, bacteria, fungi and all other allergens can be filtered out automatically. So aside from being the sexy, elegant-looking air conditioner that it is, it has superior functions along with it as well.
Who knew we were so interested in air conditioners?! All eyes and ears on deck! We even stretched the program time because of unending questions.
“I didn’t know moms are so interested in aircons!”
We had so many questions for the Carrier executive you would think we were talking about the latest trends in makeup or something less technical. Being the inquisitive moms, questions such as “Will the kids be able to tip the units over?”, “Is it silent enough to not wake my light sleeper of a baby?”, “Is it affordable enough to not make us bankrupt?” No hard questions left unanswered. And yes, these floor-mounted air conditioners are safe for kids as they can be mounted to a wall nearby as to assure stability. Also, it is silent enough compared to other air conditioners to not wake a fussy newborn.
However, it is not that affordable, it is quite expensive compared to other air conditioners ranging from Php80,000 upwards but the power consumption savings in the long run will make up for the additional cost you’ll incur upon initial purchase. Moreover, these models last a loooong time and are more durable than other units so there is no need to buy another aircon every so often! Also, Carrier has terrific customer service and will help install, repair or answer any inquiries quickly and efficiently.
With fellow inquisitive mommas Jackie Go, Sarah Tirona and Shen Lee Cala-Or
All in all, these new Carrier Slimpac air conditioners are well worth the investment if you are looking for new models – either for your homes or your businesses. Superior and powerful functionality, cost-effective consumption, resilient and durable, not to mention stylish – this is one of your best bets for a living space that sets a cool, healthy and clean tone for your home. Do note, it is important to have your space surveyed by one of their consultants so they recommend the best and most efficient unit and corresponding hP (horsepower) depending on room size, heat load, personal preference among others.
To add, Carrier also offers discounts to buyers who will trade in their old air conditioners to purchase new Carrier units. I’ve no idea how much the discount is but part of why Carrier is advocating this is so they can give us an environment-friendly approach to disposal of air conditioners especially those with HFCs that contribute to global warming. A very noble act which I support and applaud!
This post is in collaboration with Carrier Philippines. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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