The Legend of my Face Contour

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My Mom Me Time

Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic | BGC High Street
One of my favorite me-time activities is a trip to the dermatologist. Whether it’s for a full-on facial, a body scrub or contouring session, it always leaves me feeling recharged and rejuvenated after. As shallow or superficial that may sound to some, it means a great deal to a mom of two like me. It’s those little things and small pockets of time we get for ourselves that re-energizes and makes us more equipped to face the fun, crazy, emotional rollercoaster ride that is called motherhood. Haha!
Recently, one of my preferred treatments in the derma is the Pollogen Legend for facial contouring. The Pollogen Legend is a machine that uses non-invasive radiofrequency (what we commonly know as RF) technology for skin tightening and sculpting. It’s basically the real deal contouring which we cheat with makeup.
Without boring you with the technicalities, let me try to explain how RF works. RF delivers gradual energy to the skin, causing heat to build up where the skin and fat layer come together. The increasing heat modifies the collagen bundles deep inside the skin. Proteins lose structure due to, amongst other things, the application of heat. The “destruction” of collagen fibers causes them to contract and, because they believe they are undergoing a trauma, they start stimulating the growth of new collagen. This results in firmer, tighter skin. YES PLZ!

Dra. Kyla Talens

I’m currently doing a few sessions of Legend with Dra. Kyla Talens of Skin Philopsophie. Since my first consultation with Dra. Talens two years ago, I’ve been going to her for all my skin and face concerns. Her credentials are topnotch. She is a UK-trained doctor with a Master of Science in Clinical Dermatology degree from Cardiff University (a leading medical school in Wales and one of UK’s best teaching and research universities). After which, she attended Ramathibodi Hospital – Mahidol University, one of the top universities in Thailand, for further studies and training where she eventually received her Fellowship in Dermatologic Laser University. Medical dermatology combined with aesthetic medicine, I know I’m in good hands.
What’s more, Dra. Kyla personally consults with patients before they undergo any treatment. She makes sure that you’re qualified for the treatment or surgery you want before proceeding. If you’re undergoing any operation or surgery, she’ll have your blood levels, sugar levels, cholesterol, etc. checked by a doctor first before giving the go signal. If you’re not in peak condition, then she won’t operate and may instead offer an alternative. She’s not in the business to make a quick buck, which is what I commend the most. If for example, a treatment usually needs 8 sessions but you’ve achieved your goals with just 6, she won’t insist or allow you to go for more.
Dra. Kyla has opened another branch at BGC High Street (building where 2nd’s used to be)
The Treatment
This is my new BFF at the moment!

The process

It’s a fairly quick and painless non-invasive (meaning no surgery or operation!) procedure. They cleanse the area where you’ll be doing the Legend (it can be done on arms, thighs, face, stomach) before anything else. They then apply glycerin on the area to prep it for the treatment. It allows the RF to penetrate to the deep layers while protecting the epidermal layer from becoming overheated or harmed. Glycerin is widely used in the cosmetics industry as a safe and beneficial component. It also helps the device applicator glide comfortably over the skin and keeps it feeling cool.
Then the fun begins – the applicator is massaged through the area you prefer for a total of ten minutes. As the procedure progresses, the heat also intensifies. Through my understanding, you get the best results through the optimal combination of skin temperature (between 40° – 42° C) and exposure time. Once the required temperature is achieved, the goal is to maintain that temperature for a few minutes, depending on the reaction of the skin and the size of the treatment area. In a few cases, reaching the optimal temperature is sometimes accompanied by slight redness and swelling.
I personally find the heat tolerable but if the device stays on for a long time over an area, I beg off. The therapist checks the temperature with her non-contact infrared thermometer to monitor the heat as well. I also ask them to skip my cheek part as I like my cheeks chubby and full. So I only ask to treat the contour area, below the cheekbones up to the jaw line.
Side effects are minimal. Many individuals come in for treatment over their lunch hour, but there is a possibility of slight redness and swelling following the Legend treatment session. Typically, these symptoms are minimal and will disappear within two hours. In rare cases, a residual redness and swelling could persist for between 1 and 2 days, in which case soothing agents can be applied. Personally, I’ve never experienced swelling. My first session, I only had a slight redness afterwards that dissipated after 30 minutes or so.
These were taken a few weeks after I gave birth to Tristan
After the third session. More prominent cheekbones and jawline.
After the first session, I don’t think I saw much difference immediately. Although after a few days, that’s when I felt like I saw the results. My contour area was much more prominent, as well as my jawline. I’ve had five sessions so far and the results are outstanding! I’ve tried RF before in other clinics but they weren’t as effective as this. Turns out, the Pollogen Legend is the Mother of all RF machines. There are other RF machines like the mass-produced ones from China that aren’t FDA-approved (please, don’t go for those ever!). These are quite risky because they’re not regulated by any health body.
So yes, I’m continuing and will probably do two more sessions of Pollogen Legend to complete my treatment. I have to say too – I’ve absolutely no shame in sharing these procedures. I actually want to share these treatments so other moms, ladies and even men can be informed of these services (the process, the cost, the safety, etc. etc) should they get curious.
For those who might take this as me advocating getting surgery or not being content with our bodies/faces/skin, I say – we all have different ways of feeling beautiful and confident in our own skin. Yes, we should be content with what we are given but it is not a sin to want to feel more confident and to do something about it. Let’s all be less judgmental, noh? Do what makes you happy instead of putting others’ down because they don’t share the same philosophy as you. In the words of millenials nowadays, “You do you, girlfriend!
Pollogen Legend costs Php3,750 per session but they have a packaged rate of Php6,500 for 4 sessions (that puts it at Php1,625/session!). For more details, you may check out Skin Philosopie’s Facebook page here. You may also call/text them at this number 0917-8906800.
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