Mom Milestone: Selene’s First Bike Ride

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The First Bike Ride

… all the feels for this milestone!
I’ve dreamed of this motherhood stage a hundred and one times (probably more) with my heart pounding out of my chest every. single. time. This is because I got into quite the bike accident when I was 8. It had me walking back to my mom’s house with blood gushing from my two fractured teeth and busted gums (which left me seeing a string of dentists years after). That is why, my friends, I’ve been having nightmares prior to this fateful ‘first bike’ day that I’ve admittedly been delaying for a looooong time now (LOL). It was only through my friends’ initiative (Selene’s “best titas ever!” as per her) that Selene owning her very first ‘big girl’ bike has finally come to fruition.
alaska-powdered-milk-drink-philippines-taste4 alaska-powdered-milk-drink-philippines-taste6
Thank you so much to her Titas (my kabarkadas) for organizing and gifting Selene her first ever big girl bike!
She enjoyed ringing her bike bell too much (thanks Titas for getting her add-ons too! Pimp my Bike lang ang peg!)
This was a very special day for Selene as I’m sure this first bike ride experience will be part of her core memories (thanks for the info, Inside Out!). From waking up unusually early because she knows her Titas will pick her and I up to pick out her bike to actually riding it out and learning how to pedal, brake and ring the bell. It was like her energy was unlimited throughout that day that the Titas and I couldn’t keep up! It wasn’t often that a lot of Titas visited so she took advantage and played ball with them as well – football, catch, you name it. My ultimate concern, though, was Selene’s body. It was her first time stretching and busting out those muscles nonstop all afternoon. I was afraid she’d wake up the next day in pain because of the soreness!

Milking it

The next day, I was surprised to find out she didn’t experience any soreness. To think her first bike ride experience was uphill. The street we were biking on was uphill and she went back and forth numerous times! I told my mom I was surprised Selene didn’t experience any kind of pain despite the strenuous activities (she was extremely tired that she was crying and fussing in her sleep that night!). She said it’s because Selene has strong bones and muscles from drinking milk. MILK! Flashbacks flooded in – of when I was a little girl and our mom made sure we had a cup of milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner accompanied with “It’s for your bones!”, “It’s for your eyes!”, “It’s for your skin!”, “It’s for your teeth!” explanations.
True enough, I’ve seen those effects on Selene. She has boundless energy, she has smooth skin (people always tell us Selene has such soft skin despite her unli-mosquito bites), she has strong teeth and most recently proven, she has strong bones and muscles!
No wonder Selene has all these – she is a huge milk drinker. However, she’s quite picky and doesn’t like the taste of any other powdered milk I’ve had her try (we’ve tried at least 4 brands already). Until now. I had her help me make a cup of Alaska Powdered Milk Drink for her to taste (recording in video her first taste test!) and (THANK HEAVENS!) she liked it. Usually her qualms would be that the powdered milk would still have powder bits in it or that it’s not “milky” (she means creamy, probably) and not sweet. I asked her to tell me how she finds the Alaska Powdered Milk and these are her comments – “it’s good and sweet!“, “it tastes like milk! milky!“, “SO SARAP“.
Do watch the video below to see how she reacted to the taste test experiment we did.
alaska-powdered-milk-drink-philippines-taste alaska-powdered-milk-drink-philippines-taste2  

The Taste Test Challenge

Selene tries Alaska Powdered Milk
This is the original video which prompted Selene to want to do the Taste Test challenge too! But with blindfold, LOL!
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