Beauty and her Bag: Kylie

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Kween Kylie

a.k.a Amihan, Keeper of the Air Gem
I had no idea what to expect from Kylie going in for our interview. But mostly, a part of me feels like she’s a Regina George ala Mean Girls with her flawless complexion, striking stare, wavy long locks and overall outer appearance (first impressions lang since of course, I don’t know anything about her yet). I felt intrigued and more excited to be able to pick her brain on the seemingly mundane topic of beauty. Her love for beauty things, though, is no secret. Among the four Encantadia ladies, she’s most known for her compulsive ‘makeup hoarding‘. But throughout the interview, I learned a lot about Kylie – from both the things she did and did not say. One thing’s for sure though, she ain’t no Regina George in the inside.

The Keeper of Air with no such air

The day of the interview, Kylie came in flashing her high-wattage smile but seemed less enthused than I was expecting. Turns out, as one of her managers told me – she had been filming for almost 24 hours already – with a few breaks in between. I later learned that they even shot some high-intensity fighting scenes during that day so I could not imagine the tiredness she must’ve felt. I wanted to beg off when I found out she was resting for a while before the interview (just so she could sleep some more) but I was told Kylie will push through with the interview still. If she were even a tiny bit of Regina George, I think she could’ve cancelled that interview in a snap of her finger. ‘Cos hello, let’s face it, I’m not even anyone important in the press or showbiz world that she has to oblige to.
Truth bomb number one: this girl is no diva. It’s such a breath of fresh air to talk to celebrities like Kylie whose feet remain planted in the ground but have wings that soar high up and above when needed. Her character in Encantadia, Amihan the Keeper of Air, is a fearless, independent woman who values her family above all – which is why she was chosen to be crowned the next Queen of her kingdom instead of Pirena. In real life, I truly felt this vibe from Kylie. She is fearless, oh yes – she isn’t the typical showbiz celebrity to play coy and be ‘plastic‘ with you. In plain speak, she’s very palaban – even wrote an open letter to a writer who supposedly said mean things about her. Like her onscreen character, Kylie will also defend her family no matter what circumstances.
Much much respect to this woman. Despite being the daughter of Robin Padilla, she has no sense of entitlement whatsoever. She doesn’t sit on her laurels and wait for things to be handed to her. She auditioned for Encantadia ready and roaring to take on any character. Her Muay Thai training with her dad since she was just a little girl helped her strongly for the role as a warrior – where they all have to perform arnis and other martial arts mixed in. In the words of her dad, “She’s the real deal Sang’gre. She really knows how to fight.”
dsc06276 kylie-padilla-beauty-secrets-9b

The Real Kylie

She’s a poet. Another side of Kylie I saw was her love of the arts. She writes poems which she sometimes shares on social media. “I‘m not good with expressing my emotions in person which is why I write. And it is through these poems that I’m able to articulate my feelings.” She usually writes her poems on her phone Notes while she writes down her thoughts and observations in life in a separate notebook – which is like her diary. She’s also a huge bookworm. Currently, she’s reading Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet – which was given to her as a surprise gift by Mikee Quintos who plays her onscreen daughter Lira.
She loves her ‘utilitarian’ bag. If Glaiza prefers a tote bag, Gabbi carries a trendy backpack, Sanya dons a small shoulder bag, Kylie is all about her boxed utilitarian bag. It kind of looks like a makeup artist bag or a huge lunchbox enough for 10 baons. “I know others are into nice-looking, even expensive and branded bags, but I’m just not for them.” She adds with a giggle, “Things break around me so I need something that’s really sturdy.’
She loves matte lipsticks! When Kylie Jenner came out with her Kylie Lip Kit, I was like, what? Annoying! That should’ve been me! Haha!”, she jokingly says. “I love matte lipsticks kasi talaga ever since and I wanted to make my own line even before.” Check out below to see just how many liquid matte lipsticks she carries. Asked about her most recent makeup purchase, “It’s The Balm matte liquid lipstick. Yup matte na naman!
Super simple skincare routine. “I take off my makeup first with baby oil. Then I tone, then moisturize. That’s it. Really, it’s just water and sleep… which is hard to get. Haha!
Inner peace and contentment. Asked about a beauty tip her mom gave her, she gushes at how gorgeous she thinks her mom (Liezl Sicangco) is and how she doesn’t need any makeup at all. “But one thing I learned is you have to have inner peace or something like that. ‘Cos when you’re not feeling okay, it shows in your eyes. They’re dull and blank, you can see right through them. But when you’re happy and most importantly content with what you have, the glow is there, the eyes sparkle and most importantly you feel good about yourself.” Boom. Truth bomb number two.
kylie-padilla-skincare2 kylie-padilla-skincare3
Let’s check out what’s in her bag…
kylie-padilla-beauty-secrets-10b kylie-padilla-beauty-bag-1

Makeup Junkie

Trivia: Kylie does her own makeup for Encantadia. Wow. In her world, almost all stars have their own “glam squad”, but not Kylie. She can do her own glamming up herself – save for a hairstylist who does her hair for the show. During low key days a.k.a no taping or just chill days, “Lipstick lang!” is her go-to look. “I like experimenting with different shades. I’m not afraid to go bold or dark.” Currently, she is in the nude-brown stage ala Kylie Dolce K. She also prefers lip liners too for when she has no time to retouch the whole day. “A lip balm is also a must for me because liquid mattes usually tend to dry my lips. Like, cracking dry.”
That day, she was carrying six (SIX!!!) liquid matte lipsticks, my friends. Kylie Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Anastasia, Colourpop, Lime Crime and her most recent purchase, The Balm. Her top choices include Kylie, Jeffree Star and Anastasia because “they’re the least drying“. She quips, “I’ve also been told that The Balm’s liquid lipstick is one of the best so I can’t wait to try this – I just bought it the other day.”
Inside her utilitarian bag as welll – the book Dirty Pretty Things, which she mentioned above and her notebook which acts like her diary. The makeup she uses for the show is in altogether different case which she didn’t take along for the interview. I know guys, how glorious that kit must have looked like. Maybe next time?
Last photo from Rappler
Overall, Kylie’s personality is so refreshing. She has a boyish side which she says comes from her childhood when she and her dad used to do what were traditionally deemed as “boy stuff” – sports, martial arts, firing. But she also has her ‘kikay’ side as evidenced by her love for makeup. She’s strong, independent (she lives in her own condo here in Manila) and will not take any bullsh*t. And yet despite her fighter spirit, she’s also an old soul underneath – drawn to the arts, literature and film. Add to that, she’s not afraid to be alone – to be left on her own and write in solitude. Even if she were indeed a Regina George through all these, I think I’d still be a big fan.
Catch Kylie Padilla as beautiful Amihan on Encantadia every weeknights on GMA!
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  1. December 14, 2016 / 2:45 pm

    How does she still look fresh after 24 hours of taping??? I love Kylie’s beauty 🙂

  2. January 2, 2017 / 6:07 pm

    OMG we both love books and makeup ♥ She’s also a lippie junkie! She really looks like a wonderful person. Simple yet with elegant beauty.

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