The Ultimate Mom Christmas Gift

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Mom’s Dream Come True

…. a sleek-looking fan that cleans the air and then blows it back out for cooling!
After becoming a mom, I realized that my list of fears grew a thousand fold. One of those ultimate fears is my children getting sick. I’ve already shared our dengue experience a while back (which was heartbreaking!). But besides that major illness, we’ve recently been in and out of our pediatrician’s clinic because Selene has had this prolonged cough that just won’t go away. Our pedia has officially ruled it as a result of allergies. At first, I refused. “But Doc! We clean almost everyday now. Kulang na lang we change our sheets and beddings everyday as well!” Until we finished two kinds of medicine for cough… to no avail. More than a month of coughing, I finally resigned to the fact that it truly is an allergic reaction.
I bought air purifiers (if you guys follow me on Snapchat, you would’ve seen how committed I was to the thing!) and turned it on every night as we slept. While it did reduce her coughing, it never fully went away. So then, back I went to our pediatrician and asked her why we couldn’t get rid of the damn cough. I learned quite a lot from that consult. Turns out, major indoor air pollutants include gases from cooking and central heating, mould, pet hair, pollen and all other allergens. They are invisible to the naked eye so no matter how immaculate your home is, you won’t be able get rid of these allergens  – as they are ultra-fine and travel easily through the air at home.
Apart from Allergy 101 from our pediatrician, Dyson Philippines also schooled us on some facts about potential allergens in our homes (which I had no idea about!). For one, I didn’t know that the air pollution inside our homes can be up to 5 times worse than the air outside because we seal our homes too much (opening windows and letting air in is recommended!). Also, many of these potential allergens begin their lives inside our homes (!!!) and we live with these microscopic parasites everyday without knowing. HU. HU.
Typical allergens include mould, pollen, dust mites and pet dander. But aside from these, scented candles (NOOOOO my ultimate guilty pleasure), antiperspirant deodorants and household cleaning materials and products contribute to very poor air quality. So what’s a mom to do, right? I mean, how in the world do I kill those smaller-than-microscopic allergens that pollute the air and make my Selene coughing, runny nose and all? Thankfully, the folks at Dyson have solved the problem… and it’s not just your ordinary, next-door air purifier. It’s a beast. A beast and yet a beauty of a machine all in one, friends.
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Dyson Pure Cool Link

This new innovation from Dyson called the Pure Cool Link is the ultimate gift for clean freak moms like me. The bladeless technology is another mom godsend as it removes all risk of injuries like my children’s fingers getting cut off (I know, such a gruesome thought but all moms fear this!) with fast-spinning blades. The modern, stylish, sleek and eye candy design is just a big big plus which I appreciate quite a lot, especially since my sister’s interior design enthusiasm have rubbed off on me. The name itself already tells you what to expect from the product – PURE. COOL. LINK. Let me run through each of its qualities quickly.


It purifies the air inside our homes as it automatically removes 99.95% of indoor allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. 0.1 microns, people! Most purifiers can only catch up to 2.5 microns but Dyson can capture even the most miniscule, invisible to the naked eye particles. To be even more technical about it, the Dyson filter uses a unique 360-degree HEPA filter and borosilicate fibers which are super compacted so they trap in the tiniest allergens. Pollen, spokes, smoke, dust and other irritants.
The filter also has activated carbon, which you may also find in range hoods, to trap any chemicals in the air removing smells and other pollutants. Aside from thisthe purifier is also capable of intelligent purification. There are sensors inside the machine that can detect air quality at home, which you can see on your phone through an app (more on this later). The filter is replaceable and can last up to one year if used for 12 hours every day.


It’s a fan so it cools any room as it’s supposed to – but sans the blades. Also, it’s not just a fan – it’s an air multiplier. After it traps the pollutants and purifies the air, it blows it back out tenfold so it’s much cooler than most fans. It has long-range projection to circulate the air across a spacious room. What’s also great about the fan is it has the Quiet Mark seal which measures the world’s most quiet products. Also, the fan is engineered for night-long purification and cooling so if you’re looking to save up on electricity costs, this is a great investment.
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The Link part of this fan refers to its genius app connectivity. Basically, you can connect your fan (which has built-in wifi) to the Dyson Link app (you can download in App Store and Play Store) and control the fan from anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to wifi. The app shows you immediately if the air quality in the room where the fan is in is Poor, Fair, Good. After a week of using, you can already see the days and time when air quality is poorest and schedule purifying at that time. Aside from this, the app also works as a remote so you can change the settings, turn on oscillation, etc. using the app. We are officially living in the Jetsons era, friends. App-controlled electric fan, who knew?
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Selene is the biggest fan of this fan! She was even more ecstatic than me in opening and using it immediately.
Final Thoughts
If you have kids at home who suffer from allergies, asthma or any respiratory illnesses, this Dyson Pure Cool Link fan might just be the most effective long-term treatment for them. Selene’s allergies lessened every day until they eventually went away – I barely hear her coughing anymore! At first I thought maybe it was placebo effect but even Selene herself told me she’s so happy she’s not coughing anymore. Also, we’ve saved up on electricity because for cool nights, we don’t turn on our air-conditioner anymore in place of this fan. It really cools the whole room quite well! I also love that it removes the ‘amoy luto‘ smell effectively and quickly when we’re cooking. Most importantly, I appreciate the app connectivity where I’m shown an instant reading and a visual chart of what it’s been doing all day when left in automatic mode. The beautiful, sleek design is just the icing on the cake, really.
*In collaboration with Dyson Philippines
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