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Duty Free Shopping at Subic

A trip down memory lane…
Subic brings back so many childhood memories. My dad was in the military so when he was stationed in Subic, we would always go and visit. Apart from that, we had numerous school field trips in this city because it’s far enough to be located outside of Manila but not too far for a day trip. Subic also serves as a quick beach getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Metro. There are a row of beach resorts to visit up there if you’re bored with the Southern options at hand. But most importantly, my favorite thing about Subic is it’s a freeport zone meaning tax free shopping, my friends!!!
One of the most prominent duty free shops I’ve always remembered going to is Royal Duty Free Subic. Not only are the assortment of chocolates (because major sweet tooth here) the most diverse, they also have a wide variety of products from food to non-food. Most duty free shops only carry grocery items but Royal Subic has home, appliances, clothing, accessories, toys as well. I remember their promotions where my mom would even hoard items because they’re majorly discounted with a ‘Buy One Take One’ promo going on as well (that’s apart from already being tax free!). Going home with items you knew weren’t available in the local supermarkets and department stores was such a novelty then – it was though you went abroad!
Starting today, November 4 until November 8 — they are celebrating their anniversary with a bang. Aside from the ongoing promotions and tax-free shopping, they are slashing off their prices even more!! I foresee one crazy, shopping day at their two branches you guys. Allow me to take you on a quick tour around the Palm Avenue branch so you could see just a few of the things I found while reminiscing through the halls of this massive duty free shop… It may just be well worth the visit if you’re planning on Christmas shopping!
royal-subic-duty-free-32 royal-subic-duty-free-3
Meat me at the Deli
One of my favorite sections in the supermarkets is the deli. Let it be known that I am a huge charcuterie and cheese fan. I can live on these alone. Sadly, I find that these are quite overpriced in Manila so I rarely ever buy more than a pack or two. Their selection of Italian cured meats by Fratelli Beretta is more varied than the ones here in Manila, they have individual packs of prosciutto. Managed to grab a block of manchego cheese for $2 as well – one of my favorites!
royal-subic-duty-free-ph royal-subic-duty-free-11 royal-subic-duty-free-7
I can spend hours in a duty free if left unattended.
The cheapest seedless grapes I’ve ever seen, bow.
Most of the customers in Royal are Koreans because the city’s population is actually 70% Koreans.
Fresh off-the-pot vegetables and herbs. Goal in life; grow my own herbs and veggies. Soon.
This duty free has all the drinks you could possibly think of. Shasta Cola?! I haven’t seen in this drink in forever. Love that they carry the limited edition Sprite cans that have quotes from different artists in their packaging. They have Cream Soda in vintage-looking bottles, Sommer natural juices, Ginger beer, organic ginger beer (!), Ruby Kist are among the few options available.
royal-subic-duty-free-ph5 royal-subic-duty-free-ph4royal-subic-duty-free-drinks royal-subic-duty-free-ginger-beer
Wild. I am not a fan of ginger at all but I’m curious as to how this tastes like!
Shari & The Chocolate Factory
My major sweet teeth (yes teeth!) were jumping for joy while I was walking down this section. I love discovering new brands of chocolate and trying out different flavors. Royal Duty Free has a lot. And I mean a lot. We spent a good 15-20 minutes just in this section alone because we were so enamored with all the new choices! The Chuao brand in particular – while available in Manila, the flavors are limited. Here, they carry almost all the flavors! It was so hard not to take one (or two. or three) of each!
royal-subic-duty-free-ph2 royal-subic-duty-free-14
Isle of Choco. An island I wouldn’t mind being left alone in.
The biggest Maltesers my eyes have ever seen
royal-subic-duty-free-ph3 royal-subic-duty-free-20
Nope, I’m not being paid by Chuao for this post haha! I’m just really a chocolate lover. We tried the Potato Chip, Popcorn Pop, Honeycomb, Smores and Salted Chocolate Crunch. LOVED THEM ALL.
What’s some chocolate without Starbucks? Their Hot Cocoa comes in a variety of flavors – salted caramel, marshmallow, peppermint.
The most assorted Pringles collection I’ve ever seen. Screaming Dill Pickle flavor, anyone?
One of my favorites. I can eat a bag of this in one sitting. Don’t judge. Hoarded this because I can’t find it easily in Manila.
Halloween-themed Jelly Belly for Seleney. She loves doing the Jelly Bean challenge which she watches on Youtube.
Random Finds!
Lisa Frank brings back gradeschool memories!!! I remember Tickles being filled with all these Lisa Frank things and I spent all my saved allowance on stickers. Now, I’m already into giant mugs like the one on the right for my daily dose of caffeine.
Paul Frank flavored lip balms – pizza, burger, french fries, green apple. Take your pick!
This Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo is the bomb. It’s a clarifying shampoo to rid your scalp of all the residue esp if you use dry shampoo, hair spray and other hair products that build up. The Pantene shampoo on the right is made specifically for Relaxed Hair. Don’t think I’ve seen these two in any supermarkets or drugstores yet.
Bedsheets, duvet covers – this is how I roll now. Nothing like fresh new sheets and pillowcases to perk me up from a long, tiring day. Am I the only one who gets super excited when the sheets are new?
royal-subic-duty-free-29 royal-subic-duty-free-40b
Okay, so it looks like we just shopped for snacks. I promise there are healthy things we grabbed as well. Veggies and fresh meat were under the cart, too! Haha #Defensive
royal-subic-duty-free-41 royal-subic-duty-free-42
Royal offers a free point-to-point shuttle ride within Subic for all its guests! So convenient.

November 8

Save the Date
If a trip to Subic is calling out to you, don’t forget to drop by at Royal Duty Free’s anniversary. It will be one crazy day – maybe even get someone to stand in line while you shop because I’m sure the lines will be insane. I forgot to mention – they also have full-blown Lacoste Boutiques inside their stores! They are the direct franchisees of these boutiques – which means they aren’t under the SSI group. They have the complete range of products including Lacoste Live. Did I say they were at dollar prices sans the tax? You have one week to prepare, friends. See you there!
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  1. Cherry Lou Almarez Felicitas
    November 4, 2016 / 10:43 am

    I visited the store way back year 2014 I think, when I accompanied my daughter on her school filed trip where they visited the Zoobic Safari. Nikki was sick and feeling dizzy that time and had to stay inside the bus, I prefer to stay home but she insisted to come because she don’t want to miss the excitement travelling together with her friends even though she had a fever. When I entered the Royal Duty Free I was really overwhelmed when I saw the chocolate sections (I Love Chocolates a lot!!) , and the freshly baked breads, oh the smell of it and their aroma, cant get over it. I saw lots of imported items, but I wasn’t able to stay longer and explore inside the store, I was thinking about Nikki all the time, because shes constantly vomiting and I was so worried. But I really enjoyed buying, because of the convenience and wide selections of products and items you can choose from.. If I had the chance Id visit the store again, hopefully soon….. Take care Miss Shari best regards to Selene and Tristan XOXOXO

  2. Monaliza Valencia
    November 4, 2016 / 5:44 pm

    Thanks for the tip Ms. Shari kaso mejo malayo yang Subic tsaka wala kmeng car. Sayang yung sale. Hehehe.

  3. chlowerrr
    January 10, 2017 / 12:10 am

    Hi! Thank you for sharing your tips. If you would not mind, may I ask if they are accepting credit cards?

  4. Jesss
    March 19, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    Hi Ms. Shari, where did you get your vest? Really really liked it 🙂

  5. Rosalyn
    September 11, 2017 / 3:22 am

    I am going home to the Philippines which is the best & cheapest hotel to stay in subic & I’ve heard Nivea Balesin I think u should be a member guess that’s for d elite🤣

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