My Guerlain Haul from Sephora

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Guerlain Beauty

… is now on Sephora Philippines!
I’ve been obsessing over Guerlain again recently (see here and here) so this news is very timely! Guerlain has rolled out its new collection in Sephora and I can not be any happier – especially since online shopping really does me in! I’ve been sent a beautifully-curated package – things I would actually pick out myself. Another eyeshadow palette (one of my most-loved from the brand!) from the Fall 2016 collection, another shade of their famous Meteorites pearlescent balls, an everyday La Petite Robe Noir shade for matte-lip rest days and these two I’m most in need of — a savior for my dry, chapped, wounded lips and a skincare hero with a secret formula to help recover from lack of sleep. I believe this would be my first time to try Guerlain skincare so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is an understatement.

L’Heure de Nuit Eyeshadow Palette

Again, as I said over and over already — one of my favorites from the brand is definitely their eyeshadow range – their quads, in particular. They’ve replaced the quads with quints though – and I love this idea! An extra shade never hurt nobody. L’Heure de Nuit is the newest addition to my growing collection and it’s more of the cool-toned greys that are perfect for a sexy night time look. What I like about this quint is – since I can not blend my eyeshadows like a pro to save my life that if I were to use all-metallic eyeshadows, I would be left with one glitter-bomb of an eye. Great if I’m going for a Vegas-themed showgirl look, damn son if I’m going for a subtle smokey eye look. That’s why I strongly believe – just one matte couldn’t be so wrong!

The Shades

The first shade is a satin light champagne beige with silver and gold microshimmer. I’m a sucker for very light shades such as these because they make for such a great highlighting, eye-opening tool. Sometimes, I even use these shades as my cheek highlight. Second shade is a satin cool-toned light grey, which leans light blue in pan but more silver when swatched. This swatched very beautifully, great payoff, smooth, velvety and almost buttery to the touch. This was very easy to blend as well!
Third shade is another cool-toned light gray (but darker than the first) with matte finish. This didn’t have such good pay-off as the first two, it took around 2.5 layers to be pigmented and even. However, I think this would do well as a ‘transition’ shade for blending which shouldn’t be overly pigmented in the first place. It won’t adhere to the lids easily so a primer would be best if you were to use this shade. The fourth shade is a medium-dark gray with silver shimmer. I love this shade but I find it quite patchy to apply, huhu. Again, a primer would solve this dilemma but since most of the time, I’ve been skipping eye primer because lazy and always in a rush. Lastly, the dark grayish black matte shade. It’s my ultimate ‘outer-v shade’ for a smokey eye. As a matte, I find it lacking in pigment but I like that it can be blended very easily unlike most dark blacks/greys.
Overall, I find the color story on this palette perfect for a ‘subtle smokey‘ look that can go from day to night. It’s not overly pigmented nor too dark that you’d look too fierce. I also observed that these 5 shades had minimal to no fallout at all. Pigmentation isn’t bold but buildable and they’re all very easy to blend, which for eyeshadow noobs and mommas on-the-go like me, is worth everything.

Coral Collar La Petite Robe Noir

My first La Petite Robe Noir lipstick is quite a fail because the shade I chose was too close to my lip shade that it looked like I just wiped oil on my lips instead of wearing a tinted balmy lipstick. The La Petite range is very hydrating and moisturizing range that has sheer to buildable coverage depending on the shade. They glide smoothly onto the lips sans any pulling or dragging. It acts like a smooth veil on the lips similar to applying a tinted lip balm. The formula is lightweight but provides lips with instant moisture thanks to its composition of fine oils.
To be honest, I wondered if the price of this is worth it. But I’ve splurged on Dior Lip Glows before (not even a tinted lip balm, just a lip balm LOL) and this one is well worth it as most tinted lip balms I’ve tried are so tacky that I can’t even bother letting them sink in – I wipe off after a few minutes. This one feels very comfortable on, except I can’t figure out if I like its sweet taste or not when I accidentally lick my lips. LOL!

Meteorites in Medium

I’ve had one can of these world famous ballz for years now and let me tell you, I don’t know how you could ever need one more. They will never ever get used up! Maybe if you use it everyday… on the whole neighborhood. And the neighborhood after that. I’m sure those who have more than one probably just buy them for collection purposes (which I won’t judge you for because these are pretttty~). What made me go over that line of getting just one is the fact that I was getting bored of using my first which was Teint Rose. Yes, I love the subtle barely-there-but-its-there-I-swear-I-tell-you glow but I wanted something more (right, as if I could tell the difference and that more would be seen).
This is a reformulated version of the pearls as well – which I wanted to try ‘cos what I have is the old version. This Guerlain Meteorites Pearls in Medium is a nude harmony of balls (NUDE? BALLS? I can’t wait to see the look of Google users coming here and wanting to see something else other than Guerlain LOL) containing beige and champagne pearls to naturally reflect light and even the complexion, along with peach pearls to add a unique glow to the skin. Hmmm, wonder what kind of unique glow indistinguishable peach looks like?
I know, I make fun of myself a lot because of these balls but I swear to you, there is a beautiful glow that these seemingly innocuous-yet-overpriced balls give off. Something you won’t be able to detect, but it’s there. The blurring effect this does to your skin is the most tangible thing you can witness, but other than that, just trust the glow. Ha ha!
guerlain-meteorites-sephora-philippines guerlain-meteorites-sephora-philippines-2

Super Lips

I’ve used this Guerlain Super Lips Lip Hero ONCE and I was sold for its moisturizing and hydrating properties. My mom is a huge fan as well and we are currently alternating usage of this lip savior. It has an incredibly rich and hydrating formula containing grapeseed extract. Upon  Super Lips Lip Hero my lips become instantly soft, smooth and plumped. It is quite glossy, though. I would want it more balmy and less glossy, TBH. I wish they could come out with a creamy moussey formula because even though the gloss in this isn’t sticky at all, there are just times I don’t want to have glossy lips. The formula for moisturizing though is so effective! All the dryness and flakiness of my dead lips were removed instantly.

Midnight Secret

The Guerlain Midnight Secret‘s formula is its Hydronoctine complex which is a balanced cocktail of eight ingredients which work in synergy to mimic the restorative effects of sleep. One of the main ingredients, Gingko Biloba, stimulates microcirculation and promotes detoxification for speedier recovery. Skin fuel skyrockets as a result of using this. Scent is a mixture of lavender and tonka bean known for their energizing and calming effect. Lavender scent is quite strong at first, but dissipates after application. I’ve yet to see results because I’ve only been using this for days only but let’s see. I’ll share my results of this soon!
Get them on Sephora!
I got these from because nothing like online shopping to burn the midnight oil. LOL! Check out Guerlain’s newly-added collection on their site. They deliver so quickly too which addresses my delayed gratification issues. Hahaha!
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