Beauty and her Bag: Glaiza

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a.k.a Pirena, Keeper of the Fire jewel
Out of the four leads of the new Encantadia, Glaiza de Castro is the actress I know of the most – as she has been in the showbiz industry for almost 15 years now. I first spotted her in a youth-oriented show back then with Heart Evangelista. From then on, she has starred in countless movies – both mainstream and independent – as well as numerous TV shows. Little did I know — Glaiza is also a singer, songwriter and producer. At the moment, she does gigs with her band when she’s not taping for Encantadia or any of her projects. I swear, I don’t know how this woman does it! Does she even sleep?
As Glaiza walked in on the interview room that day, she had on a very straight face. Turns out, she was just about to film a scene that demands a villainous bitchessa attitude. For those who don’t watch the show, Glaiza plays Pirena – the Fire Keeper, the eldest sister who led a rebellion against the Kingdom because she wanted to be Queen. Before our interview, she was reading through her script and internalizing the role which she believes is quite a challenge – because not only does she play a villainous character, it requires the skill to act in a manner befitting an epic-fantasy show.
I asked her, “off camera, are you anything like your character?” not knowing her character is a villain, a bipolar one even (she stated in a previous interview), who’d do anything to get what she wants. “In terms of being the Keeper of Fire, I am fiery when it comes to things I am passionate about. Fire is a symbol for a few things — passion, love, will, determination — and I do have all those in me when the need arises for them. So yes, I am quite like my character sometimes.” Hearing her talk about Pirena, you could see the light in her eyes, how the role challenges her at the same time inspires her to better her craft. Physically too, she is challenged by the fighting scenes that being a Sang’gre entails. They had to undergo arnis training and endure the pain of their fight choreography.
What she’ll be taking away from Encantadia though – apart from some arnis-induced bruises – is the bond that all four of them formed while taping the show. She, Gabbi, Sanya and Kylie – despite their different personalities – have really gotten to know each other well that they really feel like they’re sisters in real life. They call her “Ate Glaiz” on set and look up to her when it comes to acting.
dsc06126 glaiza-de-castro-bag2
What are three items you won’t leave your house without (apart from your phone)? Wallet, charger and perfume.
Share your off-duty no-taping work look. Sa totoo lang, hindi talaga ako mahilig sa makeup. Since we get fully made up on the show almost everyday, I find it refreshing when I have days that I don’t need to put makeup on. So yeah, I don’t wear makeup when I’m not taping. Laidback lang talaga ako. I don’t even have any makeup sa bag ko! Hehe. Well, except for this tinted lip balm from Burt’s Bees kasi I have dry lips.
What’s your signature scent? My friend gifted me this perfume, Hierbas de Ibiza perfume, which I’ve been using since I got it. Medyo citrusy siya which I like, not too girly or sweet.
glaiza-de-castro-bag glaiza-de-castro-bag4
How do you remove all the gunk on your face at the end of the day? Baby oil lang! I use makeup remover sometimes pero I’m so tired at the end of the day and baby oil removes makeup easily.
What’s your skincare routine then? I really remove my makeup agad after pack-up. As in linis talaga so when I get home, I do my Korean face masks. Slimy siya because it’s packed full of the skincare ingredient but super effective niya for me. I really like hoarding face masks when I can! Plus, refreshing and relaxing siya so at the same time it’s perfect for unwinding after work.
Any beauty advice? SLEEP! Sleep is not overrated. It really is the best thing for the body. It recharges, refuels and reenergizes. As much as I can, I really try to get enough sleep when I can especially when I’m not taping or working.
“Actually this is not a bag. This is a supot!
“Uy I don’t bring my passport everyday with me ha. Sakto lang that I had to renew mine kanina kaya dala ko siya dito ngayon. Hehe.” Also, she says, “I sometimes bring a real bag, not a supot like this tote bag, pero pag medyo tamad ako, I just use this tote bag and put everything I need in it.” I googled Rough Trade and found out that they’re a group of independent record shops in the UK and the US headquartered in London. Glaiza’s love for music is evident in the littlest things – like her tote bag. As well as her iPhone case, which reveals that she also is a KPOP fan (her case features Big Bang). Most of the items she carries with her are gifts – like the Hua Mulan comb (safeguarded in its own velvet pouch), her Panda ballpen (a souvenir from a friend) and her perfume.
I love that she keeps a pack of Mulberry Tea in her bag as her source of vitamins and antioxidants. As well as the fact that she has a pair of a really tiny, pocket-sized travel scissors which she uses to trim off excess threads in their costumes or sometimes for her brows. She also keeps a Stabilo highlighter pen with her to highlight lines in her script, which she still likes to read in paper (while most of the actors/actresses now upload it on their phones/tabs). And she always has Fisherman’s Friend candy for her throat!
So ladies, this is not Beauty and Her Bag. This is Beauty and her Supot. KIDDING! At first, I have to admit I was intimidated by Glaiza when she walked in. Partly because she had her ‘kontrabida‘ game face on which she was internalizing for her next scene – and partly because she seemed to be the nonchalant, confident woman who’s too smart and sassy to talk about mundane beauty things with a blogger. While she is smart, sassy and confident – she wasn’t one bit of that kontrabida she portrays on TV. She was so fun to talk to – no showbiz vibe, no pretensions, just real, no filter statements. She comes off to me as one of those artistas who’ve found their selves in the industry and need no drama in their lives. I’m a fan after this interview!
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    The best post!! hat off!!, your time consuming research in post is much appreciated. You are an inspiration. Keep it up!

  2. December 5, 2016 / 7:42 pm

    Shari! I really love your Beauty and the Bag series!! Perhaps because I’m nosy and want to see what other ladies carry around inside their bags. Hehe more please! And sana si KC Concepcion naman next time 😀

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    Great post ! You are an inspiration ^^

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