This Month’s Makeup Favorites

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September Favorites

…just a few of my go-to products this month
I didn’t think I would be wearing makeup so much the past two months as I’ve just given birth. I honestly thought I would just be holed up in the house with the little ones but a momma’s gotta do what a momma’s gotta do so I’ve been catching up on blog work as much as I could. Because Tristan has been such a calm baby (thank you Lord!), it hasn’t been an issue. My milk supply is more than enough – that I even got to pump and stash some milk for when I need to step out without him in tow. I’ve been taking Ate Selene with me to some work events for bonding time before she goes to school next year and to teach her how to behave in social situations as well. So yes, another entry for some motherhood catch-up because I’m here to blab about some makeup items for those of you who are still following this blog and reading this particular entry. Hi there, thanks for still visiting this dormant space on the webz LOL.
Most of the items in here are really my go-to, almost hit-pan products that I can depend on when I’m in a hurry and need to look decent, had-enough-sleep-when-I-woke-up-three-times-at-night-to-feed and just glowing when I’m really wanting to down 2 more cups of coffee. Makeup experimentation really has no place in my schedule right now. Which is why I’ve resolved to play with more products in the upcoming months now that I have pretty much adjusted to this new stage. For now, I’ll share these solid BFFs that I reach for every single time I put on makeup.
august-2016-makeup-favorites-3 august-2016-makeup-favorites-2


NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint. I’ve reviewed this here in detail. As I said, I love this formula more than I thought I would but the shade is just a tad too light on me. Which is why when I wear this, I have to contour a bit or else I’d look too pale. I find that it wears well throughout the day – I find no need to powder up or retouch my face when I’ve this baby on. It contains a major amount of alcohol, though! So for those with dry, flaky skin – this may not be such a good match for you guys. Sometimes when my face is sensitive from skincare the night before, I find that the alcohol in this even stings a bit when freshly applied. For those with combo-oily skin though, this is a winner.
Guerlain Parure Gold Powder Foundation. My ultimate holy grail powder. Note that I do not just throw out that term a lot here because I only really use it when I’ve used the product for more than 1 month straight and am already thinking of buying a back-up. I’ve glossed over this powder in this post and I’ve let go of being afraid to scratch it because this has been my handbag staple since I’ve acquired it. No velvet pouch protection plus I’ve lost the cushion it comes with so I’ve replaced it with a mini brush that fits perfectly under the sliding case. Gives me the smoothest, silkiest no-powder powdered face. Nothing but love for this frikkin‘ expensive powder.
Make Up For Ever Contour Kit. I use the brown shade here most of the time so that I could tone down my super pale look from the Velvet Matte Skin Tint or the powder. The perfect cream consistency of this makes blending a breeze that I just use my fingers to blend and I’m done. The brown shade is super pigmented though so I make sure to use this with a verrry light hand. Or else.. Kim K.


Estee Lauder Double Wear Waterproof Concealer. One of my all-time favorite concealers – and you should know concealer is my desert island product. Liquid concealer that’s full coverage, doesn’t cake or fill in lines and cracks, brightening.. good Lord, I love this. The only con is it fades throughout the day, I don’t know why! I mean, it’s supposed to be waterproof so I’m kinda disappointed in that aspect. So what I do is put powder on top of this (the Guerlain powder above) and then it lasts and lasts.
K-Palette Eyepencil. For when I’m in a hurry and have no time to carefully line my eyes with liquid liner. I also love the smudged liner look (on the upper lids) at the moment for that faux ‘smokey eye’ look. Once this sets, it sets and I’ve had no issues with it smudging and smearing all over.
Maybelline Hypersharp Power Black Eyeliner. When I feel like skipping eyeshadow (which is most of the time) and just going full on black eyeliner – this is my choice. One of the blackest black liquid liners I’ve tried – in just one swipe. I die a little when I can’t find this in my kit because this has really been one of my most dependable, non-smudge, super black liquid liners. I love that apart from the jet black shade, it applies effortlessly on the lids as well.


Heroine Make Eyebrow Pencil. I’ve likened this pencil to MAC’s Lingering which is why I repurchased this when I went to Japan (no more Heroine Make here!) but I find it a bit too time-consuming ‘cos it’s too thin. I’ve found an alternative to this which I’ve been using more than this – just want to finish it up already.
Inglot AMC Eyebrow Gel. I’ve been going for this eyebrow gel together with my beloved MAC 263 angled brush if I want a more defined look and I really like the HD look it gives. The creamy consistency makes application really easy and I like that it doesn’t dry up easily – it’s still quite creamy in pot even if I’ve had it for more than 6 months. The only downside is I got the wrong shade so it doesn’t match my hair!
Kate Eyebrow Mascara. To finish up my brow game, I use this ashy eyebrow mascara from Kate that I hoarded from Japan (I brought 5 pieces and shared with my sisters!). I really love the shade so I keep on using this and  probably will until it doesn’t match my hair anymore. I have it in the shade BR-2.
Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo ShaperNot in photo sadly. But I really love this eyebrow pencil from Maybelline. It’s a dual-ended powder and pencil product and I find the ashy brown shade I got perfect for my hair (and matches my eyebrow mascara too!). The pencil is optimally pigmented (meaning it’s not too pigmented nor too light that it’s time consuming to keep on drawing strokes) but can easily accentuate and shape the upper and lower brow line. I use the powdered end to fill in and voila, brows done in less than 2 minutes.


MAC Lipstick in Whirl. Probably my next lipstick empty after two years! The shade is perfect – not too MLBB that it looks like I’ve no lipstick on but not too bold that it screams I’m wearing lipstick on either. I thought it would look too Kylie Jenner on me but it’s actually a bit more terracotta and less nude-ish. 
How I usually look wearing most of the products mentioned here
Care to share your new makeup discoveries? Favorites the past months? I’d love to hear!
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