Selene’s Hair Buddies

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Shiny Drops

…Selene shares her favorite shampoo and conditioner
Selene had (yes, had! My heart breaks as I type this because we already had her first major haircut recently) long straight hair that has beautiful curly locks in the end. I actually am jealous of her natural hair as it’s what I aim to achieve with my curling iron back when I had long hair (but was too lazy to do everyday). Her hair is soft and smooth except it turns into a tangly mess after she sweats off like all toddlers do during this hyperactive stage in their lives. And when I mean tangly mess – good lawd, I mean Rapunzel-level Tangled. One of our fondest memories of those long locks was when we were trying to brush out the tangles that it took us thirty minutes – ’til I thought maybe we should just chop her tangly locks off altogether. I know, Mother of the Year award nominee right here.
But you know, the Hair Gods come through. They saw what all curly-haired moms experience and by some divine hair intervention – I found the solution during my Johnson’s Shanghai trip. It’s their newest hair care range for toddlers — the Shiny Drops Shampoo and Conditioner developed especially for tangled hair! Sadly, the product was only previously available in Brazil when we first tried it. Selene’s hair is quite thin and smooth on its own – but as I shared above, when the sweat comes out, the tangles come out with a vengeance too. Because of her very active toddler lifestyle – eat, play, run, play some more – together with the tropical heat we have to endure makes sweaty, messy hair a natural occurrence. Add to that, she hates having her hair tied up in a bun. What do we get, then? Basang sisiw look all day, everyday. Haha!
Her lovely curly locks, huhu I miss them huhu!!! Check out the right photo – that’s what i mean curly tangly mess after sweating!

Shiny Drops Shampoo & Conditioner

Prior to using this, I was using my own shampoo and conditioner for Selene’s hair. LOL! I know, right. The baby shampoos don’t work for her hair anymore. They make her hair stiff, sticky and just very tangly upon wash. I was worried they might be too harsh on her scalp since she’s still little but after a few uses, they were working okay so I didn’t really worry so much anymore. Which is why I absolutely love this new Johnson’s range – because it has a performance that is comparable to adult products, but with the mildness and safety of a product made for kids.
It is developed by hair specialists made especially for toddlers with curls and have tangle issues. It has an innovative formula which includes silk proteins and drops of argan oil. It boosts the hairs natural shine and helps reduce frizz, leaving toddler hair silky smooth and looking healthy. The shampoo is gentle on the scalp as it cleans hair in an effective and safe way without leaving any sign of dryness or residue behind. Did I mention this smells really good too?
As with the original Johnson’s shampoo, this also has a No More Tears formula so your little ones don’t sting their eyes during shower time. Selene is extremely sensitive in this aspect that every time we shower, we have to have a face towel handy so she could wipe her eyes every time she feels stinging. With Shiny Drops, we can peacefully get through shower time without these stinging pauses.
johnsons-shiny-drops-shampoo-3 johnsons-shiny-drops-shampoo-4
These are the Brazilian versions of the shampoo and conditioner! The Philippine range is in English.
After using Johnson’s Shiny Drops

Selene Approves

From messy hair to princess hair in an instant!
I definitely recommend this shampoo and conditioner for your active little toddler girls, mommas! Selene’s last photos above are her hair after using both the Shiny Drops shampoo and conditioner sans any hair styling – just brushing! I absolutely loved her long wavy hair that’s straight on top and curls perfectly at the ends. So I was definitely sad when she said, “Mom, I want to cut my hair na. I want short hair like you.” She’s too active and hyper that her long sweaty hair stuck to her armpits (LOL) that she wasn’t comfortable anymore. We still use Shiny Drops now and her hair remains sleek, shiny and smelling good despite her super kulit mode!
The new Shiny Drops shampoo and conditioner will be available next month! Do wait for my updates on social media for the official launch! Moms, this is hair care heaven for our toddlers. I can’t rave about it enough. Little secret, I use it on my hair too sometimes! HA HA HA! Which explains why we ran out of our first bottles so fast. Woops!
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  1. October 18, 2016 / 3:58 pm

    Oh my! Such beautiful hair! I think I’m gonna use that shampoo too. My hair tangles like crazy.

  2. Jenn
    October 21, 2016 / 10:17 am

    Use a Tangle Teezer para hindi masakit 🙂

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