My Dream Chair Comes to Life

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My Dream Wingback Chair

..brought to life by Danext Furniture Concept
Browsing through home decor on Pinterest was my last trimester insomniac habit. And because I was in full nesting mode by the end of my pregnancy, looking at beautiful interiors made me want to work 10 jobs and sell my liver to achieve even just a quarter of the spaces I saw. I even bought a new couch during this stage (which isn’t as outrageous as it sounds because we really needed one anyway, yup we had no legit living room sofa for almost a year). But the most important thing during my intense nesting mode was the search for theperfect chair” — a wingback chair a la Victoria Grayson’s ‘plotting-evil-plans chair’ in Revenge that I wanted to be able to use in various ways. First, temporarily for breastfeeding in the bedroom during Tristan’s first years. And then maybe trying it out as an office chair in my workspace as well and then eventually as an accent chair (a.k.a my plotting-how-Ill-get-up-from-such-a-comfy-chair-to-pour-myself-another-glass-of-wine during my midnight me times) in the living room. I even envisioned having it with me until I become a grandmother and saw myself reading to my grandkids on the damn thing (Lola Basyang style, yes).
Danext Furniture Concept
Looking at it, I don’t take credit for the design – it’s not a totally new and unique chair. I mean there are wing back chairs that are quite like it in the market. When I mean I “designed it” – I chose the structure of the body, the fabric, the nailhead trims, the legs’ wood finish, etc. I commissioned the help of Danext Furniture Concept from among the few furniture makers I researched about – to make this dream chair come to life. Founder and owner Dane Externon (hence the wordplay on their company name Dane Ext or The Next) is an interior design student that has taken on numerous design projects for 5 years which eventually led her to start her own furniture company to fabricate her designs and bring her furniture ideas to life. It was for her, a way for her clients to get top quality and custom-made furniture at a fraction of the market or commercial price.
I have to commend and credit Dane for this masterpiece. While it was a mixture of Pinterest-driven addiction and my imagination, she built it to look and feel 100x better and more comfortable than I expected. To think all our communication was made through texts only – we never met in person until she delivered the chair to our house. She also sent me progress reports through photos on Instagram to update me on the process. The whole process took 2 weeks from my first inquiry until it was delivered. Super smooth communication, swift service and most importantly, topnotch craftsmanship in every piece – I would definitely recommend this firm for your custom-made furniture needs!
reupholster-furniture-manila-danext-14 reupholster-furniture-manila-danext-13b

My Power Chair

During the conceptual phase of this project (read: when I was still dreaming about it), I imagined it to be oversized. I wanted it to look and feel like a “power chair“. Again, I refer back to Victoria Grayson of Revenge (okay, check out her chair here). I hoped that every time I sit on it, it would inspire and bring out confidence and motivation from within. I imagined writing 10 blog posts in one sitting while I’m on it. Or that I would hatch my best business idea there as I lose my tush in the comfort of its cushion. I also wanted it oversized so it could fit Selene and I both (clingy toddler levels peaking now). But most importantly, since I’ve two kiddos – the fabric has to be child-resistant (a.k.a water-repellent, easy to remove stains, scribbles, ketchup, baby lotion, poop, pee, you get the picture).
So how did Dane proceed to fabricate the dream chair? First, she chose tanguile wood to be the base of the chair. Tanguile wood is one type of the seven “Philippine Mahogany” that is very strong, durable and lasts a long time if treated properly before manufacture as it is termite-resistant. So yup, my Lola Basyang dreams might just come true if I keep this chair with me ’til I get old and wrinkly. The fabric for this I chose myself – from my interior designer sister’s stash of fabric swatches. I wanted a neutral but not too boring shade that would go well with any furniture should I decide to change up my sofa, etc. I initially wanted to go with a more beige or cream shade, but when I felt this particular fabric – it was love at first swatch. I don’t know what exactly it is – it feels like a suede but not quite. But best of all, it’s water-repellent so liquids just run off, keeping the fabric dry and clean. Perfect.
The cushions are all from Uratex so they are top quality foams, no less. They are extremely comfortable – just the optimal softness for the tushy. I can literally sit here all day if I could and just reflect about life with a glass of wine in hand. Since getting this, it has been my ultimate me-time chair when the babies are both sleeping. It also serves as my “Thinking Chair” a la Steve from Blue’s Clues (I know right! From Victoria Grayson to Steve Burns HAHAHA). I even have competition on this chair in Selene – which is why its size is perfect as it could fit us both at the same time!
Dane even threw in a surprise – she made two pillows with my logo on them! So so touched with this gesture – she even knew what colors I would love them in. I joked that we should do a collaboration and maybe come up with a Misty Mom Home collection (for all my other dream home things). It seemed far-fetch then but now I’m actually thinking about it! So yes, I think I babbled on and on about this chair enough (or not! BECAUSE I’M SO INLOVE WITH IT YOU GUYS)If you want to have it made too – you know, either for Victoria Grayson or for Steve Burns purposes, you may refer to it as their Misty Mom Chair.
How soft is it really?
As a testament to how comfy this chair truly is, see how Selene falls asleep on it as if she were lying comfortably on our bed when really, she’s contorted on the wingback. It really is that comfortable, you guys. I also showed the finished product (via Telegram) to my interior designer sister (who I bugged and bugged about this but was too busy for me huhu) and when she saw it, she couldn’t believe I semi-designed the chair. When she finally saw it in person, she commends the beautiful workmanship as well. I told her I could be her junior designer na. Ha ha ha! 
So for inquiries on custom-made furniture, you may reach Danext Furniture Concept at their social media outlets: Facebook and Instagram or contact Dane Externon at 0917-8695481.
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  1. October 6, 2016 / 10:16 am

    This wingback chair is beautiful! From the color to the combination of textures and materials, this chair is just so chic. Plus points for being super comfy too!

    PS. I can’t with the Victoria Grayson to Steve from Blue’s Clues! Haha!!

  2. October 6, 2016 / 10:21 am

    So impressive! Love that you were able to choose the fabric, and I’m pleasantly surprised that you can actually get something ‘lush’ that’s water resistant. I want! 🙂 I also adore the wood base of the chair. 🙂 I have also been into furniture browsing recently after buying a wooden balance bike for my almost 2 yr old (particularly except that we don’t have a lot of space in our apartment – partly because I insist that we don’t get rid of our chaise lounge ala Revenge which is the first furniture I splurged on (see photo attached, I use it for taking photos of stuff I’ve bought). 🙂

  3. October 13, 2016 / 3:48 pm

    Wooowww~ and it’s water-resistant!

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