How I Do “On-the-Go Glow” Makeup

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On-the-go Glow

…aka a mom’s take on the strobing trend
ON THE GO. Three words I never thought I’d have a special affinity with until I became a mother… and of two now! Prior to being a momma, I had all the time in the world. I could take an hour to get ready and no one would go hungry, remain un-showered, poop unwashed. Now, 10 to 15-minute showers are the closest thing to me-time that I can get and I gladly take them. I thought I would be able to skip my usual makeup routine and just go out barefaced if I’m running late… but I couldn’t. Of course, the whole 1-hour routine is now cut down to 5 minutes especially since you need to leave the house 2 hours before anything to get anywhere nowadays.
My main priority when going out, especially when I’m dashing out the door (hoping my Uber doesn’t leave me ‘cos I still had to nurse Tristan and wash Selene’s butt) – is to glow no matter what.That’s why strobing appealed to me quite a lot ‘cos I could skip eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush or bronzer but I can’t let go of my highlighters. Just recently, I found an even better way of getting that coveted glow I want to feign even though I’ve been up all night ‘working’ (I really can not accomplish blog work during the day) while the kids are sleeping. Instead of just faking that coveted lit-from-within glow, I actually found a skincare-makeup complement routine that works to give me a more permanent kind of radiance.
banila-co-philippines-glow-products-mom-3 banila-co-philippines-glow-products-mom-1
My favorite all-day base routine at the moment consists of these four products
Base Moisturizer

Banila Co White Wedding Dream Cream

I’ve skipped out on using day moisturizers for some time now because they just have this tendency to make you more sweaty than the usual when it’s extremely hellish hot outside. My skin definitely felt this as it suffered through dry and flaky patches making foundation hard to put on. Ugh! This Banila Co White Wedding Dream Cream made me kick that bad habit. It’s a day moisturizer that doubles as a strobing product because of its Micro Blooming Powder content that deflects light which in turn brightens up the skin. So apart from being an effective moisturizer to plump up the skin and keep it hydrated, it also serves as a perfect base primer under makeup.
I like pairing it with matte foundations because it gives off such a lovely, dewy sheen all over. It’s not exceedingly dewy that you look ‘oily’, just the right amount of pearlescent glow. If you’re familiar with MAC Strobe Cream, this works just the same as a strobing product. But White Wedding Dream Cream has additional skincare benefits given the product’s powerful blend of Vitamin C and Niacinamide – for a more permanent brightening effect.
Check out that pearlescent glowy goodness! I can’t think of other moisturizers with such a glow-inducing effect!

Banila Co Primer Primer Fitting Foundation

I was quite confused with this one at first because it had “primer” in bold letters front and center. I’ve used Banila’s Classic Matte primer before so I thought this was their new version. Turns out, it’s their Fitting Foundation – the brand’s take on a non-drying, velvety-smooth shine-controlling and water-resistant liquid foundation that hides skin imperfections, evens out skintone and mattifies skin. It’s a BB cream-like take on foundation with their Prime Primer formula mixed in one bottle. It applies so beautifully on my skin, you guys. And it has medium-full coverage (concealer not needed for blemishes and redness!) with a dry matte finish. Like the Man that Can’t Be Moved after application.
This lasts the whole day on me without ever budging. My sister even asked me at the end of the night as I was about to take my foundation off if I reapplied the foundation because it looked just as good as when I put it on. What I also love about this foundation is its Dry Fit Technology that helps control over-excretion of sweat and sebum. I attest to this because when I was filming the video I made using these products, I was sweating like a pig! BUT you couldn’t see any trace of ‘hulas‘ in my face! Even in the FOTDs below, I was sweating in those photos but no trace of erased foundation patches on my skin. Amazing, I swear.
I didn’t think I would love this foundation at first but it’s all I’ve been using now since I’ve gotten it. It saves me from having to use powder foundation after! Definitely recommend this for oily-skinned folks. I’m so glad I discovered this foundation – officially dubbing it as one of my best finds this year! The only downside is finding your perfect shade as I’m not sure about the different shades the brand offers for this range. As with other BB creams, it may seem a little ‘white’ and ‘ghostly’ when first applied but it sets beautifully after a few minutes.
banila-co-philippines-prime-primer-foundation banila-co-philippines-glow-products-mom-cover2
Using the Prime Primer Fitting Foundation in this photo with the White Wedding Dream Cream as base
Nourishing Oil

Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr Honey Essence Oil

Yet another product I’m very picky to use – oils. I just have this preconceived misconception that no matter what, I don’t want oils on my face because I’m wary of their effects on my combination skin. Thankfully, I’ve been more and more open to using skincare oils the past months because of my commitment to try out products first before sharing them here on the blog. This Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Oil is one of those oils that broke my ‘no-oils pact’. It has a powerful ingredient list containing Niacinamide (a brightening exfoliant! one of my favorite ingredients in skincare!), honey, royal jelly extract, propolis extract, sodium ascorbyl phosphate (a stable and gentle form of vitamin C for brightening), olive fruit oil, evening primrose, meadowfoam seed oil among others.
How I use this in the morning when I’m on the go? If I’m too lazy to apply moisturizer first (don’t be like me guys LOL) or have no time to wait for it to dry or absorb, I improvise. I mix the Fitting Foundation with a drop of this oil so I could get that radiance and that glow without the added waiting time or step in between. I do 1-2 drops of the oil with one full pump of the foundation and it gives that much coveted “K-Pop Glow” we see on Korean actresses and actors!  Apart from the natural glow it gives, it really nourishes the skin with all the ingredients in it I mentioned above. Yup, I use this oil at night to really bathe my skin overnight in its goodness.
banila-co-oil-mix-foundationbanila-co-philippines-mr-honey-essence-oil banila-co-philippines-mr-honey-essence-oil2 banila-co-philippines-glow-fotd
Achieved the glowy KPOP skin I always wanted to sport!
Mattifying Compact

Banila Co Prime Primer Pact

This is an optional product but extremely usefyl to have in case the mattifying and oil-controlling properties of the foundation doesn’t work well on your skin. Also, if you do use the moisturizer alone (which I do on some days), this is the perfect translucent mattifying powder to tone down the glow on areas you don’t want to be too glowy. Especially for when you’re using dewy foundation or any other strobing product, it’s perfect to have for when you over-strobe. It can tone down the radiance a few notches down without ruining your base foundation already set in place. It also works so well as a midday touch-up for any unwanted shine from sweat or sebum!
Final Look
banila-co-philippines-glow-products-mom-fotd banila-co-philippines-glow-products-mom-13
Banila Co Glow
For my look, I only used these 4 products, Sleek Matte Lipstick, K-Palette Brow Pencil and Tarte In Bloom eyeshadow palette. Most of the time, when I’m really dashing out the door, I skip the eyeshadow and lipstick and just go out with brows and glowy and even-toned face. Love that I can mix up this base routine depending on the amount of time I have – and most especially, I’m glad I can use these skincare products as makeup so I nourish my skin in the process – and not just conceal or cover it up like the usual!
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  1. Beauty Unboxing
    October 26, 2016 / 3:34 pm

    What a nice set of pictures! Love it!

  2. Anna Carmina
    November 2, 2016 / 12:59 am

    Love this!!! Dying to try that Prime Primer BB cream thingy! I feel that it’ll be perfect for law school to hide all the bags under my eyes hahaha

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