My Breastfeeding Journey

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Breast is Best

Just a quick update on my breastfeeding journey
I can’t believe I’m writing this again 2 and a half years after my first breastfeeding entry hereAhhhh, makes me nostalgic! Rereading that post makes me feel… all the feels! Especially seeing Selene in front of me right now as I type this and remembering the times I breastfed this not-so-little little girl. Seriously, when did this baby become a walking, talking tiny little human!? When they said time flies fast and your baby grows up right before your eyes, I didn’t think it would be this fast. Had you told me those words during all the times I felt like pulling all my hairs out – from the infant stage of nonstop crying not knowing what to do to the terrible twos tantrums (like crying out loud in malls and public places and you want to discipline but the screams just get louder with every word you utter) – I might have replied with “Can it come sooner?”. Thankfully, I’ve learned to cherish every waking moment from then on after reading mom blogs and hearing from other moms with older kids who miss the good ol’ tantrum days when their kids would actually need them and want to spend time with them. Huhu. So anyway, on to the breastfeeding…
My breastfeeding journey with Selene was a smooth ride. From the moment she was placed on top of me in the operating room right after she came out, her immediate latch was perfect. I didn’t struggle with sore nipples or engorgement or any of the normal breastfeeding woes. With Tristan, I was confident that it’d also be a smooth ride. I had this smug “Well I’ve already done it once, I’m sure I can do it again smoothly” feeling. I feel so ashamed now for thinking so high of myself! Tristan and I had a rough start – he wasn’t able to latch on ‘perfectly’ so the first two days I felt like my nipples were gonna fall out because it hurt so much every time I nursed. Thankfully, St. Lukes had a Lactaction Expert who taught me all the basics I never really learned the first time because Selene latched on well. I learned so much from her – from adjusting the latch to proper positioning to pre-massage for proper letdown. Technical things I never thought I needed to learn because I was oh-so-mighty-miss-I-already-breastfed-a-baby-before. It took a few more days for Baby T to finally perfect his latch without any help from me and to this day, we are direct breastfeeding without any more hitches.
pigeon-breast-pump-philippines-shamcey pigeon-breast-pump-philippines-shamcey-5

Pigeon Bestfeeding

….why breastfeeding is best feeding
I recently attended Pigeon’s event that focused on their breastfeeding advocacy with no less than new mom slash beauty queen Shamcey Supsup as their ambassador. While the focus was on championing breastfeeding, they also understand that some moms encounter difficulties during the journey. Take for example Shamcey’s experience where she almost gave up on breastfeeding because no matter how many workshops she attended on lactation, her experience on directly nursing her daughter wasn’t comfortable for her. Months on end, she experienced very sore nipples that would almost reach the point of bleeding. It was when she started pumping milk and feeding her baby through the bottle that made breastfeeding more sustainable for her long-term.
She shared how she would hear other moms criticize her for not directly nursing her daughter and how she’s not “really breastfeeding” because she pumps instead. I know right! How absurd is that!? Personally, I breastfeed because I know the benefits of it and I’ve seen its effects first-hand on Selene. But I would never judge a mom for wanting to express and bottle-feed instead of direct feed. Just as much as I wouldn’t even think to judge a mom who chooses to go for formula instead of breast milk. What’s important is baby is fed – and fed adequately. That we are doing our best as moms to give our babies what’s best – no matter what.
As discussed by the three guest speakers that day – Shamcey, Abbie Yabot (Lactation Expert) and Maye Yao Co-Say (Pigeon COO) and Issa Litton – we already face so much pressures as moms in today’s world that in place of criticizing, judging and policing, we should all be supporting each other and spreading positivity instead. Agreed!
pigeon-breast-pump-philippines-shamcey-3 pigeon-breast-pump-philippines-shamcey-4
Shamcey’s cute baby girl, Nyke, was with her that day. Such a well-behaved little one intently listening to her mom as she spoke!
pigeon-breast-pump-philippines-shamcey-6 pigeon-breast-pump-philippines-breastfeeding
Dads play an important role when it comes to breastfeeding, too. In a recent study, it shows that moms who breastfeed without much support from their husbands give up breastfeeding earlier. Pictured above are dads Mike Yabot and Duncan Ramos pledging their support for their breastfeeding wives.
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I would love to hear about your own journeys – did you breastfeed your babies as well? How long? Any tips on breastfeeding on-the-go? I’d love to hear about it, you guys!
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  1. September 16, 2016 / 10:41 am

    My goal was to breastfeed for two years! I think my supply made it to just a little bit under two years, and I was supplementing na with formula by then. When I went back to school, I had trouble pumping regularly. I think my teachers thought I kept pooping ’cause I’d be gone for 15 minutes at a time! hahaha (ALSO, I had to hide in bathrooms which was g r o s s s s s)

    My biggest takeaway was that life became so much easier when I realized it was too hassle to care about what people thought about me breastfeeding in public. (If they think there’s something weird about me feeding my kid… not my problem, right?) I couldn’t manage with covers and and slings kasi. When I realized I didn’t have to — oh! I can just pop him onto my boob! — it was like, wow. Okay. Should have done this before pa!! :)))

  2. Melanie Brigoli
    September 16, 2016 / 2:58 pm

    I had my first son breastfeed for only 3 months, I had this difficulty in nursing him because of my CS wound until time went by na my milk just didn’t show up 🙁 But I am lucky and proud to say that I am breastfeeding my 5 month old son and will continue to do that… I did experience a terrible pain, sour nipples… I could feel na parang my nipples are wounded, grabe na experience. there were times that I’ll cry kasi gusto kung mag-give up but I’m thankful for my husbands support and thankful that I had lactation seminar before I gave birth, it was truly helpful… and have been recommending to moms out there who had this difficulty in breastfeeding their babies! I attended the seminar with LATCH CEBU 🙂 I’m a proud breastfeeding mom here!

  3. September 18, 2016 / 11:49 am

    I feel like my early breastfeeding experience with my son Luke is similar to what you had just experienced with Tristan! 🙂 I used to use Lansinoh (lanolin) in the first few weeks to help with the sore (and sometimes even bleeding!) nipples and it really did heal/relieve the pain. I kind of dreaded breastfeeding at first because of this, which was not good for my supply but the lactation consultants I’ve talked to (it was a free service here in Oz for the first 30 days since giving birth) kept encouraging me and reminded me that it’s a supply and demand thing so I guess that made me suck it up (pun not intended!) if I wanted to breastfeed exclusively! It’s been 4 or 5 days now that my son hasn’t asked for ‘dede’ in the morning so I think he’s weaned finally! He’s turning 23 months next week. 😀 It’s surprising (and a good reminder) to hear that moms can have different breastfeeding experiences with their kids.

    Re moms who tend to be a little judgmental when it comes to breastfeeding vs formula milk, I’ve seen them alright! 🙂 It really is not helpful and it’s sad that moms who can’t breastfeed are made to feel bad about themselves (whilst maybe experiencing baby blues and the other pressures of being a new mom). I do hope we see less of them and be more supportive of each other! 🙂

    PS: I think I saw you using Spectra breast pump? That’s the brand I used as well, and it has very good reviews I believe. 🙂

  4. September 22, 2016 / 10:31 pm

    AHHH Star is a not-so-little little girl na also and I actually miss breastfeeding! She started saying no to the boob few days after she turned 1 – it didn’t really make me feel anything, and tbh I think I was a bit more happy than sad that time (because no more biting!!!) but now that I think of it… 🙁

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