The Guerlain French Lady Fall Collection

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French Lady

Guerlain 2016 Fall Collection
Guerrrlaaaahhhhn! I may have weaned off my Chanel and Tom Ford obsession (thank heavens, says my wallet) but I still always keep myself updated on Guerlain’s newest collections – especially their eyeshadow palettes which I’m just effortlessly drawn to because of my past experiences with it. At the moment, I think I have about 4-5 palettes from them and I always reach for them alternately This Fall 2016 collection is particularly enticing as it carries six eyeshadow palettes! SIX you guys! My bank account rolled over in its grave upon hearing the news. Not only that, the six palettes in this collection aren’t the usual quads because they are instead quints! One more eyeshadow shade to add to the usual perfect four-color story-in-a-compact, I’ll definitely take it! So for this collection, I managed to snag 5 products during the International Press Shopping Day held by Guerlain, Shiseido and Elizabeth Arden a few weeks back.
guerlain-fall-2016-collection2guerlain-lingerie-de-peau-new-formula guerlain-lingerie-de-peau

Lingerie de Peau

Reformulated Version
Lingerie de Peau is one of Guerlain’s best-selling liquid foundations because of its beautiful satin finish and light-medium coverage. The original version (which I got to sample) has a creamier consistency and was more easily spreadable. This new one I feel has medium density — it’s not too watery nor too thick but compared to the previous formula, it’s definitely on the thicker side. While this can also be blended with fingers, it’s best used with a brush as it dries up quickly making it harder to spread around and further blend. However, once fully blended, the finish is exquisite – flawless, radiant without overwhelming dewiness. It feels lightweight making it comfortable to wear all day. Seriously you guys, I didn’t feel like I was wearing foundation at all.
I’ve tried this sans powder on top and in Manila humidity, it lasts for a good 6 hours. I find it transfer-free as well. For those on the oily side, I am not quite sure how this would wear on you guys. Also, for those with acne and need major coverage, I believe you’d need concealer + powder with this foundation to create the perfectly flawless base.
What I love most about this reformulation is the additional shades Guerlain included – I got the old LdP in a pinkish tone which really didn’t match my skintone at all. This time, Guerlain has released 14 shades for cool, warm and neutral undertones.
While the Parure Gold Compact Powder Foundation is HG material for me, I’ve yet to use this liquid foundation more to find out if I really, truly love it.
Consistency of the Lingerie de Peau reformulated version – medium thickness
Easily spreadable and dries to a satin, demi-matte finish

Multi-Perfecting Concealer

While I was at the Guerlain counter days before the Press Shopping Day (just checking on new collection as always), I asked if they had a concealer because it never crossed my mind to check out their version of my “can’t-live-without” product. Turns out, they didn’t carry it in counter anymore (plus it was more of an illuminator/concealer pen than a heavy duty concealer). This time, Guerlain has come out with the heavy duty stuff – for major concealing. None of those confusing “is this for concealing or highlighting” pens that are too weak for my dark circles and eyebags!
What I love most about this Multi-Perfecting Concealer is it’s housed in a tube with a unique “made-to-measure” delivery system. Inside is a ‘cannula‘ (a small tube inserted at the tip) where the product exits from smoothly. Don’t you hate it when you squeeze concealer tubes and the amount that comes out could be applied to your whole face and body (with excess for your BFF)? Well, Guerlain has heard our woes prompting them to develop this “cannula” mechanism.
A first for the brand – this concealer combines a hybrid technology that will both help to conceal dark circles AND create an immediate soft-focus ‘blurring effect’. And trust Guerlain when they say soft-blurring as they’ve basically perfected this in their face base products such as the Meteorites, the finely milled powders and their foundations. Sadly, there are only three shades available here in the Philippines (among the 6) so finding your perfect concealer shade may be a challenge. It has a creamy and moderately thick consistency but can easily be blended as you pat it on your skin. I love how it doesn’t crease or fill in cracks and lines. I find the coverage to be medium-full, lasting about 6+ hours on me before fading.
guerlain-concealer-multiperfecting-swatch guerlain-fall-2016-coque-d-or-6

Coque d’Or

Guerlain 5 Couleurs Palette
The heart of the collection – their eyeshadow palettes. This 5-Color Eyeshadow Palette in Coq D’Or is what I thought would be my no-brainer top favorite in this collection – the quint. During the Press Shopping Day, there were only two available shades out of the six so I went for this instead of the more neutral Tonka Imperiale. While I do love the color story of this palette, a mix of matte, satin, and metallic finishes in nude, gold, warm browns and a warm green – I found it too metallic for my taste. I also find the two light shades less pigmented for Guerlain standards. The two warm brown shades perform spectacularly in color pay-off with the olive green less pigmented than the two.
But in terms of blendability and consistency, these don’t disappoint. They are all creamy powders that produce little to no fallout and are easily blendable that I can use my fingers to apply them. I do wish that they had included a dark matte shade in this palette just to balance out the four metallics. One other palette in the collection is coming home with me soon – Rose Barbare, the delectable plum quint.
Did I mention these palettes are housed in a sleek black lacquered compact with a snap closure instead of the older pale gold casing? Less prone to scratches and fingerprints, easier to photograph and well, I’m just more attracted to shiny, black things when it comes to makeup packaging. Haha, there’s really no deeper reasoning than that.
guerlain-fall-2016-coque-d-or-2 guerlain-eyeliner-fall-2016-2

Felt Eyeliner

Guerlain’s First Non-Kohl Eyeliner
Another first in this collection is a felt tip eyeliner instead of their famous pencil eyeliners. The brand is trying their hand in the realm of pen-style eyeliners with this release of the Ultra Black Felt Eyeliner. I’m not usually a fan of felt tip eyeliners as I find they easily fade and fray. But leave it to Guerlain to perfect such a problematic eyeliner type! Their version produces the blackest of the black ink that comes out evenly and swipes on effortlessly on the lids. It bears a defined pointed tip for sharper precision but you can also use either sides for a broader sweep of colour. The finish is a beautiful gloss with a lasting power that rivals waterproof versions I’ve tried. I’ve worn this for around 7-8 hours without cracking or fading or smudging all over my eyes. Definitely a pricey eyeliner but one that will give you versatility- be it if you feel like doing a cat eye, winged look or super thin barely-there look.
Love the blackness of this eyeliner

La Petite Robe Noir

Lipstick in Toffee Top
The La Petite Robe Noir lipsticks are buildable and lightweight with an ultra-luminous finish. I find that these are more like sheer tinted lip balms that can be worn everyday. Generally, they’re sheer across all shades but buildable depending on what shade you get it in. For Toffee Top which is the shade I chose, I can’t really build it up to an ultra-pigmented shade. Also, since these are sheer and transparent, the final shade will depend on the original color of your lips. I feel that this range is suited for those who are everyday ‘non-fussy‘ makeup-wearers who prefer subtlety and moisturized lips.

My Guerlain Fall 2016 Look

*with a different lipstick
Used a different lipstick here, folks. This isn’t La Petite Robe Noir!
Final Thoughts
I personally love the items I picked out for this collection but I realized I’m not as ecstatic about the eyeshadow palette in Coq d’Or as I thought I’d be. Maybe because I couldn’t blend the shades properly to achieve the look I wanted – yes friends, I still suck at eyeshadow application. Somebody tutor me! My top favorite is the Multi-Perfecting concealer (surprise, surprise, I’m a concealer freak), the Lingerie de Peau foundation gets second place and the Ultra Black Eyeliner a very close third. Not such a huge fan of the La Petite Robe Noire range. My favorite is their L’Extrait range – the liquid lipsticks BUT I heard rumors they’re being phased out. IS THIS TRUE!? Somebody please confirm. Still in shock as I love the formula of that liquid lipstick. Let me know your thoughts on Guerlain, about my look – anything on this post! Questions will also be answered. Leave ’em below, friends!
P.S. Also, I’ve missed you all. I know my blog hasn’t been active recently because I’m still adjusting to having a newborn all over again (but this time with a hyperactive Ate Selene at the same time LOL). Normal blog operations will resume soon. I’m actually thinking of doing a major revamp. We’ll see
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  1. September 11, 2016 / 10:44 am

    Coq D’Or looks so divine! Really drawn to the bronzey brown shades. The foundation looks awesome too. The eyeliner – too pricey hihi. 😛

  2. KIKS
    July 27, 2017 / 9:50 am

    Whats your shade in Guerlain lingerie de peau and parure gold?

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