The Coffee Machine of My Dreams

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But first, coffee!

All my friends whom I can’t talk to before they’ve had their cup o’ joe, this one’s for you. I, for one, never thought I’d be into coffee because I just find it too bitter for my life. Okay, confession – I’m not a “legit” coffee person because I could never take it black. My family would tease me that I drink milk and sugar with coffee, not the other way around. Ha ha! I just really prefer it to be semi-sweet to sweet, okay? Are you here to judge me too? Also, while I love freshly-brewed coffee, I just don’t have the time and the patience to brew a batch in the morning every single day so most of the time, I opt for my quick and effortless three-in-ones. I’m really quite easy to please when it comes to a cup of joe.
However, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out a new coffee machine in town apparently made for lazy coffee-drinkers like me. At first, I thought this would be just another one of those coffee machines that are already available in the market – albeit swankier and stylish since it’s made by an Italian brand known for its sleek and .luxurious design.

Primadonna Elite

The Coffee Machine
Friends, this is not just another coffee machine. This is THE Coffee Machine of the Future. They call it a smart coffee machine – kind of like a smartphone – and I’ve never been more amazed in my life as far as coffee makers go. You guys, meet the Primadonna Elite. Let’s go over the impressive features, shall we?
First, it’s programmed to make different kinds of coffee  – cappuccino, latte macchiato, long, flat white, black, espresso and more. It has a touchscreen on top of the machine which makes everything idiot-proof because all you have to do is “click and select” – just like that! No complicated barista-level skills needed to make different kinds of coffee. Also, you can customize the beverages (milk-to-coffee ratio, sugar level, etc) and label them (a person’s name or a special beverage name, for example) so you don’t have to keep inputting the settings manually each time. So you can create a Flat White beverage for you and another Flat White beverage with different level of sugar for your husband. Did I mention you can pick out latte art for your drink, too?
That’s not even the best part yet. The Primadonna Elite can connect to an app so you don’t even have to get up from bed to make coffee!! WHAT! How could I have been living without this in my life?! Oh yeah, I can’t afford it. LOL. But yes, the app connects to the smart coffee machine through bluetooth and you can just swipe, select and enter the drink you want to have made – and go back to sleep if you want! This is definitely the ultimate lazy-girl-who-wants-a-barista-at-home gadget to have!
The only downside of this coffee machine is its price – it costs Php178,800. Something I would probably get if I were to turn our kitchen into a coffee shop and start charging for cappuccinos. I mean, I could do latte art with this, I can pretty much sell the coffee it produces!
delonghi-primadonna-elite-coffee-machine-launch-philippines delonghi-primadonna-elite-coffee-machine-philippines2
During the launch of this baby, they brought other Delonghi products for us moms to pine for and lose sleep over. Since I can not afford the Primadonna Elite, I looked around for other options. You know what I realized? Adulting is really expensive, guys. I never thought I would lust over kitchen items and appliances!!
The King of all Coffee Machines – the Primadonna Elite
You’ve been in my dreams, Primadonna. See you soon. LOL
This is the DeLonghi Gelato Maker which makes really good gelato we were all able to witness and taste during the event. I’m a huge ice cream girl – I can not have a fridge without ice cream, you guys. So I really contemplated on this gelato maker!
This beautiful retro-style range is the Delonghi Icona Vintage set that consists of a toaster, coffee maker and kettle. It comes in beautiful retro shades of beige, black, jade and light blue. Among all the products, this set is my pick because I get quality and quantity for almost the same price of the others.
Another product I had my eye on was the Delonghi MultiFry. Multifry is an innovative cooking appliance combining a low-oil fryer and a multicooker to meet each and every need for all the kitchens of the world. It enables you to rapidly fry tasty fresh potatoes in a healthier way with minimum oil and to prepare a variety of recipes: from risottos to couscous, from stews to ratatouilles. Multifry even allows you to bake pizzas, cakes and pies.
Share Your Thoughts!
How about you? Which one is your pick from these beautiful Delonghi items? Are you a coffee lover as well? How do you like your coffee? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!
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  1. August 26, 2016 / 11:27 am

    Dang! That coffee machine is more expensive than our TV! Anyway, I also like coffee with lots of milk and sugar because I have a huge sweet tooth. That doesn’t mean we are not coffee lovers; there’s more than one way to enjoy coffee, after all 🙂

  2. September 8, 2016 / 2:01 am

    wow, luxury! looks good. the multifry looks amazing too! i followed your blog a couple years ago but lost touch, happy to see you still blog 🙂

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