One of My Greatest Mom Fears

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The Dreaded D-word Season

One of my weakest moments as a mother is seeing my daughter suffer through any illness. In Selene’s three years and six months of existence, she has been hospitalized once – for pneumonia – and it pained me so much that during her confinement, I also fell ill myself because of too much anxiety and deep-seated frustration. So it’s quite understandable that every time the rainy season approaches, I put on my vigilant mom hat.
Why? Rainy season means dengue season and that is one of my greatest fears for my daughter – as I’ve suffered from the dreaded disease twice already. The latest was just this January where I was confined for 8 days – Christmas Eve until New Year’s Eve. Fun, right?
Dengue really sucks. And I mean, it makes you so weak that your whole body feels like you’re being sucked out of everything you need to function. The last time, I just woke up chilling with a high fever and the worst body aches (like the flu x1000 symptoms) that paracetamol can not bring down. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t get up from the bed.
The worst thing is there is no medicine for it. You just wait and pray for the disease to die down by drinking lots of water, hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more – because the insect bite dehydrates you much like diarrhea – except that the body fluids don’t come out through pooping but through plasma leakage.
What happens is – the patient’s arteries and veins suddenly have thousands of pinpoint holes due to the body’s reaction to the virus causing the fluids inside the blood vessels to sip out. I can’t imagine how little kids could handle such a disease when I, a fully grown 27-year-old adult, couldn’t even stand the pain and weakness I felt during the whole time. I wanted to release my frustration but I was too weak to.
After I got out of the hospital, I sort of became the Head of the Dengue Police at home that no mosquito lives for more than 5 seconds every time I spot them. I hoarded OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion for Kids for Selene – I even keep one in her diaper bag and one in my own bag for further vigilance. I used to skip on putting on repellents sometimes but after my hospital session, day and night, I always make sure we’ve slathered on or sprayed on some OFF! Lotion even when we’re just at home (especially since I suspect I caught the disease while we were at home).
off-lotion-repellent-kids-philippines3 off-lotion-repellent-kids-philippines5
This little girl is so funny! She always wants to put the repellent by herself but wants me to be the one to blend and massage it on her skin.
Protect Your Kiddos!
I would never want my daughter to suffer such a disease at a young age. I know how it feels and I can’t imagine how she’d feel going through it. OFF! Lotion for Kids is the one repellent I swear by for her especially since this little one is a mosquito bite magnet. Not only is it because it’s the most trusted brand in the market but it’s also ‘cos I’ve actually tried a few other brands – patches, bracelets, you name it – and discovered that they really aren’t as effective. Bite marks galore!
OFF! really does the job, though. I like that it’s not so citronella-infused (I am not a huge fan of the scent) and instead has that tropical fresh fragrance to it. It offers 3-hours sure protection and is also dermatologically-tested so it’s safe for kids’ skin. I also like that it absorbs fast, especially since Selene isn’t partial to sticky lotions just like her momma.
She never forgets to put repellent on me, either – because she remembers the time I was hospitalized for a month because I was bitten by a mosquito.
For a still-deadly disease that has no cure, prevention really is the way to go. And the only way to protect your kids is to always be vigilant in applying repellent as well as making sure there are no areas in your homes dengue-carrying mosquitoes will hold parties at.
I get my OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion in supermarkets and drugstores. The 50ml variant is Php76 while the 100ml one is priced Php135.
Selene wants to share the love!


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  1. Lhourdes Mercadero
    July 22, 2016 / 6:57 pm

    Every mothers greatest fear is to see her child get sick and in hospital bed.
    My daughter Chelsea only 3 yrs old when.she was hospitalized last year because of Dengue,She had high fever for 3days 39°c up,no phlegm ,no colds kaya I suspected it as Dengue. 3rd day we went to the Hospital,they did some blood test pero ayaw sya iadmit ng Doctor kase wala paras rashes .We are advise to bring Chelsea back sa hospital pag nawala yung lagnat nya kase yun daw yung critical stage for dengue. 4th day no fever pero lumabas na yung rashes. We are advised na iadmit si Chelsea ,the Doctor said its a “rare dengue” and they need to monitor Chelsea.
    I was really crying while nilalagay nila yung dextrose. Every 6 hrs kinukuhanan sya ng dugo which is napakahirap tignan kase naiyak sya.
    I decided na wag ipakita sa kanya na naiyak ako or nanghihina ako. We stayed in the hospital for almost 2 weeks,I didnt get any sleep,kase ginigising ko sya palagi to drink fluids and to eat.
    I’m really thankful na Hindi bumagsak masyado ang platelet nya, nag 126 sya pero umangat din agad after 12 hours.
    We use an LED light na nagtataboy ng lamok and also OFF Lotion insect Repellent for kids and adult.

    • July 23, 2016 / 11:19 am

      Hi Momma Dhess, Selene is 3 and I cant imagine her being sick due to dengue – naiiyak ako just thinking about it. Yours pa was particularly scary because critical. Huhu, I’m so sorry you had to go through it. Galing mo – you were able to keep your cool and stay strong throughout the 2 wks (!!!). Glad her platelet didnt go down 100 at all! Hope she (and you!) never has to go through anything like it again. Keep safe!!

      • Lhourdes Mercadero
        July 24, 2016 / 2:35 am

        Hi Ms.Shari,

        I was really thankful talaga na mabilis nakarecover si Chelsea namin.
        We stayed in a ward ,so puro dengue patient lahat ng nandun.Halos na occupied na lahat ng bed sa dami ng may dengue that time. Kami-kami mismo nagtutulungan.We make sure na lagi namin ginigising para uminom,kumain.
        Meron na admit na ,cguro 7or 8yrs old sya, tinitignan ko lang sya,medyo naworried ako sa nakita ko sa kanya ,so I double check it sa internet. Tapos nilapitan ko yung mother nya, sabi ko” ate pasensya na ha,pero pwede mo ba kulitin yung doctor na tignan yung anak mo uli.I told her na I may internal bleeding na,kase sobrang putla ng lips nya,then nagvovvomit sya,matigas yung Ryan nya. Nung nagrounds yung nurse,sinabi nya kaso pinagalitan lang sya pero siguro nakita din nung nurse kaya tinawag yung doctor.
        May internal bleeding na ,nilipat agad sila sa NICU. Natuwa naman ako kase day before madischarge si Chelsea binalik na sila sa room kung nasan kami.
        I’m really praying and doing yung necessary things para hindi na maulit uli.
        Ingat kayo parati ni Selene.

        I’ll be joining your giveaway baka sakali mapili kami ni Chelsea.

  2. Monaliza Valencia
    July 22, 2016 / 11:09 pm

    After 3 months of giving birth last year, We’re back at the hospital. My eldest daughter, 7yrs old cia nun, got dengue. Grabe yung sakit na yun, nakakatakot. Wala pa kaseng gamot para dun eh. Need mo lang talagang maghydrate. Drink lots of water. Gallon gallon na water. Eh ang problema ko pa, mahinang uminom ng tubig un, kung pede lang ako eh, ako nalang ang gumawa. Siya pa naman ang sakitin sa magkakapatid. Buti nalang at tumaas ung platelets nya, kaya 4 days lang kameng nagstay sa ospital. Lahat kame nakacheck in sa ospital. Wala kase kameng yaya o kasambahay. Grabe no, 3 months si baby, bantay siya sa ate nya. Full breastfeeding kase ako, up to now nagpapadede pa din ako. Kaya hindi ko din pedeng iwan si baby, wala din akong mapag iiwanan. Syempre gusto ko ding mabantayan ang panganay ko. Kawawa naman si husband kung siya lang ang nasa ospital. Tubig at dasal lang. Ayoko ng maulet un. Ayoko na ding magstaycation sa ospital. Parati akong nagspray ng baygon sa bahay namin.

    • July 23, 2016 / 11:16 am

      Shucks Liza, I can just imagine the pain you went through seeing your daughter suffering… No words! Tapos nagbbreastfeed ka pa kay baby. Hands down, momma – ang galing mo! Baygon and OFF! Lotion every time na talaga. Hope you and your angels are kept safe from dengue always!

      • Monaliza Valencia
        July 23, 2016 / 11:45 am

        Hi Ms. Shari, grabe no. Naiyak kameng mag asawa gabi gabi. Umabot ng 70k ang platelets nya. Ipinapasa Diyos ko nalang. Galing nga at 4 days lang kame sa ospital. Malaking tulong din siguro ang pagbebreastfeed. 6 months ko lang cia na breastfed because of work. Ung second at bunso ko full breastfeeding. Almost 3yrs kong nabreastfed ang second child ko kase dito na ko sa bahay, full time na ng magstart mag aral ang panganay ko. Un din ang gagawin ko sa bunso ko. Mas healthy pagbreastfed ang baby. Kita ko un sa second at first child ko. Kaya ikaw Ms. Shari hanggang kaya mong magbreastfeed, magbreastfeed ka. Thanks at ingat ka palagi, malapit na due mo pretty buntis. God bless

  3. Emily Gatus
    July 24, 2016 / 6:16 pm

    Ohhh, now I understand how Dengue works. I thought there was some kind of substance from mosquitoes that make your immune system weaker, but your explanation about the disease is really enlightening. It makes sense why people diagnosed with Dengue get a lot of rashes! My sister got Dengue when she was 4 (she’s almost 18 now, time flies!) and I remember being alone with my lola at night because my parents were with my sister for more than a week in the hospital. One of our neighbors also got hit by Dengue twice, for two years in a row, and he was a teenager already then. I now see how important wearing some sort of repellant is, especially that it’s the rainy season already. I’m thankful because I haven’t caught the disease yet, but mosquitoes don’t pick their victims based on age, so I also need to take preventive measure seriously. 🙂

  4. Marie Dulosa
    August 6, 2016 / 10:00 pm

    Sobrang nakakatakot ang Dengue. Last year yung 2 classmate ng eldest son ko na si Justine ba hospital because of Dengue.
    Kaya kahit sa school pinapadala ko sya ng OFF Lotion.
    Sumali po akp sa giveaway nyo. 3 kase yung kids ko,malaking tulong kung sakaling manalo kami ng giftpacks

  5. arra carrasco-odeza
    August 7, 2016 / 2:27 pm

    During my college days I have experienced being admitted at the hospital for almost a week because of Dengue. Thankfully it did not get to the point that I need to get a blood transfusion. Since then, I became more careful when it comes to mosquitos. I always carry OFF Lotion wherever I go. Now that I have my daughter, I want her to be always protected from insect bites especially mosquitos. OFF! has been my partner when it comes to my daughter’s protection. Aside from always cleaning at home, using mosquito nets at night and wearing pajamas too. For just single application my daughter will be protected for 6+ hours. With a very handy bottle and mild scent. I just love it! mahirap magkasakit ang mga junakis kaya tayong mga mami gagawin ang lahat para khit lamok hindi makadapo sknla

  6. JM Camacho
    August 7, 2016 / 11:23 pm

    That’s the greatest fear of evey parents. To see our kids sick. I love my daughter so much,she is like a gift.
    Dengue doesn’t have any cure right now thought they already tried injecting the dengue vaccine but still not sure about the result.
    Right now what we can really do is to prevent it. We have to make sure that our kids and our body have a strong immune system.Lots of fluids,fruit and veg. We have to clean our house and use an Insect Repellent.
    My family has been using OFF Insect Repellent Lotion for many years now.
    My daughter likes because of the scent and I know that it last for more than 8 hours.

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