How I Spend My Mom Me Time

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Me Time

Browhaus Lash in Bloom | Strip Queen Bee Wax
For this pamper day, I visited Browhaus and Strip Serendra branches. Strip has the best wax – most painless I’ve tried!
D-day for The Misty Baby #2 is coming – I’m due on August, guys! I haven’t exactly been vocal about it because this whole time, I was more chill compared to my neurotic self during my first pregnancy. I guess it’s because I already somewhat know what to expect and how to go about. The challenge is definitely having two kids instead of one – I can already imagine dealing with a clingy, hyperactive toddler’s tantrum while breastfeeding a newborn in a baby carrier. Watch my snaps for more updates…. LOL! Kidding aside, I’m quite anxious and nervous thinking about it while typing this. This whole time, I was too busy and preoccupied squeezing in blog work before I give birth – that it hasn’t quite dawned upon me I’m giving birth in the next three weeks! Before I turn this into a full pregnancy post – let me share with you how I squeezed in a day of Mommy Pamper Time with Browhaus Manila and Strip Manila. Lash extensions and a full leg wax for this usually-have-no-time-for-waxing momma.
Eyelash Extensions
I’ve given up on lash extensions after the first time I tried it because when they fell out, my real lashes came off with them! And I didn’t pick on them, just as instructed. I was so frustrated and angry at that incident, I vowed never to get lash extensions again. Until Browhaus started offering lash extensions. I like that Browhaus’ Lash in Bloom extensions are individually inserted so they don’t clump together giving you spider-leg lashes.
They follow the curve of my eyelid and the lashes feel super soft and comfortable – no prickly feeling especially for those who have sensitive eyes. Also, I appreciate the seamless attachment of the extensions which leave no dark dots showing the connection of the extensions to your natural lashes. They really look blended together naturally.
Browhaus also considers the length, color and density of each lash hair so they can custom fit the extensions to my individual eye shape and needs. The result? Super natural, super lightweight – after a few hours, I forgot I even had lash extensions on. Lash in Bloom is definitely perfect for those who are averse to the heavy feeling of fake lashes/lash extensions! You can choose from three styles, by the way – natural, glam or cat-eye.
browhaus-lash-extensions browhaus-lash-extensions-manila browhaus-lash-extensions-manila-results browhaus-lash-extensions-manila-results2
The end result – the hairs look so natural it doesn’t even look like fake lashes or lash extensions. I chose the glam version – the one in between natural and intense. I wanted a thicker look, actually, but I had sparse lashes so they couldn’t add anymore. The extensions apparently need real lash hairs to hold on to.
Full Leg Wax Using Beeswax
STRIP Manila is definitely my go-to wax if I want a painless, quick and a bonus – deliciously-flavored wax treatment! It has a premium price, of course, but the additional $ is definitely worth the experience. This includes the sterile and super clean rooms and tools, the technique the waxers use and especially the wax that’s especially manufactured for Strip alone. I used to dread getting a brazilian wax because no matter how many times I’ve experienced it, it always hurts. When I tried Strip’s, no looking back – I vowed I will never get brazilian’d by any other wax place.
This time, I got a Full Leg Wax using their Queen Bee wax which aims to raise awareness on BEES and their worldwide importance, not just for waxing but for their other uses as well.
What sets STRIP apart is the quality of their wax that’s carefully and tirelessly researched and developed by their 10-men strong training academy. Other waxing salons use honey lemon wax derived from honey, which serves as the bees’ food. This affects bees because their homes get destroyed when honey is harvested from the honeycombs.
Wax for a Cause
Meanwhile, STRIP uses beeswax, which is the natural wax produced by bees. The Queen Bee Wax, in particular, comes from sustainable apiaries in Australia. It contains skin-conditioning properties like titanium dioxide that cares for sensitive skin. Moreover, its easy-to-apply formula minimizes skin drag, making hair removal quick and comfortable. Check in the video how effortlessly my waxer finished up my legs so quickly!
Clients who avail of certain services that use the Queen Bee Wax, such as the full leg or arm wax, will have the opportunity to do their part in helping save the bees. A perecentage of every Queen Bee wax spent at STRIP will go towards the apiaries that Strip is collaborating with.
Here in the Philippines, STRIP is supporting Tobee’s Apiary in Baguio by buying honey to create sustainable income for the beekeepers. By working with apiaries around the world such as in Rwanda in Africa and Midi-Pyrenes in France, this campaign not only benefits the global bee economy but provides a sustainable income and jobs for small-batch beekeepers as well. This initiative also helps bee farmers cultivate and save more bees.
STRIP’s campaign visual draws on the pink movement’s bold ambition to invoke a change in society, starting by educating the public on how bees are pollinators and not pests. They help pollinate 1/3 of the world’s food crop. If they die out, so will the world’s food source.
Thank you Monique Jamlang, Marketing Manager, for such a wonderful pamper day for this expectant momma. I can’t wait to try your Strip Mama package which takes care of expectant moms like me due for birth!!!
In appreciation of support for the campaign, clients can stand a chance to win STRIP vouchers when they have a go at picking a scroll from the in-store “hive” installation. “Bees are so crucial to our modern ecosystem and future, yet we are so often unthinking in the way we treat them. We need to see bees in a new light and do everything we can to ensure their survival. My vision is to eventually set up a global network of apiaries that in addition to producing honey and wax sustainably, will also provide jobs for 10,000 women,” says Cynthia Chua. “We, at STRIP, are always one notch ahead. We are doing our part on being sustainable to protect the environment,” said Tab Abad, managing director of STRIP Manila. “Strip is not just a hair removal business. We are doing more to take care of the future.”
Sound off!
Do you do wax treatments? Or are you more of a laser/shave/pluck/thread girl? Let me know your hair removal treatment of choice in the comments, friends.
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  1. Monaliza Valencia
    July 16, 2016 / 3:45 pm

    Wow as in wow. Malapit ka ng manganak! Your so pretty na buntis. Grabe. Ingat ka palagi ha. About sa wax, never pa akong nagtry magpawax o laser. I’m fine with my balahibo. Full time mom ako with 3kids. No yaya or kasambahay. Nagpapabreastfeed pa ko kay bunso, 1yr old na siya. Ang ME Time ko lang ay ang magread ng blogs, nood Eat Bulaga, nood 24 oras at maglagay ng moisturizer sa gabi. I’m happy with my kids and hubby. Ingat ka palagi ha. Praying for your safe delivery Ms. Shari.

  2. Luz Bella Lopez Dacanay
    July 16, 2016 / 4:22 pm

    Miss Shari, your face is just flawless. Can’t help but notice it more than your lashes.. Eeeep Sorry. Anyhow about your question, shaving still works out for me. Waxing for me is just painful. hu hu hu… Just dropping by here. Take care there ^ ^

  3. July 16, 2016 / 4:55 pm

    Ahh your lashes with the extensions added in are bomb! Looks like you’re legit wearing fluttery falsies except, well, you’re not. :)) Can’t wait to see Misty baby #2! 🙂

  4. Elma Cherry Lou Felicitas
    July 18, 2016 / 6:12 pm

    Love what you did on your eye lashes, nakakainggit since I do have short and thin lashes, bawi na lang kay Nikki (my daughter) she was born with really long eye lashes and have thick eyebrows too. Can’t wait for the #themistybaby2, I’m pretty sure that Selene is going to be a great Ate, take a lot of care. By the way I saw your snapchat today and was laughing all the way on the part that Selene was saying about the “bra and panty” haha, Selene really is an adorable toddler.

  5. Emily Gatus
    July 24, 2016 / 6:09 pm

    Omg your eyelashes look really fabulous! I bet they’re very expensive though, but given how well the quality is and how great the service you’re getting at the end of the day, I think it’s worth a shot! They look very natural, as opposed to many eyelash extensions that end up making your lashes look like cheap, plastic, false lashes. However, is it okay to get waxing services when you’re pregnant? The majority of waxing salons I’ve been to typically avoid pregnant clients, so I’m surprised to see you still up and about with only a few weeks left! 🙂

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