The Power Duo that Calmed My Sensitive Skin

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A Sigh of Relief

Combatting Redness, Dryness, Sensitive Skin
I just thought I’d update the Free in My Skin Challenge using the Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream and Cleanser months after I’ve finished because the results are impressive. I’ve completely finished up the bottle of the Face Cream which I used almost every night (there were nights I skipped because I was too sleepy and lazy to go through my evening routine). Some days, I also put it under makeup just to calm the intense redness around my nose area (my main problem area) that even makeup can not conceal. HUHU. The Gentle Cream Cleanser I used when I didn’t have waterproof makeup on, which is around 3-4x a week. It’s been more than a month since I’ve stopped using the Face Cream because I’m trying out other serums and let me tell you, the redness is back with a vengeanceUGH.
physiogel-calming-relief-review2 physiogel-calming-relief-cream-cleanser2
Gentle Cream Cleanser
At first, I used this as I normally used a facial wash – wet my skin, pump one or two drops of this cleanser and lather on my face. I didn’t quite like it. I thought, this is a bit too runny and messy am I really washing my face or putting on lotion? What worked for me was applying this onto my dry face, slathering it all over (like you would an oil makeup remover or cleansing butter) and tissuing it off (or wiping off with a warm washcloth) before rinsing your whole face.
I find that I can make do with this cleansing routine if I have light makeup on, but if I have heavier makeup – I use a waterproof remover for the waterproof products and a separate facial wash to double cleanse (just because I’m really OC in makeup removal like that). Because this is a cream cleanser – which I mentioned feels like lotion – it isn’t drying nor stripping on the skin. If you use it as a regular facial wash though, be wary that it doesn’t rinse off completely ‘squeaky clean’ as you’re probably used to.
This is non-waterproof but smudge-resistant eyeliner, lipstick and eyeshadows – all tissued off using the Physiogel Gentle Cream Cleanser (no water involved).
Facial Cream
This one needs no introduction. I’ve talked about this moisturizer and how it has significantly reduced the redness on my nose area – which is disaster zone, to put it mildly. I don’t know how many of you guys experience that perpetual redness around the nose that just keeps peeking through the concealer, foundation and powder you pile on to hide it. I swear, no amount of makeup hides it. After a few hours, it always manages to surface that I constantly touch up to no success.
After using this facial cream daily for two weeks straight, the redness has indeed calmed down. I still had slight redness but very minimal compared to my usual flare-ups. After a month of usage, I rarely needed to touch up my nose area because the redness doesn’t creep up anymore! Can you say miracle? I didn’t believe such a simple – almost clinical-looking – bottle could solve such a problem!
Add to that, my skin’s overall texture – plumpness, elasticity, smoothness – improved. My pores seemed smaller, my skin is smoother and plumper (I legit felt the Korean boing-boing phenomenon) as I continued usage.
Do note that the results astounded me because it has been a while since I religiously used face creams/moisturizers prior to using this. I only relied on my beloved serums, which are targeted at brightening and smoothening, but not at moisturizing and hydrating. If you’ve been a religious moisturizer user with relatively hydrated and supple skin, the results may not be as intense.
Goodbye Redness!
Sharing with you a token barefaced me, you guys. I’ve absolutely no stitch of makeup or anything in this photo. No photoshop as well! I love how there’s absolutely no trace of redness around my nose area. Dry patches? What are you talking about? I think I’ll get another bottle of Face Cream to keep handy in my dresser for when I feel the redness creeping in again. If you’ve got red, dry, sensitive skin – I can not recommend this more. For those with extra dry skin, they have a Face Cream Rich version.
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