Physiogel Takes Bangkok!

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Free in My Skin

Launch of The Calming Relief Range in Bangkok
Traveled to Bangkok, Thailand for the launch of the breakthrough Calming Relief Facial range from the brand that brought my dry, over-exfoliated skin back to life – Physiogel.
I’m still quite hung over from this whole experience that I actually made a short vlog plus this blog post of the trip. It’s my first time to be invited out of the country to attend a press junket so overwhelmed, excited and over the moon are understatements. Together with beautiful bloggers Angela, Jackie, Frances and Marj, we were chosen to personally experience the new Calming Relief Facial Care range. I’ve already blogged about my first week progress using it here so if you’re curious to see the final results, I’ll share them soon! In this post, let me briefly recall this unforgettable out-of-the-country blog experience. Do check out the Youtube video above if you want to see us in action.
Welcomed to the beautiful Anantara Hotel Bangkok (formerly Four Seasons) with these Physiogel goodies.
Upon arrival, the four of us had a few hours to kill before dinner time. We went around the area by foot (Anantara is situated near Central World) stopping at the first place where they sold food because Jackie and I were starving. We were all so excited for authentic Thai food yet sadly settled for some Mcdonald’s because it was the closest and fine, the first food joint we stumbled upon. We were that hungry. Plus we were having Thai for dinner later that night anyway, so we consoled ourselves with that thought.
After our Mcdonald’s trip, we went to a giant hypermarket called Big C where we ended up hoarding duo inhalers (for vertigo and insect bites) called Poy Sian. Marj swears it’s the ultimate pasalubong for everyone. We also did our first round of Thai grocery shopping consisting of instant tom yum noodles and instant Nestea Thai Iced Tea. After, we walked back to the hotel, had less than an hour to rest, take photos, do whatever before dinner.
physiogel-calming-relief-facial-cream-bangkok-3 physiogel-calming-cream-ootd
Day 1 OOTD : Asto Group Jumpsuit | Menina Step Ronda leather slip-ons | Mango bag | Michael Kors bracelet |
Our authentic THAI dinner at Spices Restaurant in Anantara Hotel. My favorite Thai dishes are those with veggies!
Me, Angela, Marj, Jackie (Frances went ahead already) representing half of Team Philippines – the other half were top magazine beauty editors
Ever so effervescent (not to mention super stylish) Jon Lee, Category Brand Head of GlaxoSmithKline.

Launch Day

St. Regis Bangkok
physiogel-calming-relief-facial-cream-bangkok-9 physiogel-calming-relief-facial-cream-bangkok-10
This is the complete range of the Calming Facial range that is out in the Philippines
Beautiful set-up, right?
The panel consisted of influencer Melissa Koh, Dr. Peter Blenkiron, Senior Director for Skin Health Category GSK R&D and dermatologist Dr. Poohglin Tresukoso
1. Almost everyone has sensitive skin. The triggers are just different for each of us. It can be weather, food, lifestyle, etc. Some flare up with spicy food, some with cold, freezing weather (or intense air-conditioning), some with alcohol. Do you know what yours is?
2. Sensitive skin means there is a rupture in the skin and what Physiogel aims to achieve is to soothe the skin, repair this rupture and restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This is why they call it their BioMimic Technology. Physiogel creams and lotions have a layered structure comparable to the skin’s natural lipid barrier. These products deliver back lipids and other molecules similar to those found in the skin right into the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis).
3. Hot water aggravates dry/sensitive skin! Also, your skin may be affected by the quality of tap water in your area. Now before you bathe in distilled water, that is what moisturizers/toners are for – to restore your skin’s natural balance so even if your skin becomes unbalanced due to the water you use to wash it, it can be restored to equilibrium. Also, this ‘tap water phenomenon’ has very little effect on the skin, so don’t fret about the damage it may cause.
4. The Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream works best for those with red, dry, irritated skin – but can also work for those with angry breakouts. I’ve tried using it on my acne breakouts and I’ve observed less reddening the next days. There’s also a Face Cream Rich version which influencer Melissa Koh used during the freezing New York Fashion Week winter.
5. Most interesting fact: Stressed people have drier skin than happy people. The stressed have more transepidermal water loss -resulting to drier skin which ages you more easily than those with normal/oily skin. So if you’re stressed guys, make sure to drink lots of water and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
We got to talk/interview Melissa Koh about her dry skin journey and she says she has very problematic dry areas which were solved by taking on the 14-day Physiogel Face Calming Relief range routine. Read about her story here.
Bloggers and beauty editors during the interview
We had a Physiogel makeover where we used the Cleanser to remove our current makeup, then the Face Cream as a base before we were made over with the new makeup look. My makeup artist was my soulmate – he used Charlotte Tillbury, Tom Ford, Chanel, Hourglass, Burberry on me!
I was fangirling on Melissa Koh the whole time – ask the other bloggers about it. I followed her way back so finding out she was the guest speaker for the launch brought out my fan girl self HAHA. Shez so pretty, you guise
So psyched to have been chosen to be part of this Physiogel experience – so much so that we had a mini photoshoot outside St. Regis after the launch.
Last night in Bangkok with these ladies! We went to Siam Paragon to look around then Marj took us to one of the top rated restaurants in Tripadvisor for some real Thai food
Bahn Kuh Mae – where I fell in love with Thai food. Note: I really am not a fan of Tom Yum or curry – as I said, I love Thai veggie dishes but this meal was able to make me eat so much curry and Tom Yum. Thanks Marj for introducing this to us!
Kob Khun Ka
Thank you Physiogel for this unforgettable experience! Please do watch the video for live action scenes, ha ha! Would love to hear your thoughts on this or on any skin sensitivities you may have experienced or are currently experiencing below.
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  1. March 22, 2016 / 7:59 pm

    I LOVE your pink jumpsuit!

  2. Monica Ferrer
    April 25, 2016 / 12:32 pm

    Surely you had a great time! Loved your look and style. 🙂

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