In Fitness and in Strength

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No More Excuses
If you had told me one year ago, I’d be working out regularly by now, I would have laughed at you while opening another bag of Cheetos. After my brief Playstation Move stint doing Zumba, I gave up ‘real exercise’ for running after Selene and busting my ass “multi-tasking”. Working on this blog “full-time”, contributing for a beauty magazine, co-handling a shoe brand and being a mom slash housemaker already fill up most of my plate. I couldn’t possibly fit in extra time to go to a gym/studio that would take another 1-2 hours (traffic not included!).
Not to mention, I get bored with routine exercises and workouts (although I ran and did core exercises almost everyday during college). I mean, how do I know if what I found on Pinterest or Youtube will work for me – and if they’re suited to my own endurance and strength (which at that time were non-existent!). All these apprehensions definitely put me off the notion of ‘working out’ or ‘training’. But while I don’t have issues with weight, I have major problems with strength. I was always lethargic even if I had a good amount of sleep. Plus, I couldn’t carry my 40lb daughter for more than 5 minutes – which made me feel really bad.
So when I was introduced by a friend to Fitnessmobil, I knew I found the solution to all my workout woes. No more excuses, woman. [/one_half]
Fitness at Your Doorstep

Fitnessmobil is a group of highly-qualified personal trainers who will go to your houses/offices or wherever you want to train. They’ll provide all the equipment – you just need a mat (or a towel, I didn’t have a mat with me during my first session). Coach Andre (owner of Fitnessmobil) is my trainer. He studied Sport Science in University of the Philippines and was part of 360 Fitness Club before starting his own company.
During your free trial, you’ll talk about goals, fitness background, etc. so your assigned trainer will know how to effectively go about your training. The exercises then vary from session-to-session and you’re not briefed on the workout menu – so it remains a mystery every single time. Your coach will also text you a day after to check up. “Did your body hurt?” is one question I always don’t look forward to answering because most of the time it’s a “hell yes”. Ha ha!
Workout clothes above from AVA Athletica (here)

1st Session

I was so anxious for this first session. I knew it would be ‘super easy’ because I told my coach I hadn’t exercised in almost three years! I mean, does Playstation Move Zumba count? If it does, it’s been “just” two years. LOL. Everything was going okay – I wasn’t as flexible as I used to be but I felt like I was doing well during the first 30 minutes. What do you know – I started getting dizzy and had to lie down because I was on the verge of blacking out as we were ending the session. Thankfully, Coach was monitoring my heart rate in between exercises and toned down when my heart rate indicated it was too strenuous for me.
I remembered my youngest sister’s experience a few years ago — she was working out alone doing some Youtube exercises. She was pushing herself too hard that she suddenly fainted and dropped to the floor hitting her head on the sofa. Good thing my mom was home (as well as the driver) so they carried her and took her to the nearest hospital. She ran out of oxygen because she was doing the exercises so intensely sans proper breathing. It was so scary, I can’t imagine my mom’s horror then.
So yes, first realization — it’s best to work out with a trained professional if you’re just starting out. They’ll teach you the proper way to do exercises, the right posture and form, breathing techniques and even monitor your heart rate so you’ll both know if the exercises are too easy or too hard for your body.

2nd Session

My body hurt all over after the first session. My second session was two days after so I was still “in pain”. The good kind of pain – the pain where you know your workout was worth it. It’s a love-hate pain. During this session, I was getting tired easily as well but I didn’t feel like blacking out. Heart rate was still monitored each exercise and we toned down to two exercises (instead of three) per set. I felt so weak ‘cos we had to tone down the workout, but Coach assured me that it was okay since I’m normalizing and setting my body ‘at ease’ with this new fitness routine. Worked on my thighs, core and arms during this session.
[one_half]fitnessmobil-home-workout-8[/one_half] [one_half]fitnessmobil-home-workout-9[/one_half] [one_half]fitnessmobil-home-workout-7[/one_half][one_half]fitnessmobil-home-workout-results-2[/one_half]

3rd Session

This was such a challenging session!!! TRX (suspension training with them ropes) is not my friend. It’s quite hard! I like it, actually, but I have a difficult time doing the exercises (to think I’m only doing the beginner-level ones)! I don’t detest it as much as weight training, though. Ha ha! I was also acquainted with Mrs. Kettlebell, which makes doing squats twice the challenge. As you can see from the beads of sweat dripping down my face, this was my most extreme workout so far. But it was very enjoyable at the same time! This was when I realized I was actually having fun working out. My friends were like, “WHAT?! Is this the same Shari who dreads the word exercise and instead hears extra fries?” Yes, friends – it’s me. I enjoy working out now! I finished this session with three sets of push-ups, burpees and squats. To say that my body was officially ‘dead’ for almost a week is an understatement.
[one_half]fitnessmobil-home-workout-12[/one_half] [one_half]fitnessmobil-home-workout-11[/one_half]

4th Session

See that cylinder under my shins? That is Pedro. Pedro makes planking even more challening as you have to roll back and forth with it as you plank for a minute. But I love core exercises the most, I actually had a fun time doing this. Afterwards, it was thigh and tush time. My thighs were still “dead” from the last session but as per Coach, thigh day is everyday (coach is becoming more merciless as the sessions pass! Touche!). After a killer set of squats having to hold the kettlebell and needing to touch Pedro, WOW. Thighs are double dead, yo.
But No-Mercy-Coach-Andre had yet another surprise – we went outside, jogged 100m back and forth (I dont know how many times, I was too tired to count) and sprinted “for the kill”. I swear, I don’t know how my body was able to take it but I guess it shows I was stronger than when I started. I was extremely (extremely!!!) tired but I didn’t feel like fainting nor blacking out. My workout was actually “working out” for me – I was getting stronger by the day. And at the end of this fourth session, I “saw” results as well. My baby abs are saying hello, again!
[one_half]fitnessmobil-home-workout-results[/one_half][one_half]fitnessmobil-home-workout-results3 [/one_half]
Just so you know, this isn’t a sponsored post and while my workouts are complimentary (just for the first “complete session”), I told my coach I wouldn’t blog about this if I didn’t develop abs, HAHAHA! My ultimate goal is to be physically ‘strong and fit’ so I’d be able to do all the work I have to do without lethargy creeping up on me, making me want to take that nap with Selene everyday instead of working. To also be able to keep up with her and her high levels of energy and enthusiasm (that is a challenge, I tell you). As well as to develop endurance so I physically and mentally feel good about myself instead of feeling weak and tired all the time. Developing abs, toned muscles are just bonuses – it wouldn’t hurt to have them, though!! I’ll do another round-up of my next set of sessions.
If you’re interested, Fitnessmobil Philippines does free trial sessions all over the Metro. You may email them at and contact them at 0917 810 0211. Tell them you found them through me and I’ll ask my coach to give you a special discount, haha!
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  1. October 29, 2015 / 12:54 pm

    This is interesting, Shari! I started dancing again 2 months ago but since our concert is over, I’m done dancing again for now. I think I may just try this so I could continue exercising! 🙂

  2. October 29, 2015 / 2:44 pm

    Don’t you even have stretch marks, girl? Hahahahaha! I wish I could be as lucky as you when I get pregnant. I’m a certified “taong-bahay” so this sounds like my cup of tea. I want to be stronger and more energetic as well because my muscles are so weak!

  3. October 30, 2015 / 6:37 am

    pedro …the foam roller? i really like trx work outs. they can kick your butt if you do them right. i’m so glad i got my foam roller. super helps with stretch after and yea i notice i can do ab workouts with it too.

    there’s a saying. abs are made in the kitchen. and its so true. i’ve def got some ab muscles but b/c i keep eating sugar, there’s still a layer of fat over them. my muscles are there b/c of the ab workouts but…gotta get my eating in check.

  4. Lily
    October 30, 2015 / 10:47 am

    Foam rollers are a must if you work out hard 🙂 I hate running, but I love love the hardcore HIIT which knock you out in 15 minutes. I also love weight training, and it’s so satisfying being able to lift heavier and in better form than some guys in the gym. It’s ridiculous for girls to get scared of weights and “bulking up”. If it’s so easy to develop muscles, then guys who are with the right hormones wouldn’t even need to take steroids. I agree with Jenn (it’s proven scientifically) – that abs (and any form of lean muscles showing) are made in the kitchen. But Shari, you’re lean to start with anyway, so all you have to do is to develop those muscles and you’ll have some definition showing.
    Good job girl! Keep it up.

  5. November 11, 2015 / 10:09 pm

    This is amazing! I’ll try to do it on my own until after we move. I need someone with his qualifications. I was recently diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis (due to sudden weight gain), and I feel like I need a trainer who knows how to deal with someone with my condition.

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