Siquijor Day 1 + My Travel Essentials

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Travel Buddies

when I do travel, which is not often
When I look back at my Eurotrip six years ago (during my Junior Year Abroad program), I never fail to cringe because I made so many seemingly “little mistakes” that I wouldn’t dare make now when I do get the chance to travel. For one, I did not have a bottle of sunscreen at all during my close to half a year stay there. KILL ME NOW. To think we walked 90% of the time when we were there. Also, I suffered from extremely dry skin (I hate the cold) and extra chapped lips yet I didn’t even bother walking into Sephora and buying a tub of moisturizer (but I visited H&M almost every week). Add to that, the camera I brought with me was so bad that most of our photos were either washed out, dark or blurry to death. The memories and experiences were irreplaceable, of course. I just couldn’t take that those “small mistakes” could’ve been avoided.
Skincare Because
I’m really adamant on taking care of my skin while on the road especially if I’m flying up in the air – the unnatural pressurized environment of a plane sucks moisture out of skin, leaving it dehydrated. For short-haul flights, a hydrating toner will do. If it’s a long haul flight, I’ll go for the whole shebang – toner, moisturizer, serum, face mask. Since I was going to the beach, I brought three SPF products with me.
Canon G7X
I’m still so in love with this camera after being our travel companion for the whole four days of our adventure in Siquijor, Dumaguete and Oslob. I mostly used manual mode because I’m quite OC like that — I like to control the shutter speed and aperture so I can achieve the brightness and focus I want. I like that Canon made it so easy to control this either by turning the wheel in front right behind the lens for the aperture and the wheel on the menu control at the back for the shutter speed (or vice-versa, since you can choose which one you want to control).
There were a few times I used it on automatic and it performed well – much better than I expected – as usually, images shot on auto are a bit dark and shadowy. On the contrary, the G7X photos shot on auto are true-to-color and has the perfect white balance even on the harshest, sunniest days. For low light situations though, auto won’t do, you either have to switch to night mode or manual. But what I (and my companions!) love most is that we can transfer our photos from camera to our phones whenever, wherever we want due to its wifi connectivity setting. Be it Android or iOS, you just have to download the Canon Camera Connect app and you can have access to all photos and videos once connected to the camera’s wifi. Our Instagram game was up that weekend! Enjoy the photos below from Day 1 of our Siquijor adventure all taken with this camera.

Siquijor Day 1

Photos Taken with Canon G7X
Finally in Siqujior!
Arrived at Siquijor after a plane ride to Dumaguete, a trike ride to the Dumaguete Port and a 45-minute ferry to Siquijor! Add the 2-hour waiting time we spent at the port for our ferry ride.
siquijor-travel-3 canon-g7x-travel-siquijor-5
Our Cabana for the Weekend
We stayed at Coco Grove Beach Resort, one of the oldest running resorts in the island (for 25 years now!). We initially booked for a regular room but since there weren’t a lot of guests that weekend, we were upgraded (for free!) to one of the beachfront cabanas! Love the welcome chalkboard as we entered the resort – made us feel ~special~. Note: This wasn’t a sponsored stay! We were paying guests.
We eat makeup and skincare for breakfast. We’re not pretentious – we did fix ourselves to look good for our photo-ops. Judge us if you will. LOL
Everyday Breakfast Like This, Please
We were kinda bummed the complimentary breakfast wasn’t a “buffet” but it was completely made up for with their awesome selection. Rookie “non-Visayan” mistake: my sister and I ordered ‘pancakes’ but we were greeted with these crepes instead. Apparently, this is how they do pancakes there – folded pancakes French crepe style. It was a sweet sweet breakfast, LOL! The next day, I ordered the beef tapa set and it was delicious! Believe it or not, this was a hearty breakfast – with coffee, choice of juice and fruit.
siquijor-travel-11siquijor-travel-12 siquijor-travel-7
Beaches and Cream
The waters in Siquijor are so crystal clear, it was a sin not to swim. BTW, I love that the G7X had a “Beach” filter so capturing sceneries by the ocean made it look so heavenly. Particularly love this shot of my best friend and I as she fixed my hair not only because of the ‘candid’ moment caught on camera by my sister, but because of the beautiful gradient in our background consisting of the sky and the ocean.
Used the flip-out selfie screen for this photo! Love the wide-angle lens of the camera as well, no arm-extending skills needed!
[one_half]siquijor-travel-18[/one_half][one_half] siquijor-travel-willow[/one_half]  
The 400-year-old Balete Tree
Known as the Island of Healing (a.k.a mangkukulams galore), we were quite hesitant to visit this 400-year-old balete tree in Lazi – which we referred to as Mother Willow. We couldn’t help but silently sing “Colors of the Wind” during our quick stay here. Cue in my Pocahontas pose. The tree was humongous and quite scary when you look at it from afar, but no ‘scary vibes’ when we were there. Or so we would like to believe. Ha!!
Do you see anything creepy in this photo? Wink wink.
siquijor-travel-17 siquijor-travel-13
G7X: Ultimate Travel Buddy
I’ll do a part two of our adventure! I just wanted to show the G7X’s great capabilities for travelling – it takes up a very small space in your backpack, easy to transfer photos from camera to your smartphone, takes sharp, true-to-color photos without much fuss, easy video button so no need to switch modes in between – it’s all you want in a travel camera, I promise!
If you’re interested in the camera, you can check out for awesome deals on Canon cameras!
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  1. October 31, 2015 / 1:13 pm

    Siquijor sounds and looks lovely! Also no judgment here for putting on make-up for your photo ops! 😀

  2. Karen
    November 6, 2015 / 5:41 pm

    why do you always make timely posts??!! Im about to travel and i cant decide which new camera to buy. I really dont want to carry around my SLR while strolling because its just toooo heavy. And my camera phone is not that good. currently looking for sites that sell that camera. haha thanks Shari. Lovely pics by the way 🙂

  3. November 8, 2015 / 1:12 pm

    You look so amazing, and I love your photos – especially the ones at the beach! I’m terrible with suncare as well, which is terrible given I live in California. I never would’ve guessed that such a small camera could take such lovely photos, I’m used to carrying around my DSLR, but sometimes I get tired of it when I’m traveling.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

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