Bobbi’s Secret to the Universe

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bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector-2 bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector-3 bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector

Bobbi Brown Masterclass

with Felix Nguyen, APAC Manager for Artistry
What is Bobbi’s secret to the universe? Her star duo – which now comes in a new formula! Don’t worry old-formula lovers, the cream ones aren’t being replaced.
If there’s one prominent Chief Makeup Artist for a brand whom I always look forward to watching, it is Felix Nguyen of Bobbi Brown Asia Pacific. He’s engaging, witty, realistic and approachable. Also, I love the fact that his makeup techniques are all relatable and applicable for daily use. For this session, Felix revealed Bobbi Brown’s secret to the universe — her star duo called Corrector and Concealer that will banish the darkest black hole-reminiscent circles under your eyes. This time, it’s in liquid form to complement their Skin Serum Foundation. I personally love the cult favorite cream corrector which I’m finishing down to the last bit. It really banishes those dreaded dark circles that always creep up in spite of the layers of concealer you pile on. So yes, I’m definitely with Bobbi regarding this “secret to the universe” especially since my forever can’t-be-without product is none other than concealer.
The concealer and corrector come in a sleek black tube with gold details and a wand applicator.
“Perfect Skin”
The secret to “Perfect Skin” makeup is a myriad of glow-inducing skincare! Felix used the following – Face Oil, Vitamin Enriched Face Base, Illuminating Balm – before putting on the Intensive Serum Corrector, Concealer and Foundation (in that order). From what I learned during the last Masterclass, Felix believes on putting on concealer first before foundation so you don’t end up layering tons of foundation as you’ve already worked on the most uneven parts on your face.
bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector-15 bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector-16 [one_half]bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector-18[/one_half][one_half]bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector-7[/one_half] bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector-9 bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector-4
These are what Felix used on his beautiful model (who arguably doesn’t even need foundation on!).
bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector-5 bobbi-brown-serum-concealer-corrector-12
Just the usual beauty blogger ‘flatlay’ which means taking apart the beautiful table set-up to curate a photo for thy Instagram.
It is my dream to have this palette. I think it’s every woman’s dream.
First Impressions
I’ll do a full review on the Corrector and Concealer soon but right now, I’ll tell you it doesn’t have ‘full’ coverage if you’re used to heavy duty concealers. While it does a great job correcting and concealing, it still looks pretty ‘medium’. Topping off with a powder will definitely help with coverage but it might crease! Will keep using it to see the best way to work with it. I definitely love the corrector, though! Works just as well as the Peach cream corrector that I have. Also, my shade is Warm Beige for the foundation/concealer and Peach for the corrector.
Has anyone tried these already? Let me know your thoughts!
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  1. October 29, 2015 / 12:44 am

    i feel like i can concur anything with this palette. i mean. will i never need the super dark colors? maybe not but jeez the quality and they options.

    my friend and i had a debate about the concealer first or foundation first thing. i’ve been putting on concealer first but sometimes i notice i get better results in coverage when i use it after foundation. i’m interested to hear about your preferred method to use this will be 🙂

  2. October 31, 2015 / 1:15 pm

    Daaaaaamn that palette is so pretty! Also funnily enough, that model is my batchmate from high school!

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