Let’s Talk Underarms

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Under Armor
Let’s talk about something we don’t really wanna talk about – underarms. The pits. It’s not really a glamorous subject, let’s be honest – but just like our face and the rest of our body, it deserves some TLC as well. I do have to share though that I didn’t really wear deodorant on a daily basis until I had to test this. Someone once asked me on my Ask what deodorant I used and while I enjoyed a bottle of Chanel Chance deo I got as a gift before, I used it more for the scent and not for the deo purposes. LOL. Also I don’t really have major pit problems except that I’ve been too lazy to go to my regular waxer the past months which resulted in emergency shaving situations. And I absolutely dislike shaving. It gives me instant chicken skin, dreaded razor bumps and even leads to darkening certain parts of my underarms. I would invest in laser hair removal except it’s not in my financial priorities at the moment (plus I don’t think I have the commitment to show up for the monthly sessions in the intervals necessary).
So at the moment, I’ve been road-testing the new Belo Beauty Deo*. Now I’m not really keen on skin whitening products hence the absence of it on my blog. But for whitening certain parts of the body that need it (like my knees for example and now my underarms), I’m open to them. What I’m most interested about in this Beauty Deo isn’t the whitening factor but more on how it claims to control darkening – which I encounter almost immediately after I do some emergency plucking or shaving.  It also prevents redness and at the same time soothes skin after waxing, shaving or plucking (which means it’s okay to be used after hair removal).
New Belo Beauty Deo
The Belo Deo is back with its unbeatable features  — 48-Hour protection and its anti-stain formula. While I couldn’t confirm if this will keep you sweat-free for 2 days (have you felt the scorching Manila heat?! I can’t not shower every 3 hours! It’s insane!), I will confirm that during the times I was wearing it, not a stain of sweat on my t-shirt. I also noticed minimal redness and darkening on my underarms every time I shaved or plucked. I still experience some chicken skin but not as intense as before. The major effect I noticed is almost no darkening of patches on my skin after every shave. That’s just not possible. I believe the deo’s smoothening effect stopped the darkening that occurs during each shaving/plucking session.
While I can’t compare pronounced lightening of my skin (as I really don’t have a major problem in that area just in patches), I’m perfectly happy with how it controls darkening and how it smoothens skin after hair removal. I especially like that besides being just a deodorant that controls sweat effectively, it feels like an underarm treatment as well. A few minor things I’ve observed — the roll-on takes quite some time to dry. Around 5 minutes or so. Also, if you spray the aerosol deodorant too close, it has a tendency to leave white marks on your pits.
Belo Underarm Whitening Cream
For those who need extreme help on the whitening aspect, the brand has developed an intensive whitening treatment to apply on their underarms at night. The Whitening Cream contains active ingredients Alpha Arbutin and Hydroxyphenoxy that has been clinically proven to whiten at the cellular level in as fast as 14 days. It also prevents redness caused by plucking and shaving – hallelujah! My thoughts on this: I did notice some minor whitening after more than a week, but not so noticeable as I didn’t really have dark underarms to begin with. I have however, noticed major improvement during plucking sessions – no extreme redness right after the battle.
I believe that the new Belo Beauty Deo and Whitening Cream will be today’s best bets of those looking to solve their underarm problems – darkening, razor bumps, uneven color, redness. Don’t be ashamed, we all (or at least most of us) suffer from these problems as well. We just don’t really talk about it much because it’s taboo, it’s embarrassing. But how do we solve it if we don’t talk about it, right? Anyway, I’ve passed on a kit of this Belo Beauty duo to my sister who in turn hopes to see results for herself as well especially since it’s summer and it’s bikini season. Here’s to a brighter underarm future for us all!
Are you at least one bit curious? Check out the Belo Beauty sites for more info:
*This post was brought to you by Belo Essentials. I was compensated for this post. All thoughts and experiences are mine.
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  1. Lily
    May 5, 2015 / 4:57 pm

    I don’t use any anti antiperspirants or deodorants. I used them when I was in college, because everyone else was, but I actually didn’t really need to. I’m blessed with a pretty hairless armpit. I have pretty bald legs too. So, I probably shave like 3 or 4 times a year just for the fun of it. Heh!

  2. May 6, 2015 / 1:08 am

    I was off deodorants for a while, just to try, but I’m back on them. This heat is making me steam up some icky BO (and I’m glad I can smell and correct it on my own because other people can’t!)

  3. May 6, 2015 / 1:49 am

    I am using these Belo products and like them but I don’t think they last for 48 hours because of the extreme heat here. Di pwede hindi maligo!!!

  4. Irish
    September 27, 2015 / 3:48 pm

    This deo didn’t work for me. Never will I re-purchase it again. It made my B.O stronger.

    • Anonymous
      May 15, 2016 / 12:32 pm

      Baka hindi ka lang ganung ka-hygienic no offense =)

  5. Em DeSan
    October 9, 2015 / 10:25 pm

    Hi! I read about the Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspitant Deo on http://www.webbline.com/belo-essentials-whitening-anti-perspirant-deodorant-review/ and honestly I am amazed how the deodorant really works 🙂 I wasn’t really a fan of Belo Essentials Underarm Care before but after reading the Webbline.com’s and your own review, triny ko talaga siya and now I am really happy with the result! Highly recommended 😀

  6. Luie
    December 29, 2017 / 2:50 pm

    Hello, nag hahanap ako ng belo deo review kasi nagtataka ako sa deo ko (belo deo gamit ko right now) bakit ganito ang smell?! Amoy panis na laway. Pinagtatyagaan ko na lang dahil ng hihinayang naman akong itapon. Sayang naman. Pero kasi ang nakakainis, nadikit ung amoy sa damit. Pero na noticed ko, habang tumatagal ang pag gamit ko ng belo deo, nagkakaroon ng liwanag ang kili-kili ko. Simula kasi ng nag deo ako ng ibat ibang brand, especially ung suave na sobrang bango, na kahit di ako magpabango, naaamoy ko ang kili-kili kong mabango. Kaso tuwing maliligo naman ako, kapag iniis-is ko ang kili-kili ko ng kamay ko, andun parin ung pinahid kong deo. So, ang bilis nyang makaitim ng kili-kili. In 2mos. ang itim na ng kili-kili ko. So, nag switch na naman ako sa ibang brand. Ayun nga! Ung belo. Kasi dapat daw wag pipili ng deo na may amoy at dapat paraben free. Eh nakita ko sa belo na alcohol at paraben free sya. Tapos unscented pa. Kaya na enganyanyo ako. Pero ganito naman pla ang amoy nya. Huhuhu…. sayang! Nahanap ko na sana ang buddy ko para sa armpit ko. Pero di ko lang talaga sya mabitaw bitawan kasi ang ganda nya sa kili-kili. Nakakakinis ng balat at nakakaputi. Akala ko nga panis na etong nabili. Soli ko sana sa department store. Lols! Pero kung nato tolerate nyo naman ang amoy, best etong belo para sa mga gustong magpaputi at pampakinis. Tsaka good sya sa any skin type. Lalo na sa mga sensitive skin. Kasi parang napaka light ng liquid nya.

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