Makeup Play: Red Eyeliner with Etude House Geliquid Liner

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etude-gel-liner Yes, you read that right. RED EYELINER. I know you guys, this is definitely not something listed under my go-to makeup looks. I mean, the “craziest” I’ve gone with my eyes is this pastel eye look with purple eyeliner. You can call me Ms. Adventurous, thank you. But when Etude House sent me this tube of Proof 10 Geliquid Liner* in their fiery red shade, I felt excitement rather than hesitation. It was such a beauty addict moment squealing upon seeing the red tint as I opened the tube.  etude-gel-liner2 etude-gel-liner3B I’m quite a newbie to Etude House – they exploded here in the country when they first launched but I wasn’t quite into makeup then so I missed the parade. What I do know is they’re a well-known Korean brand carrying good quality products at a reasonable price. Their BB creams have achieved a cult following too, I hear. However, this is the first time I’ll be actually trying any makeup product from the brand (I use their nail polishes and other nail care things) so I didn’t know what to expect, really. Geliquid Liner. It’s supposed to be a hybrid gel and liquid liner combining both the pigment of gel and consistency of liquid. To be honest, I didn’t see that hybrid in this liner. I still felt like I was using just liquid eyeliner. The consistency is quite watery and you have to shake the tube so the pigments coat the tip. The tip is quite flexible, too flexible even, that I had a hard time maneuvering it with accuracy. It does make for easier winged application, though. The thing is, I don’t know if I got a dud because the application of this liner was patchy and quite fussy. The liquid doesn’t coat the wand evenly so when applied, you get an uneven line. I had to go over the first layer a few times so I can get an even opaque finish. Other shades swatched online didn’t exhibit this behavior so I’m thinking this problem is either for this red shade alone or I got a dud. I think I’ll visit an Etude counter and see for myself. etude-house-gel-liner3 etude-house-gel-liner4 etude-house-gel-liner5 Still, I worked with it and ended with this super amateur-skill liner look. I wanted to go more graphic-like but my skills prevented me from doing so. I really like the shade, though. I mean, if the texture and consistency weren’t such a fuss, I may even check out the other shades because I think I’m ready to sport colored liners having tried (and liked!) this red look. Whatever, I’m still off to check the other shades in hopes that they don’t perform like this. Here’s to a more experimental, adventurous me, yay! I paired the red liner with a sheer-ish juicy-looking red lip (MAC Lady Danger blotted) and a clean base (a.k.a just concealer and powder). Maybe I should’ve contoured too, no? I showed this look to my husband and I was quite surprised with his reaction.. “Looks good, I like it better than your super dark lipsticks”. WHOA. I expected him to give me his usual discerning face and confused look but he was quite receptive to it. A push for me to definitely check out more colors – royal blue, maybe? etude-gel-liner4 EDIT: So I went to Etude House to check on the other shades and see if they performed any better. They did. From the swatches above, you can see the darker shades are much more intensely pigmented and even in application. The midnight blue with shimmer almost came home with me! But I got distracted with other things a.k.a the Color Fit-Lips liquid lipsticks. Love this specific color but I wanted to see if it was drying or not before diving in! It’s quite drying at the 5-hour mark but not to the point of chapping or peeling soooo… tempting! etude-house-color-lips-fit Forgive the face. Went all around Makati the whole day today for last minute errands (flying out tomorrow night!). No base makeup, only sunscreen, concealer, sheer powder oh and unkempt brows. Went to get my brows groomed after this swatchfest because good gosh, it was screaming for thread. 

Have you tried colored eyeliners? Are you willing to or would you rather stick with bold lips? 

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  1. Meg
    October 9, 2014 / 4:38 pm

    Work it, Shari! You look fierce!

    Too bad I have a hard time pulling off liquid eyeliners. I have monolids. 🙁

  2. October 9, 2014 / 5:25 pm

    You are totally rocking it no doubt!! 🙂 Love the stained lips a LOT! Going to give it a try!


  3. October 9, 2014 / 6:57 pm

    hahaha maybe its like…’uh…this isn’t as gross as super dark lipstick so i’m going to say it looks good by comparison’ ahahah david’s like that too. he would have me in no makeup but guys ‘always’ think no makeup is good w/o realizing that no makeup = hideous face

    i wanted to try some of the play pencils but you’re right about the patchiness. thats the thing w/ liquid liners i find. the brush ones end up having the brush drag through the liquid separating the liquid into halves. it sort of annoying so i don’t usually use liquid or if i do, i try the felt tip ones. the still liquid liners is good though that’s the only one i’ve really tried.


    A Beautiful Zen

  4. October 10, 2014 / 1:19 am

    I’m so intimidated by red liner because I fear it makes my eyes look more sunken and blood shot. but you look good! Kpop star :))

  5. Lily
    October 10, 2014 / 7:37 am

    The red liner looks hawt on you Shari!!

  6. anne0822
    October 10, 2014 / 8:09 am

    The red eyeliner reminds of Dakota Fanning in Twilight. hehe..
    I like the midnight blue with shimmer eyeliner too! I think I should visit Etude House this weekend to swatch too… :/

  7. October 10, 2014 / 5:13 pm

    The red eyeliner is so edgy, I’m kinda liking it!
    I agree though, that midnight blue with the shimmers is stunning!!

    Chloé⎪ à la foliee

  8. Raven Ang
    October 10, 2014 / 7:48 pm

    Bagay sayo! So edgy and out there!! That liquid lipstick, I want! If you have other shade swatches, please post. 🙂 Also, have a safe flight and have fun! 😀

  9. October 10, 2014 / 10:20 pm

    I would not wear reddish eyeshadows or eyeliners that quickly on my eyes, but you can really pull it off!

  10. October 13, 2014 / 12:29 pm

    I’ve only ever worn a plum eyeliner. But I might just try a red one haha

  11. October 14, 2014 / 9:16 pm

    I love playing with red liner! Always looks so neat when layered with black liner. Looks great! xo

  12. October 15, 2014 / 10:05 pm

    I wonder what that color is (Lips Fit), I have PK0002 and that was the darkest one I saw, pero that release was spring summer. Maybe meron na for fall.

    I also have the red liner. Sabi naman ng husband ko, para daw akong taga-Capitol from the Hunger Games. Hahaha.

    Check out the Play 101 liners din.

  13. October 16, 2014 / 1:39 am

    It’s funny, I’ve been wanting to get a red or dark pink liner for a while now. I’ve had my eye on Stila Deep Fuchsia, but I think this would be a great pick as well.

  14. Steph gods
    October 16, 2014 / 11:05 am

    I would totally wear red glitter line I think is perfect for holiday parties heck i would even wear green eyeliner on a regular day. hehe. that lip color really suits you 🙂

  15. October 20, 2014 / 1:36 pm

    I love red liner! I rock MAC Cranberry as a liner all though Fall and Winter and it’s so pretty and unexpected. I love the way this one looks on you, Shari!

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