An Ode to My Favorite Lipstick At The Moment: Tom Ford Spanish Pink

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tom ford spanish pink lipstick tom ford spanish pink lipstick

Worst Timing to be My Klutzy Self

Do I win ugliest lipstick photo for a beauty blog or what? Because of my excitement over this review, I butchered my so-called favorite lipstick at the moment making me feel like I’ll be writing an ode instead. Clumsy me. I took off the heavy, feel-the-weight-of-your-purchase cap and positioned the lipstick on top of the dresser before grabbing my camera situated behind it, not anticipating the flailing camera strap that’ll smack the tube. Pop goes 50 bucks (+tax and shipping)!
Why has this never happened to my MAC lipsticks?! WHY did it have to happen to a pain-in-the-wallet Tom Ford one? Call me crazy but the butchered part that smeared on the floor I frantically swiped on my finger in the hopes of reuniting it (a.k.a smushing it back) with the rest of the lipstick left on the tube. My germophobe dont-you-even-think-about-it side was at war with my frugal fudge-this-is-a-50-dollar-lipstick side. I’ll just leave you and your imagination to finish that scenario off.
tom ford spanish pink lipstick

Spanish Pink

Tom Ford Spanish Pink is a light peachy-pink shade with a tiny almost-nonexistent hint of sparkle. I was afraid that this may pull too peachy on me so I held off on purchasing it for a while but gave in eventually as I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Having not been enthusiastic enough with my previous Tom Ford lip purchase *ehem* Crimson Noir *ehem*, I prayed to the Makeup Gods to make me not regret every cent I’d spend on Spanish Pink.
I got this around September of last year, but never got to do a full review because the moment I took the cap off, all blogger duties flew out the window. No way I’d postpone not using it right away for the sake of photographing it untouched.


First, the texture of this one is so different from Crimson Noir — it is much creamier, a bit thicker making it slightly heavier in feel. I would be running now at the mention of creamier-than-usual lipsticks because of my experience with horrible MAC Cremesheens. But by the grace of the Lipstick Gods, this actually makes my ungodly dry and peeling lips look good. And I mean hydrated, moisturized good. While it sits on my lips until it fades and even hours after it is long gone, it keeps my lips moisturized and flake-free (something I rarely ever encounter).

Pigmentation and Longevity

As for pigmentation, Spanish Pink is virtually opaque in one swipe so a layer is usually enough for everyday wear. I find that when I use a lip brush, it appears much less lipline-y and stays put for longer than usual. The only con I could think of (in the many months that this has been my best friend!) is that it doesn’t last long, 4 hours tops sans any food or drink. Constant reapplication is needed so for those who don’t want to have to do that… stick to your mattes girls! I have to add that it’s not at all forgiving on lip lines, too.
tom ford spanish pink lipstick

Final Thoughts

Good God, I may have two lipstick firsts with Spanish Pink — 1) it may be the first one I’d be able to finish up completely and not have to throw away because it has gone bad and 2) my first lipstick repurchase… ever! I wish I could have found this kind of love in a much more affordable brand but sadly, my lips are so frikkin’ dry and choosy that even Chanel lipsticks don’t sit well with it anymore. I have tried the crazy lip balm remedies but once I stop, it’s back to scaly lips (LOL).
In conclusion, I love  Spanish Pink because of how it registers on my lips – a beautiful pinky salmon shade that I actually can’t find a dupe of in my stash despite its not-so-unique shade. The ones I have are either straight-up pink, peach or nude.. and not as deceiving as this one that looks different on me in different lightings. Also, the creamy texture is moisturizing and actually works kinda like a treatment to my lips. It could be more forgiving on the lip lines, but I’m willing to look pass that for the other advantages.
So yes, if you are out for a Tom Ford lipstick, Spanish Pink is a good shade to start with. One small but relevant caveat: this shade shows up differently on everyone. Some find it registers more peach on them than pink, some the other way around, some somewhere salmony in between. So, nope.. not a good idea to blind-buy this one! Also, on the moisturizing properties, our lips react differently to certain ingredients so while I found the ingredients in Tom Ford lipsticks suit me, it may not suit yours. 
Mind sharing  favorite lipstick at the moment and what you LOVE about it?