My Super Late Black Friday Haul That You Wouldn’t Expect

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…Bath & Body Works Candles!

Did you see that coming? I never thought I would succumb to the lure of heavenly (and heavily) scented candles. Alas, I’m here and it’s a bit too late to look back and stop myself. Twitter, it has to be said, is such an evil enabler. One tweet is all it takes to do me in real good. Romz innocuously (I think!) sent me a “Hey, Bath & Body Works is having their annual buy one take one sale, if you’re interested“. So despite my best efforts to avoid the crazy $10 Sephora makeup deals and all other Black Friday promos, I dropped by the Bath & Body Works website and here we are — three 3-wick candles heavier.

This took a long time to reach me because I used the GCASH-AMEX Virtual Pay shipping option VIA SEA as it weighs quite a lot and VIA AIR shipping would cost almost Php2,000 ($46 no thanks!). Via sea took around 60 days so I almost forgot about this purchase when it was delivered to my doorstep, to be honest. However, with the difference in price, I wouldn’t have shipped it any other way. VIA SEA shipping cost me around Php700 for all three.


They altogether came in a huge box with individual cardboard packaging to secure each candle. Bath & Body Works had a huge assortment of candles so it was quite tough to select which scents to try out first. These three candles only cost me $23 with shipping at $5.99 and some sales tax which all in all came out at $31.60. Not bad for three candles, a Diptyque mini costs $28 alone!
Moving on, a little disclaimer, I am the worst at describing scents which explains my aversion to perfume reviews despite my absolute love for them. So there, let’s move along with the candles, shall we?
I picked the top three recommendations by Romz namely Sweater Weather, Leaves and Mahogany Teakwood. I am ultimately averse to sweet, sugary, pepperminty, anything candy-smelling scents so she suggested I might like these three as they tend to be more woody and forest-y (?)3

Sweater Weather

First, Sweater Weather – hmmmm, how do I describe thee? The candle is made up of juniper berries, fresh eucalyptus, some sage and a tiny bit of wood, sweet spearmint and dew. I feel like the room is transformed to the Amazon rainforest 15 minutes after lighting this candle up. It is strrroooong. Very earthy and mountain-y (I’m so good at describing scents, no?).


This candle I thought I wouldn’t like because of the hint of cinnamon emanating even as it was still unlit. However, as soon as I fired it up, it oozed of red, luscious apples, sweet nectar and fruity berries with the cinnamon spice lingering in the background to keep it from being too synthetically fruity or sugary (which I don’t like). It feels cozy and familiar, not at all unique but particularly calming. I’m warming up to it, but I don’t see the craze behind this scent (Youtubers are mad about this one!). 5

Mahogany Teakwood

“The smell of Abercrombie & Fitch stores.” SOLD! I’ve only visited an Abercrombie store once or twice when we were in the US a long time ago and so this candle is more of a nostalgic buy than anything. When I opened the box, this scent was the most overpowering among the three! I think there are a lot of different woody notes such as mahogany (duh), cedar, some oak as well as hints of floral notes that I can’t pinpoint. It smells alluring, have to give them that. But it smells too much of a man’s body spray (think AXE!) that I find it headache-inducing when lit. Unlit, it’s tolerable and smells even enticingly sexy but once lit, ack! Not for me 🙁


I see the beauty of Bath & Body Works Candles – they have an array of scents which mostly have amazing throws and for such reasonable prices. Thing is, you have to sorta smell them in store to make sure you end up getting what suits your nose buds. My nose is quite the scent-picker so it’s hard for me to blind-buy fragrances like perfumes or candles online, but I’m glad I was able to try these candles out. Last Christmas though, I was gifted my very firstDiptyque candle!!!! God knows I won’t ever buy one for myself so I’m super thankful I was gifted one (with a mini GWP candle!). Thoughts on that soon!
Where to Buy
I bought these at Bath & Body Works Online with my GCASH-AMEX Virtual Pay card. This is a paid partnership with Globe Telecom and GCASH AMEX.
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  1. Raven Ang
    January 28, 2014 / 4:23 pm

    I looooooooove the Frosted Cupcake candle and the Mahogany Teakwood. It’s like you baked but you didn’t. I buy my candles from CultScents on Instagram 900 for a 3-wick candle. 🙂

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:15 pm

      I know about Cultscents actually but every time I check, it seems to be always sold out of candles I like 🙁 Frosted Cupcake sounds like something I wouldn’t be drawn to but would like to get a whiff of!

      • Raven Ang
        January 30, 2014 / 6:49 pm

        Yeah. You gotta be quick and I fortunately am. 😉 I just bought the Winter Candy Apple candle last week. My fave scent from the Holiday Collection!

  2. January 28, 2014 / 5:47 pm

    I love a good candle, these three all sound gorgeous!

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:15 pm

      Any candle faves you recommend?

  3. January 28, 2014 / 6:44 pm

    First Bloom will always be my favorite. Sucks that it’s limited edition. 🙁 Oh well, looks like I need to try these out soon! Except the Mahogany Teakwood haha no to woody scents. LOL

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:15 pm

      What’s First Bloom smell like? Curious.
      Mahogany Teakwood isn’t woody at all, smells more like men’s sexy perfume! Haha

      • January 30, 2014 / 8:57 pm

        I suck at describe scents! Haha but it’s like… spring, flowers, basta ate super bango! Haha

  4. January 28, 2014 / 7:15 pm

    Ahh so sorry you didn’t like Mahogany Teakwood!! 🙁 It’s my favorite!

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:17 pm

      Romz! Ano ka baaaa, we all like different scents so it’s okay noh – NOT YOUR FAULT! It doesnt smell that bad, it’s just my super sensitive sense of smell haha. I burn these 3-wicks in our living room too cos they are stroooong! Anywhoo, thanks for the recommendations ha! I did like my first three BBW candles – compared to the ones I would’ve gotten if not for your recos!!!

  5. January 28, 2014 / 7:44 pm

    I don’t even want to go down the candle road, lol. Nice haul! I’d have shipped by sea, too.

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:18 pm

      Go down the road. Go down the road. LOL! I imagine how calming and soothing it would be if you burnt a candle while doing your artwork, Carinz…. HMMMM~ Haha, I kid. 🙂

  6. January 28, 2014 / 8:29 pm

    Hey Shari, Sweater Weather sounds good! I don’t think I’ll like Mahogany Teakwood very much, either. I’ve been to an A&F store with a friend in New York, and everything in there was too overwhelming for me (from the club light to the cologne they kept spraying in the air) :p I hope you are digging your Diptyque though! I got two last Christmas, and they’re great!

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:18 pm

      Which Diptyque candles did you get!? 🙂 🙂

  7. thinacruz
    January 28, 2014 / 9:23 pm

    I was so close to hoarding candles from last season but I was toooo scared of he shipping costs!!! Ang mahal eh!

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:19 pm

      MALALA! Pero if via sea, medyo okay naman 😉 Which candles were you supposed to get!! Curious.

      • thinacruz
        January 30, 2014 / 7:33 pm

        A lot of the liquor scented 3-wick candles from the Christmas collection because they were on sale!!! Almost all scents yata and a few from the permanent line like leaves, lavender, eucalyptus, cinammon etc. I saw the summer inspired candles and I soo want to get them! Beach inspired kasi! :/ But must resist because I have hoarding tendencies :/

  8. Sharmaine Sun
    January 28, 2014 / 11:21 pm

    I agree with you, hard to buy candles if you don’t smell them first yourself. I would love to hear about the Diptyque candle you got =)

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:19 pm

      I will post about it soon! 🙂 Your Naked 3 is coming soon TOO!

      • Sharmaine Sun
        February 1, 2014 / 2:45 pm

        Hooray for both! =)

  9. January 28, 2014 / 11:25 pm

    Heeeey, you finally bought some Bath & Body Works candles! I love love love Leaves! It smells amazeballs! 🙂

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:19 pm

      YEZZZZ! I think so far Leaves is my favorite among the three. Just burnt it again last night!

  10. Keit
    January 29, 2014 / 12:45 am

    Hahaha, I never thought that I’d succumb to the whole scented candles ordeal too. But now I can’t get enough of them 😀

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:21 pm

      What are your faves, Keit?! And yes, same here! I couldnt even bear the thought of Php500 candles before and now… we here.

  11. January 29, 2014 / 12:49 am

    I actually find that I get overwhelmed by the Bath and Body Works candle scents, even when I find a scent I like. When I burn a candle even for a few minutes, the scent wafts around the room and I have to blow it out because it gets so strong and concentrated I start feeling nauseated.

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:21 pm

      IT IS STROOOONG! I agree. What candles do you like, though? 🙂 I wanna try other brands now. Ahhh, the candle road.

  12. January 29, 2014 / 3:21 am

    Romz is an enabler, isn’t she?! But in this sense, it’s a good enabling moment! You can’t go wrong when these candles are on sale. The Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Marshmallow Fireside, and Leaves are among my favorites. Glad they arrived to you safe and sound!

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:22 pm

      Such an enabler! A simple tweet was all it took. LOL:) I would love to sniff those two faves of yours, Wendy!

  13. January 29, 2014 / 5:18 am

    I never owned a B&BW candle but I bought a candle at Robinsons Galleria that costs 545pesos. Here is a pic from my instagram Maybe you will like the scents too. The one I picked smells good! 🙂

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:22 pm

      Thanks for this, Juvy! Off to Robinsons to sniff some candles, bye!! LOL
      I actually like Alice Blue candles, their scents aren’t synthetic-smelling at all 🙂 Have you tried them? Mga 400+ the big candles.

      • January 30, 2014 / 10:57 pm

        I am a noob in the candle world, kaya di ko alam si Alice. haha. Maybe in the future. 😀

  14. January 29, 2014 / 12:45 pm

    I wouldn’t have thought buying scented candles overseas, but these are super nice and feminine too! 🙂 nice picks (except the last one, too bad for that) 🙁

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:23 pm

      What can I say haze, I was enabled by @cheerios09:disqus too easily 🙂 Hehe. And I’ve been hearing about BBW candles for the longest narin so I gave in!

  15. Coco
    January 29, 2014 / 1:14 pm

    I bought a bunch of B&BW candles during their semi annual sale. They were $9! Not like I didn’t have enough candles already. LOL. I’m such a candle freak.

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:23 pm

      OOOH ANOTHER CANDLE FREAK! Share your favorite scents, Coco!!

  16. Nix Sayo
    January 29, 2014 / 1:50 pm

    I’ve been seeing this everywhere! Maybe it’s time I give in and buy one for myself? 😀

    • January 30, 2014 / 6:24 pm

      You can try @CultScents on Instagram – they have these! Share your buy if you do give in Nix 😉

      • Nix Sayo
        January 30, 2014 / 6:26 pm

        I do follow them on Instagram! So tempted every time I browse their gallery. Haha! Yes, I will! What do you recommend best? 😀

  17. February 7, 2014 / 8:37 am

    there are a few nice scents that they have, but I always find their scents in general to be artificial-y lol. I really like diptyque candles 🙂 although midrange ones are good too. like from anthropologie!!

  18. Ton
    January 18, 2019 / 1:15 am

    How did you manage to Order it from Philippines? Thanks!

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