I Would Like To, NARS Voulez Vous (palette)

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covervv Regular readers of this blog would know I’m not an eye makeup fiend, much preferring other beauty products over eyeshadow. It has never been a staple in my makeup routine despite owning the Naked palettes and a few other daily-wear shades. Buying the Guerlain Turandot palette a month ago sparked a conversion that launched an altogether new fixation for this then eyeshadow-averse makeup maniac. I voraciously watched and engrossed myself in Youtube tutorials on how to put on eye makeup on hooded lidz so I could at least give justice to the beauty of all my eyeshadow purchases. Did I succeed? Next question, please! 1 I’ve always loved NARS – it’s in my top three favorite beauty brands overall. I mean, the brand did spark my blush addiction. However, the hooded-eyelid-Asian in me never gave their eyeshadows a try despite the buzzin’ raves here and there. So are these NARS eyeshadows now in serious contention with my ardent devotion to Guerlain eyeshadows? We’ll see below. 2 Of course, my first dip had to be a classic NARS act — a racy-named palette called Voulez Vous Cocher Avec Moi, Ce Soir? For the non-French and non-Moulin Rouge fans, it translates to Would you like to sleep with me tonight?  Well, I had Orgasm (as my first NARS blush) so this one should be right up my alley. Shame that I didn’t get this one first then the mighty O after so things might have been more proper. (I just love puns, sorry) 36 I’m not usually a fan of multi-product palettes and by that I mean a mixture or combination of blush, eyeshadow, lipstick. I hate seeing smeared lipstick or cream blush beside a perfectly clean satin or matte eyeshadow. I don’t know, that’s just me. But this palette is all powder products anyway so the temperamental OCD in me didn’t budge. 7 Besides, it also makes for a great travel buddy. 2 blushes, 4 shadows. No need to bring individual pans of blushes (which I tend to do). Also, no need to lug any of the Naked palettes which don’t even fit in my travel makeup bag. 598b


Molokai  —  nude shimmery champagne. Smooth and easily blendable. A great highlight color which reminds me of Albatross. Antanarivo — matte light brown. For some reason in the arm swatches, it has some sheen. Check out the second swatch photo (fingers) to see how it initial swatches. Very matte. Lhasa — lavender grey  and my favorite of the bunch. I’m always somehow drawn to purples and taupes even though I know they make me look like I’ve just gotten out of the boxing ring (aka punched in the face type of thing). I passed on Chanel Gri Gri and Hasard for that reason. Thank goodness Lhasa appears decent on me and doesn’t scream Pacquiao. The shadow isn’t at all buttery nor crazily pigmented but it’s very smooth and blendable. Rangoun — I thought this would easily be a favorite but its stiff texture made it otherwise. It’s a matte chocolate with copper green glittahz. I usually love dark neutral shades for defining the outer v so I’m quite disappointed with this. It’s not as pigmented as the others and it’s quite difficult to blend. 11


Deep Throat — also known as Orgasm’s little sister because it’s a more subdued and less shimmery (supposedly! But my swatch above shows otherwise) sheer peach. I’ve read that most people who disliked Orgasm much prefer Deep Throat (oh the language! but thank Francois Nars for making these words colloquial in beauty talk). I’ll do a swatch comparison of all my pinky-peach blushes soon so watch out for that if you’re curious how this compares to the big O. Dolce Vita — one of the reasons I was pushed to buy this palette. This blush has been on my NARS wishlist for the longest (together with Sin and Luster). It’s a matte dusty rose and I’m still on the fence whether I like it or not. I’m wearing it below and I think I didn’t apply it as best as I could. Both blushes are sheer-medium and buildable to your cheek’s desire. I appreciate their smooth texture as always (I have yet to encounter a NARS blush that isn’t this smooth and easily blendable). 14b

12Patchy, hard to blend.. ugh. Never mind.


Can I say I’m a little underwhelmed with this palette? I think I expected so much from the eyeshadows especially since I’ve heard praises on them as well as having been spoiled by Guerlain’s buttery soft eye palettes. I do love Lhasa but the other three I’m not so impressed with. Besides being not-so-unique, the texture isn’t anything to write home about. Though I am pretty happy I’ve added Dolce Vita and Deep Throat to my blush collection. Don’t label me a non-believer in NARS shadows yet, though. I picked up the Fairy’s Kiss eyeshadow palette recently which contains six shades and I’m hoping my experience with it will change this rather non-compelling state I’m in regarding NARS. For the price though, I’m not regretting getting this palette. NARS blushes are around $21 (Php1,450 locally) and I got this palette for $59 (Php2,500 locally) so it’s just as if I bought two blushes and got 4 eyeshadows for free (in local pricing).
Price: $59 in Nordstrom ; Php4,250 locally in Rustan’s Bought using GCASH-AMEX Virtual Pay (read about it HERE)
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  1. August 30, 2013 / 4:46 pm

    wow it is one beautiful palette! too bad the eye shadows didn’t live up to the expectation T.T but I think this is a great palette if we want to try NARS products for the 1st time as we get eye shadows and blushes in 1 palette 🙂

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