#MomDiaries: What Hurts Me Most as a Mom

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We just recently survived a major bug attack at home. Both the kids were hit with an illness one after another. We were in and out of the hospital. Blood tests one after the other. Cries, screams, promises of saying “yes mom” always muffled and mumbled in between those two. There was one instance Tristan, my 3-year-old sweet boy, had to be pricked by the IV needle 12 times in a span of an hour and all failed attempts. My tears fell along with his as I held his extremely strong body kicking and fighting the 4 huge adults pinning him down so they can insert foreign objects in his hand. 
It is the worst feeling. Helpless yet determined to make him feel better. I have never wished for illness to befall upon me more than when my kids are experiencing it. I’m sure you can relate, momma. And I’m sure most, if not all, moms and dads know this feeling. Of wanting to take away the pain your kids are experiencing and making it your own. 
I went through a period of even blaming myself for not being vigilant enough, thorough enough  in sanitizing and wiping down everything they touch and eat. Of course, my family and friends snapped me out of it and told me that I was being OA because it’s normal and it really happens as kids will be kids – curious, energetic, playful as they are.
I’m a strong believer of this — letting kids go “cage-free” as they call it. The art of letting them “just be”. Like how my mom and dad were when I was a young, adventurous kid who loved being outdoors – riding my bike, going around the village alone in my rollerblades, climbing trees to pick out ‘aratilis’, being the ‘batang kalye’ I was. Sad as it may sound, when I step out, not a lot of kids play outdoors anymore. Everyone’s inside, on their gadgets or watching Netflix or Youtube. That’s why my kids and I always make it a point to play outside – whether just walking around, doing random ‘picnics’ in the small garden outside our house or letting them run or bike around in the parks of BGC. 
Because of this kind of philosophy, we can’t control the things that they may encounter and touch around them. What we can do is arm them with added protection to make sure they have a defense system from the germs and bacteria lurking around them whenever we let them roam free and explore. 
I know of the Erceflora mini bottles, but it was only recently that I discovered Erceflora Probibears — a probiotic food supplement that contains two good bacteria strains in an enjoyable little bear. It contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis that when combined, work hand in hand to protect my children’s tummies.
It enhances the good bacteria in the stomach modulating the tummy’s immune system as well as helps improve overall digestive health. This is very beneficial for my kids, especially since they both sometimes put their hands in their mouths without realizing they haven’t washed yet. Or when Selene eats too much, too fast, that she gets indigestion. Or when Tristan eats something not suited to his stomach. 
With Erceflora Probibears, their digestive system is able to break down and absorb food, vitamins, and minerals better. It also helps build their immunity by maintaining the balance of good bacteria. This is important especially when they take antibiotics, because with those, both the good and bad bacteria are eliminated from the body.
I’m so happy to have discovered this supplement for my kids! Here’s to us mommas who are always in search for what’s best for our children. 
Let me know below if this is something you’re interested to try or have already incorporated in your kids’ daily supplements. 
To learn more about Erceflora Probibears, check out their website: www.ercefloraprobibears.com
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  1. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy
    December 20, 2019 / 12:49 pm

    Itry ko nga yan kay Zophie.. yung liquid type pa lang nyan ang na-try namin before nung nagka stomach flu sya. Hirap maging mommy heheheh, kahit anong ingat mo, minsan may nakakalusot pa rin talaga na sakit 😅 like last time, nagka HFMD si Zophie, mabuti na lang mild lang, sa hands and soles ng paa lang lumabas yung mga butlig. Nakuha nya sa school. Sabi ng pedia nya kalma lang daw ako hahaha. Ganun daw talaga, iba na raw kasi ang panahon. Kaya maganda na meron mga ganyang supplements, para may pangdagdag protection tayo sa kids natin.

  2. Monaliza Valencia
    December 20, 2019 / 2:33 pm

    Hi Ms Shari, natry na nmin yang Erceflora Probibears nang minsan may binili ako sa Mercury Drugs, saktong may namimigay na promodizer. Nagustuhan ng 3 kids ko ung lasa. Kumpara dun sa Erceflora na small plastic bottle. Lalo na ung bunso ko type na type. (4 na sya ngayon, 3 sya ng matikman nya yan). Tsaka Yakult, healthy din para sa tummy natin not for kids lang. Hehehe
    May irerecomend nga pala ako sayo. Ndi to sponsored or ndi din ako relative ng seller. Pero these gummy vitamins are effective. One year ko ng pinapatake sa kids ko. Try to search Health Fusion on ig. Read mo reviews. You know what, ndi na nagtake ng Cetirizine or Loraped ang kids ko. Ang stock kung Tempra malapit ko ng itapon, kase mag eexpire na, unopen pa ang bottle. Try mo to kina Tristan at Selene, magugustuhan nila to. Kahit ako gustung gusto kong itake to eh. I always buy sa Lazada para mas mura ung bundle.

  3. January 6, 2020 / 2:21 pm

    Nakakaawa talaga ang mga bata pag na-ospital lalo na kapag kakabitan ng suwero. Mas mahirap talaga sila makabitan kasi maliit at medyo nakabaon yung mga ugat nila kaya maraming failed attempts ang mga nurse.

  4. March 16, 2020 / 3:28 am

    Maganda talaga may stock kang vitamins for kids. Yung mga kilala kong momshies, ganyan din sila. Lalo na ngayon, may malaking pagsubok ang buong mundo dahil sa coronavirus na yan.

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