Making My Pinterest Board Come Alive

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“Dream House”, “Workspace Goals”, “Bedroom Pegs” – these are just some boards on Pinterest I’m sure we all have. When I was pregnant with Tristan, I was obsessed with furniture. My pampatulog was staring at interiors, lusting over furniture and pinning them to my Pinterest board. During my obsession period, not only was I captivated by aesthetic, I learned about the different types of wood and materials used for furniture making.
Basically, I learned that there is a huge difference between materials used to make your couches, dining tables, beds, etc. I always thought, “Why is this soooo expensive when I can have something that looks like it at a much cheaper price?” Naive me didn’t know a thing about engineered fibreboards and MDF – which are basically binded excess sawdust and wood-waste products. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to go for them (we have drawers in the office made of it) especially if you’re on a tight budget. But guys, they don’t last. In the end, you’ll just end up spending more because you’d have to replace your easily deteriorated piece.
But you said furniture made of solid wood is expensive!” Indeed. But that’s where Mejore  Furniture comes in to fill the void. Here in Manila, it’s either we go for the really non-expensive ‘fast fashion’ furniture brands or the global and local retail shops that offer really expensive furniture. There’s no middle ground – a premium affordable brand that values craftsmanship as well as providing homes with strong, long-lasting furniture they can even design themselves.
Mejore Furniture has been in the industry for over three decades. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s because they mostly do B2B (business to business). When they first began, they only supplied raw materials to the wood industry. When they started to expand, they started making their own furniture but mostly for export to American furniture brands. Locally, they furnish and outfit 5-star hotels throughout the country with their topnotch custom furniture design. If you’ve been to The Lind in Boracay (or have seen photos of it on social media like I have), they are one of Mejore’s clients. Way too many hotel guests inquired about their furniture they supplied that Mejore decided, “Maybe it is time to cater to the customers directly.” And that they did.
Beautiful bed frame with leather-padded headboard
This cart! Ahhh! Been looking for a bar cart for our office and this looks perfect.
Their wood is topnotch. Not surprising since before furniture making, they supply raw materials to the wood industry.
Every piece is timeless.
The same chair customized in different ways.
They have fixed rate customization. This chair costs the same no matter how you customize it.
Almost didn’t leave because was contemplating on this beautiful pillow. The deciding factor was – “But where do I put it?”

Customize Your Own Furniture

One of the main selling points of Mejore is their full-on customization service. Did you see the one-seater chairs in different colors/textures above? You can have your own one made in a different cover/fabric for the exact same price (regardless if you want studs or not, fabric or leather). You get it a the same price!
The swatches of leather and fabric options are all available in-store and their sales staff are all professional Interior Designers so you’re sure you’re talking to someone who knows their stuff and what to recommend for your space. You can also choose which wooden base you’d like to use for the design in their armor of wood selection.
Mejore founder Nathalie Ong and CEO Claire Ong sharing how they have honed their furniture expertise throughout the decades
The premium leather section. Drooling.
Wood you look at those pieces…. (sorry, I can’t help it! SO FUN TO PUN)
They carry solid wood as well as durable and high quality wood veneers (which are impossibly hard to find these days).
The choices and possibilities are endless! AHHH!
I love that they have full-length leather pieces in their showroom and not small swatches. I’m not adept at mental imagery so I can’t picture a small swatch of fabric for a whole frikkin’ sofa.
But with these kinds of ‘swatches’, it’s easier to see the bigger picture immediately.
I can touch these all day.
Beautiful knob selection for drawers and cabinets!
Their newly-renovated branch is located at the ground floor of the Filipino Building, Dela Rosa Street cor. Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati. But don’t fret, their collection is available online too at . Check their website to see the beautiful pieces they carry that are sure to last a lifetime. Or two. All the prices are available on their site as well, by the way. So head on over and start making your Pinterest dreams come alive – all while supporting local Filipino artisans.
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