How Sleep and Skincare Worked Wonders for My Skin

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Sleep Tight, Skin Tight

Why we need to sleep well to feel well
Do you like my fake sleeping photo, guys? Hahaha, I really had to include it to reinforce the importance of sleep for our mind, body and… skin! I always thought just being diligent in my skincare routine – cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, mask, the works – was enough to achieve that coveted flawless, hydrated and plumped-up skin. That and gallons~ of water intake per day and less sugar (sugar is the ultimate enemy). Sleep, I thought I could compensate with by overdosing on skincare.
While I would love to sleep a full 8-9 hours, duty calls. Either Selene sleeps so late, Tristan is having one of those rare nights where he can’t sleep or I have a ton of work to complete that I can only do when both kids are in bed. I even think to myself when I feel so sleepy but need to work, “Gosh, sleep is so overrated. Why can’t I be awake 24 hours so I could be productive? Why do we need to sleep? Can’t we just eat and drink water to stay alive?” Yes guys, I have a love-hate relationship with sleep.
But quite a number of studies have emerged on its importance going way beyond just boosting our mood or banishing our under-eye circles. For example, its role in learning and memory. Our minds are surprisingly busy while we snooze. During sleep, we strengthen memories or ‘practice skills’ learned while we were awake. It curbs inflammation which is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and premature aging. It spurs creativity, for example, if you’re on a writing block. And so much more.

Sleep and Skin

As for the relationship of sleep and our skin? While we’re sleeping, our bodies’ hydration rebalances. Our skin is able to recover moisture while excess water in the body is processed for removal. Not getting enough sleep results in poor water balance leading to those pesky puffy bags under our eyes accompanied with the dreaded dark circles as well as dryness and more visible wrinkles.
Inadequate sleep also lowers our skin’s pH levels which creates an imbalance, causing our skin to not be able to produce the moisture it needs, so it looks drier. It can also create unnecessary redness, leaving skin uneven and even trigger breakouts. So even if we spend on skincare, it really is all for naught if we don’t complement it with sleep.

Skincare to Complement Sleep

Why should we have a night time skincare routine? It’s because skin cell regeneration is faster at night than during the day which is why it is best to apply skincare with active ingredients at night as our skin is able to absorb the active ingredients in the products better. Kojie San’s new range, Kojie San DreamWhite, offers a complete routine to help achieve your skincare goals. While Kojie San is known for its whitening soap, the new range is focused on anti-aging and brightening. Its active ingredient isn’t just kojic acid, it has a slew of anti-agers on its list as well.
Allow me to be scientific for a while, friends. It contains hydrotensyl complex which has collagen, elastin, and honey extracts that accelerate cell regeneration by boosting production of collagen and elastin for softer, more flexible and more supple skin. Milk Peptide Complex, an anti-aging active with milk-derived protein that helps prevent accelerated skin aging, promotes firmness, smoothness and elasticity of skin. Sodium Hyaluronate, which keeps skin moist and supple for a more youthful appearance. And of course, kojic acid, for brightening and evening out the skintone.

The B.E.D Ritual

Breathe. The first step is to wash away the day’s worries and stresses physically through washing, and mentally through winding down. Put those phones down and actually disconnect. I love removing my makeup, it is a process I enjoy, melting the makeup and stripping my skin bare of all the gunk I put on in the morning. Much as I love putting on makeup, I also enjoy removing every last bit of it.
Enrich. This is the part where you slather your skin and enrich it with all the good stuff from your skincare. After washing your face with the Kojie San Dream White Anti-Aging Soap, follow it up with the Kojie San Dream White Anti-Aging Facial Toner then the Kojie San Dream White Blemish Correcting Cream for your spots and blemishes and finally, the Kojie San Dream White Anti-Aging Overnight Cream.
Dream. Finally, start your dream engine. Feel the warm embrace of your soft bed and visualize the promise of a new day as your body recharges and your mind cleared and ready to take on challenges and pursue goals the next day.
What are your sleeping habits? Do you think you’re getting enough sleep? Let me know your night time ritual in the comments below!
*In collaboration with Kojie San. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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