My New Favorite Ruffled Maillot


Swim Suit Up!

Loving this ruffled maillot from Cesa Swimwear
Summer is far from over, you guys. Have you felt the heat lately? It is intense, friends. With just one foot out the door, I already want to go back inside and take a shower again. While it is tempting to stay indoors and blast on the AC the whole day, it is financially and environmentally damaging! The solution? Swimming (in a bucket of ice, please)! Selene is a water baby as well, always asking to go to the beach or anywhere with a swimming pool so she can swim all day. Tristan, as well, is almost 10 months old and I believe ready for his first swim so this summer, I really made an effort to plan an out of town trip for the two kiddos.
I’ll share a travel diary of our quick trip to Thunderbird Poro Point in another entry. For now, I’m sharing this quick day trip Selene and I took for an out-of-town shoot we did for ABS-CBN. It was in a hidden resort in San Rafael, Bulacan. It was a whole day shoot and I was so pleased Selene was actually quite game. Kayaking, swimming, speedboat riding, feeding the exotic animals – little one had a blast. She didn’t even want to leave the pool!
cesa-swimwear-philippines-ootd blogsep-leftie

Cesa Swimwear

For this set, I’m wearing the Tulum Ruffled Maillot in Black from Cesa Swimwear. It’s the perfect one-piece suit that hugs the body in all the right places. I love the ruffled design as it gives a dainty look to an otherwise minimal style. You know those deep V-neck swimsuits that are quite scary to wear as they’re nipslips waiting to happen? This doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all as it hugs my not-at-all gifted chest tightly. Just be sure you get the right size that fits you perfectly so you won’t flash unsuspecting pool-goers with your ta-tas. Hehe! If you’re still uncomfy, those Hollywood tapes or double-sided tapes will be your BFF. Check out the brand to see more of their nice designs – I love that they have all kinds of styles for all body types!
blogsep-rightiee cesa-swimwear-philippines-ootd4cesa-swimwear-philippines-ootd2
My super happy water baby!

How is your summer going?