Our Sleep Journey 6-Month Update

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The Power of Sleep

Sharing our 6-month journey update
WHAT IN THE WORLD! I can’t believe it has been 6 months of baby bliss with this little one! I feel like I just gave birth, blinked and poof, 6 months have gone by. Which is completely in contrast with Selene’s first 6 months that seemed like eternity to me because as I’ve shared in previous posts, Selene wasn’t a sleeper and was quite fussy, too. Tristan, on the other hand, has proved to be a great sleeper. I never expected to come across a baby who could sleep soundly throughout the night just the first week! My pediatrician told me that this is a “blessing in the skies” (hehe) but that his sleep patterns may change when he grows a little older so I’ve to enjoy this stage and savor it while it lasts. NOOOO! I don’t want it to end!! I want him to be a good sleeper until maybe when he’s 18 and I literally have to pull him out of bed ‘cos he still sleeps so soundly. Haha!
And so I’ve committed myself to making sure that he continues to have good sleeping habits by developing a night time routine – specifically one that’s been recommended by sleep experts. As early as Week 1, we started doing a simple nightly routine using the Johnson’s Bedtime Range products. You can read more about our routine in this post. 6 months in, we’ve been reaping the countless benefits our nightly, uninterrupted sleep has given us. Yes, us! Because Tristan slept well throughout the night, I was able to sleep well and rest well too. At times he slept very early, I was also able to do more work and accomplish tasks I would otherwise be too tired to do for having very little sleep. Ultimately, I felt like the 6 months zoomed by because I didn’t go through the usual newborn “zombie-no-sleep” stage most moms go through. What a world of difference a good sleeper makes!
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What I Learned from the Johnson’s Experts

Establish the routine and just stick to it. Our day-to-day schedule varies so this was quite a challenge for us. Sometimes, I’d be out for a work event that I won’t be home until after 7:30PM which is the ideal start of our night time routine. Still, I persevered. I made sure that our warm bath, massage, quiet time routine is still followed.
As much as possible, avoid nursing baby to sleep. This was soooo hard. I tried to do this with Selene but never followed it because she was quite fussy and the only time she’ll sleep is when I nurse her and let her fall asleep on my chest. She was around two when I finally, slowly cut the habit. Tristan, on the other hand, would fall asleep easily while nursing. But I didn’t let him linger on my arms and chest after – I put him down on the bed or in his crib and let him sleep on his own. Sometimes, he’d fuss but I did my best to let him be and after a few seconds, he’d stop crying/fussing and continue sleeping. Because of this, he learned to sleep on his own even without nursing! SUCCESS!
Scent training works. The Johnson’s Bedtime Range has a NATURALCALM essence made out of jasmine blossom which is very soothing, calming and smells really good! The reason I use the bath wash, lotion and powder altogether is because it reminds him that it’s bedtime. Scent is really powerful, you guys. Even with us adults, one whiff of a certain scent is enough to bring back a wave of memories. Babies can smell even before they see. Even before birth, fetuses can smell. One study found that 3-day-old infants could recognize the specific smell of their mom’s amniotic fluid. By 2 weeks, a baby can tell the difference between the scent of his mother’s breast milk and another mom’s milk. The sense of smell is powerful.
Sleep patterns change. Baby’s physical advances can alter sleep patterns. Many developmental milestones, such as rolling over and pulling up to stand, can temporarily upset baby’s sleep. Don’t be discouraged if baby, who once slept through the night, temporarily wakes up in the middle of the night. Just stick to your routine to help baby get back to a regular sleep pattern.
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Tonight We Sleep, Mommas!
So happy to have discovered the Johnson’s Bedtime range products and most importantly, learning the 3-step routine that helped foster Tristan’s good sleeping habits. I was so happy with the results of this journey that I wanted to share my experience with other moms as well. And so – Johnson’s generously granted that wish! I was able to give away 20 (yes twenty!) complete Johnson’s Bedtime range gift packs to moms who wished to try out the products just by commenting and posting their baby sleep problems on Instagram. Below are just some of the moms who’ve shared their Johnson’s bedtime kits! I hope to hear your experiences on these too soon, mommas!
 My #TonightWeSleep Mommas!