Beauty and Her Bag: Max

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Max Collins

Actress, Model, Host
I believe I first saw this beautiful, angelic face in Pink Magazine’s August 2004 cover issue back when she was only 12 years. A magazine cover at 12. If that does not spell “meant for show business like no business”, I don’t know what does! It has been 10 years since then and Max Collins has blossomed and ventured on to bigger things during those ten years. Acting is her main priority but she also hosts, models and does endorsements on the side. I particularly loved talking with her because she’s a makeup freak (just like us, you guys!) that she even does her own makeup during some of her tapings. Read more below to find out her beauty essentials, tips and tricks.
Beauty Q&A
“I do my own makeup for some of my tv shows.”
What are three items you won’t leave your house without? Let’s see.. I think first, foundation (*cue in my shocked face! She arrived without any stitch of makeup on and I can assure you guys, gurl does not need any foundation!) especially if I’ve worked all night the day before. Foundation really evens out my skintone and helps in hiding my eyebags from the night before. Second, cheek tint to give me that faux healthy look when really, I’ve had little-to-no-sleep the night before. And lastly, lip liner which serves as my lipstick.
Share your off-duty no-taping work look. For work, I only really use “heavy” makeup when I do Sunday All Stars (a noontime variety show). For my teleseryes, I don’t really wear heavy makeup. I even do my own makeup sometimes since I’ve paid close attention to the makeup artists I’ve worked with for my other projects. For non-taping days, I just use a layer of foundation, cheek tint and lip liner. (*I love that she’s a lip liner girl! I’ve only met a few lip liner “advocates” even in the beauty blogging world!)
Are you a pink or a red lipstick girl? Hmmm… you know I’m actually more of a pink, I think.. well it depends! If I would wear pink, it would have to be in a pastel shade (like Shu Uemura Noble Pink) then I would put liner and then blend the liner a bit. I’m not really a fan of bright hot pink shades. But then, when I’m going on a romantic date.. let’s say we’re going to a really nice place, red lips would be nice as well. I go for the darker reds, though and not the bright reds. I find darker reds sexier.
Are you Team Matte or Team Gloss? Matte! (she says it with no hesitations accompanied by a beauty queen smile!) I’m a proud matte lipstick girl because I think it looks more natural and gives you more of that “no makeup” makeup look. Gloss is kind of tricky to work with especially if’s not the right shade for you but somehow, mattes don’t look as tragic.
What’s your signature scent? Ooooh, I think at night I love woody scents except for when I’m on a date, I somehow always want to smell like flowers so I guess I’d say I’m more of a floral girl. Light, fresh, feminine – I have this Jo Malone perfume in Wild Bluebell which is my favorite at the moment. (*Told her the good news that the brand is finally here and her eyes light up, “Yes, I heard! I’m so excited about that!)
Let’s talk eyeliner – are you a gel, liquid or pencil user? I looove eyeliner because I love doing the winged, cat-eye look. My cousin, Megan Young, taught me and I’ve pretty much mastered it already! I think it really gives out a nice vintage 50s look. Given the right flick, it makes my eyes look smaller because I’ve been told I’ve big eyes. Photographers even ask me to squint sometimes so my eyes register smaller on camera. (*I tell her the whole falsies + eyeliner + contacts routine women go through just so they can appear to have larger eyes and here are these photographers telling her she must squint and hide her beautiful eyes?! How dare they! Ha ha!)
How do you remove all the gunk on your face at the end of the day? I use the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil – the purple one. It also serves as a moisturizer for my skin and eyes. (*More of this cleansing oil hoopla below. She shares a tip on how she uses it that I’ve never heard of even in beauty blogs.)
Do you double cleanse? Yes, I use another facial cleanser after I remove my makeup with the oil. 
What’s your skin type? Combination. I get very dry skin sometimes and then most of the time, it feels overly oily. That’s why another makeup must-have in my kit or in my makeup routine is a primer. When I have dry skin, I use the Shu Stage Performer Instant Glow and Tsuya serum. When I have oily skin, I use a mattifying primer.
What’s your skincare routine then? I make sure to remove all the makeup on my skin using the Shu Uemura cleansing oil, then I wash my face with MET Tathione Facial Wash, then I dab on some of the cleansing oil underneath my eyes just to give it some moisture before I sleep. I love Shu’s Tsuya which I’ve been using also as a primer underneath makeup. It’s so effective in making my skin supple, with that added glow, especially when my skin is dry. I also use a moisturizer after to seal in the serum’s effects.
Any beauty advice? I really make sure I drink a lot of water but also, I’m a moisturizer and sunblock advocate. You also have to let your skin breathe so make sure you have certain days you don’t wear too much makeup or at least wash them off completely by the end of the day so you don’t clog your pores. Also, be mindful of the products you put on your face – make sure they are suited to your skin type because whatever works for others, may not work as well on you.
Max getting her flatlay skills on
max-collins-misty-mom-bag-12 max-collins-misty-mom-bag-8
This was her beautiful off-duty outfit when she came in. Love that tweed jacket, you guys. I wanted to ask her where she got it but it escaped me!
max-collins-misty-mom-bag-contents max-collins-misty-mom-bag-inside
Raybans, passport, wallet, perfume and three makeup items. Max likes to take small bags with her as much as possible. She was also going to see the Rak of Aegis concert that night which explains the tickets!
I made the beauty queen quip without knowing she’s cousins with Miss World 2013, Megan Young. Max has definitely got the beauty queen genes running in her blood, I won’t be surprised if she competed.
Catch Her
I had to ask her one last question before we ended our talk — which kind of acting she enjoys most. “You know, I’m not even funny I don’t know why I’m in a comedy show ha ha ha! I really enjoy drama, though.” So you can cry in a snap? “Yyyyyeaaah, I kinda can” So can you show me? “Okay, just give me a minute!
Watch out for Max’s new show on GMA7 called Juan Tamad, which will be airing next month. She also stars in the comedy show, Bubble Gang which airs every Friday night and struts her dance moves on Sunday All -Stars every Sunday noon.
Makeup by Patrick Alcober for Shu Uemura Studio portraits by RR Barretto shot in Brick Studio
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  1. July 16, 2015 / 9:31 am

    This girl is Stunning!!!! She really seems to be loving Shu Uemura, other than eyelash curlers I don’t think I’ve tried anything x

    • July 18, 2015 / 7:50 pm

      I have tried some of Shu’s eyeshadows and they are amazing 😉 Quite uninspiring though since the names are lettered and numbered but they are of great quality. Their matte lipsticks are good, too!

  2. July 16, 2015 / 1:10 pm

    Such a beaut! You’re right, that tweed jacket is gorgeous. 🙂

  3. July 16, 2015 / 3:20 pm

    She is absolutely stunning!!! Loving your beauty and her bag series!!!

  4. July 16, 2015 / 4:12 pm

    I love this series so, so much! I really enjoy that it’s more than just a “What’s In My Bag” type post with the included interview. x

  5. July 17, 2015 / 10:04 am

    GANDA NIYA OKAY! Manonood na ba ako Juan Tamad? Hehe

  6. July 17, 2015 / 9:39 pm

    Oh my god, Max is soooo beautiful. She’s one of my favorite actresses.

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